Sunday, October 16, 2011

U.S. Border Guard Shows Up At Occupy Phoenix Rally; Only One NSM Member Present

Part of the U.S. Border Guard contingent at Occupy Phoenix; NSM member Harry Hughes not pictured

The U.S. Border Guard, which regularly patrols the Vekol Valley and other Arizona border areas to interdict illegal aliens, showed up at the Occupy Phoenix rally in full patrol regalia on October 15th, 2011. Over 1,000 people took part in the rally, championing diverse causes while united by grievances against corporate greed and political influence. The targets of protesters’ anger ranged from partisan paralysis in Washington, D.C., to the abuse of children by Catholic priests. Many of the protesters tied those issues to abuses by wealthy corporations; Green Party members and Tea Partiers protested side by side. The Arizona Republic also published a story; KPHO reported that 46 arrests were made, mainly for criminal trespass.

But the presence of the U.S. Border Guard at the rally was intended to be non-political, according to J.T. Ready:

The U.S. Border Guard deployed an urban combat trained security squad to the Occupy Phoenix rally today [Oct. 15] as armed peace keepers and legal observers. Border Rangers who patrol the border took a non-political stance to defend peaceful assembly and free speech of all citizens by exercising our right to keep and bear arms. Phoenix Police units were on scene also keeping the peace. Our founding fathers and founding mothers knew full well that the 2nd Amendment is what protects all our other amendments from tyranny. The U.S.B.G. protected the rights of all parties involved.

Naturally, one itinerant anti-racist blogger tried to spin it, and even lied outright. In a post hysterically entitled "The National Socialist Movement scum show up armed to counter protest #occupyphoenix", Phoenix Insurgent tried to claim it was an NSM operation. NSM member Harry Hughes promptly debunked that notion, explaining on his own blog that he was the only NSM member standing with the Border Guard contingent and that the US Border Guard is not a front group for the NSM. Initially skeptical of Ready's plan to show up armed, Hughes quickly figured out that showing up armed would deliver an extremely strong message, making it difficult to ignore them and guaranteeing a public reaction.

Harry Hughes also noted that most of the Border Guard's interactions with the crowd were positive; only a few anarchists tried to stir up trouble. Almost everyone with whom Hughes spoke had something in common with him. National socialist activists tend to get their most positive reaction from the public when they show up attired in a manner that the public can identify with. The same analogy can be applied to other White racialist activists as well.


Billy said...

The NSM tactic s are closer to the antics of the Keystone Cops than anything professional.

Anonymous said...

Silly, silly, SILLY! Why can't these COSTUMED cultists for ONCE simply act like NORMAL people?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Ready is a convicted felon, barred for life from possessing firearms. Yet he keeps showing up everywhere armed and... nothing happens! Interesting observation, is it not?

Anonymous said...

You are asking WAY too much, 12:12

Anonymous said...

Ready was also reportedly thrown out of the Marines. Perhaps thats his facination for wearing uniforms and playing with firearms? I'm always sceptical of any group that mixes guns in with WN politics. I have seen about every one eventually go down taking naive people with it. The fact that Ready insisted in having firearms smacks of a pro-voc to me, sorry.

Anonymous said...

From Covington's Thoughtcrime Blog:

Dear Mr. Covington:

Did you know that there is a man by the name of Paul Mullett that is using your handbook, as his group's official membership manual? Mind you, he never gives you any credit or writing of this manual, and he has reworded it so, especially the Constitution?

-Scott Thornton

* * * * * * *

[chuckle] Yes, I know. Not much I can do about it, and after all, plagiarism is the sincerest form of flattery.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it have been much more effective, if these NSM people would have shown up looking normal as ANP Chairman Rocky Suhayda suggests, then going there dressed up looking like halloween come early? What were they trying to prove, that they're be baddass tough guys? If thats the case they ought to lose some weight, and have a little more diciplined cast about themselves. Truthfully, what they looked like to me was some fat white couch potatoes playing soldiers. And whats with the woman in uniform, are they an Equal-Opportunity playgroup?

Anonymous said...

8:56 is correct. The NSM does what they do for publicity's sake and no other reason.

Anonymous said...

@ anonymus and Billy
You are both a couple of idiots. Get a job!