Tuesday, November 29, 2011

British National Party Reacts To The Arrest Of the London Tram Lady, Emma West; Anti-Racist Vigilantes Call For Physical Violence Against Emma West

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The woman who has now become known as the London Tram Lady because of her heartfelt rant against the effects of forced diversity and multiculturalism on Whites in the United Kingdom has now been publicly identified. Emma West appeared in court on November 29th to face a charge of committing a racially aggravated public order offence. After speaking only to confirm her name and address at Croydon Magistrates Court, she was remanded in custody for a week pending psychiatric reports, and her next court appearance is scheduled for December 6th. Meanwhile, anti-racist vigilantes stormed Twitter, calling for various forms of physical violence to be inflicted upon West.

The British National Party, which has grown into the fourth largest political party in the United Kingdom by championing the cause of White Britons, has finally published reaction to West's arrest. An article authored by Chris Barnett entitled "The ‘racist mother’ video that's gone viral" is sympathetic towards West and portrays her as a working-class White Briton on the front lines of the diversity war who finally cracked under the strain, although he believes her rant could have been more productively directed towards middle-class Whites rather than non-Whites.

First, Barnett asks whether or not this could have been a set-up by antifa:

Firstly, are we to believe that this woman just suddenly boarded a tram sat down and went into a racist rant? No arguments before hand? No provocation?

Kinda reminds me of all the times enemy photographers turned up to our meetings and demos, ignoring the violence against us and then photographing the physical defence we put up, presented to the police, in the absence of any other evidence, it's always the victims that end up being prosecuted rather than the perpetrators.

Barnett notes that because this woman is a White working class Brit, it's unlikely that there will be a single policeman, social worker, or judge who will ask whether the poor woman has simply cracked and is suffering from a mild mental illness, because it might be construed as an admission of the very uncomfortable truth that mass immigration is not only putting working class Whites out of jobs and atomizing White communities, but is also pushing such people mentally over the edge. He chides those who would look down upon Emma West as a "chav" merely because she talked a bit rough and dropped a few f-bombs.

The latter theme is more vigorously evoked by Denise Barber on this new Stormfront thread:

I know the woman is sort of Chavvy - she's lower class White - and lower class Whites have been taking it in the neck, for decades, due to the treachery and betrayal of Upper Class Whites.

To all of you here, decrying her "bad language" - SCREW YOU. What have YOU done to HELP her? There's always been this really snotty, DESTRUCTIVE attitude - I call it the Jared Taylor Syndrome - about working class, impoverished Whites, among "posh Whites. It's like - "Ewww. Look at the proles. They are so dirty and vulgar. I'm not going to soil my polished fingernails, by lifting a finger to reach out to them".

The "posh" Whites are the real problem. Not that Tram woman. To Australian German - YOU set "the movement back". Not HER. Her tragedy is the result of YOUR cowardice, diffidence, and snobbery.

As far as being polite - I HATE THAT CRAP. Ewww - don't make a scene! Don't be loud! Don't use ...horrors!..BAD LANGUAGE!!!!

Yes - let's be quiet and polite and well-mannered about our extermination. Wouldn't want any-one to get the wrong idea about Whites...! It's not like we're in a fight for our very existence, or anything...

While the Jared Taylor constituency correctly and commendably seek to filter out the stereotypical misfits who use white nationalism as little more than protective cover for personal hooliganism, they have a tendency to filter out many potentially race-conscious working-class Whites as well. They forget that although revolutions may be started by people wearing jackets and ties, they are fought -- and won -- by people wearing utilities.

One person who was initially put off by Emma West's f-bombs, Oliver1986, reconsidered the issue and soon changed his mind:

At first I thought she was a bit stupid for what she did. But after thinking about it, the woman is a legend. Her courageous act opposing white genocide has been all over the media and has outraged the ethnics and liberals so much they are starting to show their true colours about wanting to kill and imprison "racists" who disagree with the colonisation of our england. This in turn has outraged the average white person who to certain degree agree with her views and are angry with the way she has been persecuted and treated for speaking the truth.

The silent white man and woman has been awoken by this sole woman's courage. We dont like blacks or browns and we want them sent back. A lot of British people think like this, they are just too scared to say it.

I was personally inspired by her and yesterday stood up and showed my disapprovement of a young white woman flirting with an indian man. She went to speak to me after flirting with the indian and I just looked at her with a death like crazy stare right in her eyes.

I was ready to go to war after hearing this woman. People are waking up. There will be a war coming soon. Liberals and non whites should not of forgotten the English fighting spirit.

Thus the field is white for the harvest, ready for the BNP to thrust its sickle in -- if it chooses to do so. If Nick Griffin was to unleash a campaign to raise money for the defense of Emma West, it could be enough to empower many of the British Whites who think like Emma West with the courage to speak out publicly.

And finally, if you want to know where the real hate lies, Patrick Hayes reveals on Spiked-Online that anti-racist cybervigilantes issued threats against Emma West on Twitter:

That wasn’t enough for the Twittermob, however, who wanted a piece of the action. They instantly expressed their moral fury, passing judgement without pausing for thought. Almost immediately upon seeing the video, people were tweeting it to the cops and naming the potential culprit and the place where she apparently works. Even Labour Party leader Ed Miliband joined in, asking followers to help ‘identify the woman shouting racist abuse on a tram in London’. Following the arrest of a suspect, tweeters showered the transport police with praise. ‘Sometimes a police state can be used for the powers of good. Well done, @btp_uk!’, said one tweet. ‘That’s social media at work for you, an arrest in the afternoon of the video hitting the TT in Twitter!’, said another.

Other tweeters called on the police to ‘lock her up and throw away the key’ and ‘save her child’. Literally hundreds of people, with no indication that they were joking, tweeted that the woman should be sterilised, deported, punched, kicked and shot. Some suggested she should be shot between the eyes, others that she should be shot in her ovaries. Other Twitterers expressed a preference for hanging her or said she should be ‘put down’ like a dog. Fittingly for Twitch Hunters, there were also demands that she be drowned or burnt at the stake.

In contrast, Emma Hayes did NOT call for any non-Whites to be "shot between the eyes", "shot in their ovaries", "hung", "drowned", or "put down like a dog". We now see where the REAL hate lies.


Anonymous said...

An Emma West relief fund would be highly welcomed. As a foreigner i would gladly send her money.

Claire Khaw said...

Emma West (Right to Be Mouthy) Support Group



Claire Khaw said...

Anti-racist hysteria against foul-mouthed woman on London train just a little bit over the top?


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I understand the BNP being suspicious of a possible setup. However- I dont think it was. In terms of "provocation" well, look at the train she was on. It looked like Kenya, or New York City. There's only so much a person can take.

To quote the great Ian Stuart (R.I.P.) from the Skrewdriver song "White Power:"
"Once we had an Empire, now we've got a slum."
This is not lost on a lot of British people, and not just the older ones, as this video demonstrates.

Anonymous said...

That poor young woman, Emma West, reminded me of the beaten and neglected beggars in Scrooge, A Christmas Carol. The heartless White Communist-promoting "liberals" have encouraged many immigrants to come who turned out to be violent, misogynistic, jealous, bad-tempered and racist into Emma's turf or neighbourhood. No, I'm not saying ALL are like that, Okay? Yet look at who was burning and looting in Croydon during the recent 'riots'! Her father, grandfather, and great-grandfather probably lived in Croydon. Areas like that are in the DNA of the WORKing Class British who worry about the future there in relation to education, social interaction and safety of their children. The working class have always been despised by the pompous, smug, elite who shipped out White slaves, in chains, whipped, raped and beaten and worked to death in Australia. How do you think it developed so quickly? Read John Pilger's 'A SECRET COUNTRY.' Those ANZACS were the first to run to save the Motherland because it was their Homeland. The ANZACS were some of the first to enlist in both Wars, and probably would again even though the British politicians shafted them economically by joining the European Economic Community in 1973. Those poor, often wounded, soldiers were reduced to selling matchsticks in their old age! Many forgave you. WHY? We are a tribe, kith and kin, blood brothers and sisters...the multiracialists and multicultural promoters don't get that about the WORKing class. We are the foot soldiers and can perceive danger more easily because we live on the edge...unfettered immigration could push the Emma Wests of England off that crumbling edge. Is that what the power elite want? Do not turn your backs again on a wounded soldier, because that is precisely what Emma West is.

Anonymous said...

Defending Emma West

The recent video of a woman in the UK identified as Emma West, venting her frustration with non-White minorities aboard a Tram has generated worldwide attention. Unfortunately, she has been arrested since the video went viral and now she will truly feel the wrath of the Marxists that have utterly destroyed the UK with their genocidal immigration and multicultural policies. In the UK it is illegal for Whites to express their frustration over the fact that their country has quickly become a non-White hellhole by design. If a White mother is frustrated over the destruction of her homeland and is willing to vocalize it on a public tram filled with non-White immigrants, surely many other Whites in Britain must share her frustration but are obviously too fearful of expressing it. Emma West can see the future for her little boy in the UK and it scares her to death. Hopefully, her children are not subjected to re-education programs that will teach them to hate their own kind in order to progress the Judeo Marxist agenda that so many of our White youth have already been subjected to.

Enemies of the White race are portraying Emma West as mentally unstable because she openly vocalized her opposition to White genocide aboard a Tram filled with the people who have turned the UK into a non-White dumping ground. By attempting to portray Emma West as someone who has mental problems, our enemies are trying to convey a message that it is morally wrong for White people to openly oppose their own genocide. It is that simple. White people have two choices. They can sit back and watch their homelands be destroyed or they can stand up for their people and risk getting insulted, threatened, and possibly imprisoned. Notice how all of the people who are attacking this White mother are completely ignoring the fact that non-White immigration has turned the UK into a non-White cesspool. It is not debatable. White people know what is going on but are simply too afraid to do or say anything about it. What is truly appalling is that many Whites are calling for violence against her and even her death. This just proves how much our people have been poisoned by the Jew. Aryans have been poisoned so deeply and effectively by the Jews and their Marxist/Communist agenda that they have actually trained us to fight each other when we fight back against those who wish for our destruction. This must end.

If our enemies are willing to jail a White mother for vocalizing her opposition to the genocide of her people there is nothing that our enemies will not do to destroy each and every one of us. Those of you who denounce National Socialism and shun Hitler but still call yourselves Nationalists need to open your eyes and stop playing the Jews game thinking that you will be safer while winning the White masses over at the same time. When more and more Aryans are treated like Emma West and they begin to fully realize the scope and magnitude of the situation they are in, they will yearn for another Hitler, and they will get him. The greatest disgrace on that Tram that day were the numerous Whites who attempted to look busy, texting, looking away, or rushing over to comfort the non-whites, when in reality they agree with everything Emma West said.

Ryan J. Murdough
National Political Director
National Socialist American Labor Party

Anonymous said...

Hey Ryan, ain't there enough going on here in the U.S. without your worrying about some brit who though she knows the score, refuses to get involved with the BNP or a similar racial org over there? Quit whining about what the joos are doing to us, come out from behind the computer screen and actually do something. No, playing retro-nazi with some fantasy group isn't really going to solve the problem. Before you joined up with the dress up boys, you had a chance of accomplishing something positive. Now your tarred as a complete joke. If you ever choose to campaign again, you'll be exposed as a net-nazi of a tiny, insignficant computer cult, that has a fuhrer who nobody has ever seen or knows anything about. Talk about a waste.

Robert Argiz said...

Emma West MUST BE PROTECTED by any means possible, even if it means carrying fire arms. Emma should be a source of inspiration for all native Britons. Emma did not caused harm to no one by telling the scum to get out of her native country.