Sunday, October 23, 2011

YouTube Video: Dr. David Duke Expresses Support For Occupy Wall Street Protesters, Condemns Criminal Banks And Their Neocon Apologists

Dr. David Duke has finally spoken out on the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protests, and has expressed unequivocal support for their efforts in the hard-hitting video embedded below. While Dr. Duke once again underscores the Zionist influence and connections, he brought out three important points that impressed me.

-- The Wall Street banks are not products of free enterprise, but a manifestation of crime. Remember that the banks took TARP funds, intended only to unfreeze the credit lines, and also used them to pay windfall bonuses to executives.

-- Wall Street banks have been the biggest contributors to Presidential campaigns during the past three years. In contrast, Big Oil did not show up among the top 20 contributors to John McCain's campaign.

-- Dr. Duke rigorously condemns multimillionaire neocon shills like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, who try to convince people that supporting these criminal banks is an act of patriotism. Those who visit Glenn Beck's site, The Blaze, are undoubtedly aware that Beck and his stooges have deliberately sought out and filmed freaks and fruitcakes at these protests, and then tried to present them as being typical of OWS.

I have never seen a David Duke video get as much public approval as this one; as of this post, it's received 1,129 likes and only 38 dislikes. I have now started a discussion thread on this video on the F2 Board, a well-trafficked board which is a higher-class version of Nimbusters. F2 requires no registration and allows WNs to discuss race and the Jewish Question with virtually no restrictions.

Update October 25th: Glenn Beck has now picked this up, and has embedded the video on The Blaze. While his description of Dr. Duke is uncomplimentary, he has given him a huge publicity boost.

The American Nazi Party was the first White racialist organization to express support for OWS. Many conservatives denigrated and marginalized them. They'll find it much more difficult to marginalize Dr. Duke, who identifies as a Republican.

In contrast, Hunter Wallace and his coterie of Dixie nationalists oppose OWS; on October 21st, he wrote "Why the hell would anyone want to go there and pitch a tent with a bunch of progressive fruitcakes? That’s a retarded idea on the same level as going to Washington to 'take back America'. His premise is that we should be seceding from Wall Street, Washington, and Hollywood, because even if we succeeded in ending the Fed and paying off the national debt, both of which Andrew Jackson did in the 1830s, the same constituency would relentlessly push to bring it back into existence.

Those interested in tracking the Occupy Wall Street activities can visit


Anonymous said...

I suggest that people listen to the latest ( episode 10 ) ANP Talk-Shoe radio-show listed here on WR, or on the ANP's own website ( ) where they discuss the OWS movement as well as the ANP's participation in it. They hold nothing back and intelligently expose the JEWISHNESS behind the WALL-STREET BANKSTERS! WPWW

Anonymous said...

David Duke is a publicity whore and seeks only online donations to mainatin his vices and to avaid having to obtain real employment. He fails to address that that the Occupy Wall Street people seek to destroy everything WN stands for.

People like Duke and the ANP who seek a quick personsal fix by throwing in with multi-culturalists and leftists are sowing the seeds of our undoing and being usefull idiots.

Jeronimus said...

White nationalists should attend OWS but hide their views and just have some fun, make friends, do some normal socializing with the SWPL's.

Make friends with them, even maybe find a gf/bf, and later on reveal your WN views. In a lot of cases, you can convince people in this context. Show them that you live a normal life despite having a worldview that radically diverges from the mainstream. And be ready to say goodbye if it's too mcuh for them.

Anonymous said...

I bet the NSALP and ANSP feel stupid now since they attacked any pro-White support for the Wall Street Occupiers as COMMUNISTS. This is an example of bad leadership in the NS Movement (except for the ANP).

Anonymous said...

Yes, Occupy Wall Street does seem to be overwhelmingly leftist anti-White types. However, they are against the Judeo-Capitalist Economic System-which WNs are also against. I think this is a case of: they are an enemy of our enemy, but not our friends.

Its like the Arabs/Muslims and the Israel/Zionist issue. Im no fan of them, dont want them in any White Nation, but I certainly support their efforts against Israel and World Jewry, as it is an issue that affects Whites deeply.

I dont think that its "throwing in" with the reds by agreeing with their general idea. I do want to see WNs who address this issue to hammer home the point that this is the JEW SYSTEM, albeit with plenty of shabbos-goy frontmen.

MOST of the OWS leftists will avoid the dreaded J-word, this just shows that they are either ignorant, cowards or controlled. The left may have started this "protest movement" but its up to WNs go where the liberals wont and NAME THE JEW.

Listen 2 Jeronimus!!! said...

Well, at least Jeronimus has a plan to get hisself some left-wing-nut pussy.

That's using your nut!!!