Tuesday, November 01, 2011

El Paso Hispanic Woman Marta Martinez Under Fire For Posting "No Blacks Welcomed To Trick-Or-Treat" Sign, Being Portrayed As A Mental Case

An Hispanic woman in El Paso, Texas is taking heat for posting a "No blacks welcomed to trick-or-treat" sign on her property, and the El Paso Times is pulling out all the stops to portray her as a mental case as well, while KTSM Channel 9 published a more objective story.

Marta Martinez lives in a small home in the 3700 block of Wickham Avenue in the Logan Heights neighborhood. The home has no utility service and only a blank wall facing the street. A concrete foundation from a part of the home that burned down years ago stands in front of it. Nevertheless, Martinez insists it is not abandoned, and she "camps out" at the property regularly, in possession of two rifles. But because she has reported being harassed by Blacks, Martinez put up the sign in hopes of deterring further harassment. Martinez also claims that Blacks are conspiring with the city to seize her home.

But the Times makes sure to portray her as being unstable. Martinez has filed more than 25 lawsuits and had several protests, and once dressed as Jesus Christ and carried a large cross in protest against the city. Comment after comment appended to the story questions her mental stability. When "racists" aren't being portrayed by the elite as evil, they're being portrayed as mentally ill.

However, wanting to minimize contact with Blacks at one's own home is hardly a sign of mental instability -- and is not necessarily an isolated sentiment. The F2 discussion board, which is a neutral site where people are allowed to discuss race frankly and "name the Jew" without restriction, is loaded with discussion threads (HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE) about the difficulties which ensue when large groups of Blacks invade a neighborhood during Halloween. Many groups of Blacks are deliberately bussed into White neighborhoods from the ghettoes because it's believed the candy pickings are richer, but some Blacks may use the opportunity to scout out possible targets for subsequent home invasions.

Marta Martinez told Channel 9 that she hasn't always had such ill feelings towards African Americans. "I have always been a multicultural person, and I have regarded everybody as human beings and with respect and equal, especially here in American. Unfortunately, I have had some problems with African Americans,” said Martinez. She further explained "Unfortunately because of their attitude being negative, abusive about authority, and even above god.”

Further proof that exposure to TNB can promote race consciousness.


Anonymous said...

This is good stuff. It's not hard to see that the non-Whites hate each other, sometimes even more than they hate us.

It's like when some Indian or Paki or Arab is running a convenience/party store, and they know to be wary of blacks. It doesnt take long to figure out how bad blacks are.Hell, they're probably warned about TNB by cousin Habib before they even get to the USA.

Of course there is also all the gang violence between rival Latino, Black and even Asian gangs, especially in that dump California.

Despite the jews desire to "unite" all the non-Whites,form an alliance against us, it's not so easy. It gets even more difficult when the other non-Whites (gasp) express dislike for jews.

Anonymous said...

It is to our shame that the NON-Whites have more courage concerning the JEWISH-QUESTION than most so-called "whites" - including those in WN circles. Of course, having less materialistic things "to lose" perhaps their honor means more to them than the average materialistic White person. Oh well, as Ol'Whitey is driven further down the economic ladder, perhaps they will find their lost "cojonies" too! LOL Sincerely, ROCKY J. Suhayda, Chairman www.AmericanNaziParty.com Hail Victory! 88!