Saturday, November 26, 2011

Dr. David Duke Arrested In Köln (Cologne), Germany Before Addressing Nationalist Group; Set Up As A Sacrificial Goat By The German Government

Update November 27th: Dr. Duke now released from custody and speaks out personally about his arrest.

American white civil rights activist Dr. David Duke was arrested in Köln, Germany on November 25th, 2011, just as he was about to deliver an address to a nationalist group. As of right now, the only on-site information has been published by Freies Netz Köln in German, although a Google English translation is available HERE. Discussion threads started on Stormfront, on White News Now, the Skadi Forum, the Vanguard News Network Forum, and on F2 Anon.

Summary: While most of us in the United States enjoyed a traditional Thanksgiving celebration, Dr. David Duke arranged to celebrate Thanksgiving by mobilizing White racial consciousness in Europe. In keeping with this mission, he decided to accept an invitation proffered by the distinguished anthropologist and political scientist Werner Kewelo to speak to a group of German nationalists called Outside The Network on the day after Thanksgiving. Despite his reputation as a so-called "Holocaust denier", Dr. Duke experienced no delays when he flew into Frankfurt Airport; he was processed without incident.

But a German government stung by recent revelations of neo-Nazi murders in Germany was apparently looking for a cheap propaganda victory -- and a sacrificial goat to hand to the public. And once they realized that Dr. Duke was in their country, they saw their chance. First, the police nominally tried to stop Dr. Duke's speech by threatening the owner of the facility. However, the facility owner had signed a legal contract and said he was unable to get out of it; he was supported by many of the nationalists present.

So, with hundreds of police on hand at the meeting hall, they arrested Dr. Duke as he attempted to enter under the pretext that he is "persona non grata", although Frankfurt airport officials must not have received that memo the day before. Nevertheless, the meeting proceeded even without Dr. Duke's presence; Johann Thiessen of the Association of Russian-German conservatives urged those present to prepare for even more repression in the future, discussing various tactics and strategies in the organization of meetings. Paul Breuer succeeded him as representative of the host comrades with a short lecture on the need to fight against the Democrats and liberals. "Our weapon is the Word" was the leitmotif of his repeatedly interrupted by applause speech. Then Axel Reitz spoke of the life and work of David Duke and explained the harmony of the will of the whole world for origins and identity, nation and homeland, freedom and justice among all people.

Dr. Duke spent the night in a prison in a district of Cologne called Kalk where a high percentage of Turkish residents live. On Saturday November 26th, he was released, and was told to leave the country within 24 hours or be put in a deportation camp. Currently, Dr. Duke is not in Germany, but in another European country, while lawyers try to fight the legal mockup. Thus the best-case scenario, as was the case in Prague, was played out. Germany used Dr. Duke to "prove" to the world that they're being tough on those so-called "evil Nazis". The German government seems to be also looking for an excuse to ban the NPD as well.

A short but powerful denunciation of Dr. Duke's arrest has been published on the U.S. Message Board:

This is outrageous, it is indeed an American travesty and it shows that Europe is becoming more less tolerant of free speech. It is putting a stranglehold on society. This event is a sign that could get full blown in America. David Duke was invited by the German Nationalist Party to speak at a event but apparently by the looks of things they yanked him to prison before he could make any speeches. It's a disgusting fact that he is a European man and he is unwelcome in a White homeland but all the Africans, Asians, Turks, Muslims and anything else that crawls out of the sewer is welcomed with open arms in Germany and all of Europe!Could you imagine any other American being arrested overseas over a free speech issue and the American media basically ignores it?

If Jesse Jackson were arrested, it would be on the front page of every US newspaper, but because Duke represents White people instead of Blacks and because the media is controlled by Jews, the arrest of Duke has gotten no mention on the mainstream media so far.

If anyone needs proof that the Jewish media has a bias against anyone who is pro-White, this is a great example of that!

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