Friday, November 11, 2011

Jewish Gadfly Mikey Weinstein Becomes The Grinch Who Tried To Steal Christmas From Eight Million Kids; USAF Academy Grovels Goyishly

Update February 9th 2012: Ed Brayton has expressed objection to this post on the FreeThoughtBlog; my response is published in this updated post.

Michael L. "Mikey" Weinstein
Jewish gadfly Michael "Mikey" Weinstein was the subject of previous discussion on January 23rd, 2011 when he was trying to bully the Air Force Academy into rescinding an invitation extended to Clebe McClary to speak at a prayer breakfast scheduled for February 10th, 2011, claiming that McClary would use it as an opportunity to "proselytize" Christianity. McClary, a leading motivational speaker, was critically wounded on March 3rd, 1968 during his 19th reconnaissance mission in Vietnam, suffering the loss of an eye and an arm.

Now Mikey Weinstein is at it again. Whinestein, who heads up the misnamed Military Religious Freedom Foundation (religious freedom for everyone except Christians), accused Air Force Academy commanders of crossing the line by promoting Operation Christmas Child, an annual charity of Samaritan's Purse, because an evangelical Christian message was included in the gift boxes to be distributed to numerous children. Weinstein was further distressed that an announcement about the Christmas toy drive was made to the entire cadet wing at lunchtime in the large cadet dining hall, and followed up with an e-mail to all cadets. So he filed a complaint on behalf of 132 Academy personnel, including two sets of Muslim parents. But he claimed he'd have no problem with it if the Academy was backing a secular toy drive or if the religious charity was promoted by chaplains rather than cadet leaders.

Operation Christmas Child expects to send more than 8 million shoe box gifts to underprivileged children in 100 countries; around 60,000 churches and 60,000 community groups in the United States are participating.

So what did the Academy do? They were ordered to cave in to this schmuck. The Academy's commandant of cadets, Brig. Gen. Richard Clark, apologized to Weinstein on Thursday November 3rd, and stated that under orders from Air Force headquarters, only the Chaplain Corps is to be responsible for advertising faith-based programs, so the well-intentioned program should have started with the chaplains, not the Cadet Wing. However, he assures the public that cadets can still participate in the toy drive through the Cadet Chaplain Corps.

The entire incident has triggered backlash. Peter Sprigg of the Family Research Council (FRC) said "Making the opportunity available for cadets to voluntarily participate in a Christmas charity does not come anywhere close to being an establishment of religion that would violate the Constitution". Opposing Views criticized military leaders for being all too ready to retreat in this brave new anti-Christian, anti-American environment created by President Obama and his Administration. Jordan Sekulow, Executive Director of the ACLJ, said “This is a perfect example of how heartless these groups are when it comes to defending their anti-religion position. It’s not about the First Amendment. It’s about a real hatred of religious people and people of faith that they would go so far as to stop an assistance program like Operation Christmas Child.” And in an LTE published in the Colorado Springs Gazette, Rev. Bob Wahl wondered what’s up with Gen. Clark and other officers at the Academy, asking that if they can’t stand up to the likes of Mikey Weinstein, how can we expect them to defend our country — a country founded on the principle of religious freedom?

Commendable. Good to see a few people shed their fear of being called anti-Semitic and criticizing a Jewish gadfly. But they still stopped short of cutting to the chase. Motivating Mikey Weinstein is the same phenomena which motivates Abe Foxman, Elie Wiesel, Marvin Hier, and other Jewish gadflies -- Jewish supremacism. Jewish supremacism is the notion that Jews are a chosen people -- superior to everyone else -- simply because they are Jews. That means that Jewish suffering gets top billing over the suffering of other people. That means that in any dispute between a Jew and a Gentile, the Jew gets to win -- each and every time. The nativity scenes come down, but the menorahs stay up.

Not all Jews are Jewish supremacists, but all Jewish supremacists are Jews. And as for Mikey Whinestein, I have just four words: Walk it off, lampshade.


Anonymous said...

It IS very good to see people stand up to this kike rat. But like you said AA, they need to press it further.

It's funny, these yids are really pushing their luck, seeing as how THEY rely overwhelmingly on "White Xtian Goyim" to fight their precious wars for them. But, they keep pushing it because they can. They get very little resistance, seeing as how the whole establishment is "in their hands."

If the jews truly got their "diversity wish" when it comes to the too White, too male military, they would really be in deep trouble. Without White men to run the ZOG World Police force, the USA couldn't even conquer Nova Scotia.

Also, jewish charities (which are among the wealthiest in the world) ONLY HELP JEWS. I have never heard of the UJA, JUF, etc. helping "goyim."

This Weinkike needs to be reminded of this before he bitches about an Xmas/Xtian type charity effort that is helping millions of kids around the world.

Anonymous said...

Wow. What a bunch of true Americans who believe in free speech. Of course that applies only to true Americans: white, male and Protestant. Fucking bigoted racist assholes.

Anonymous said...

Weinstein didn't try to steal Christmas. The program proceeds except from an appropriate office. And, as you know, he represented 132 cadets and their parents. It's not like he made the protest on his own behalf.

Reading is hard, I get that. It's just so difficult to understand that some people don't give a shit for your bullshit savior and his cult. You want to whine about Weinstein's sense of equality, while pushing your own sense of superiority and (at the same time) try to come off as a victim.

I'm very sorry that we white folks aren't the masters of the world any longer. I'm also sorry that every one else recognizes that fact.

Grow the fuck up.