Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Orlando, Florida Builds The Mile-And-A-Half President Barack Obama Parkway At A Cost Of $10.5 Million So Far

Scratch Orlando, Florida from your list of places to visit anytime soon. The city of Orlando has built a 1.5 mile long road, and they've named it after the man who will go down as the worst president in U.S. history. It's actually called the President Barack Obama Parkway.

On October 11th, 2011, Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer attended a ribbon-cutting ceremony that showcased the President Barack Obama Parkway near the Mall at Millenia. Phase I connects the parkway north of Conroy Road to Metrowest Boulevard, a mile-and-a-half stretch that includes lighting, sidewalks and on-street bike lanes. Shingle Creek Trail, used by pedestrians and bicyclists, was also extended. So far, the price tag is $10.5 million. When the project is completed, the parkway will extend from Conroy Road to U.S. Highway 441 in Apopka. Non-embeddable news video available at the site.

Obama flew into Orlando around 5 P.M. to attend the first of two Democratic fundraisers as he tries to con people into contributing to his re-election campaign. At least 400 suckers were expected to show up, at $250 a pop. But not all Orlando residents are pleased. A number showed up to publicly protest the parkway, as well as Obama's visit to the community. A gallery of 15 photos is available. Comments posted to WESH Channel 2 further underscore the decision's unpopularity:

FLORIDAWAG Oct. 11, 2011 2:58pm EST:
What A disgrace!!! I will never use that road then... Obama is a Thug and has ruined our country ..THE great divider !!

gcash01 [Profile] Oct. 11, 2011 1:37pm EST:
Who decided to name this stretch of road after someone who has minimal respect in our area. Why couldn't we have named it after one of the fallen service men that died in Iraq or Afghanistan?

It's bad enough they're naming a road after Obama in the first place. What's particularly despicable is that they're doing it while he's still in office. This is the same type of idolatry afforded to dictators like Kim Il-Sung, Josef Stalin, and Idi Amin. At least when they launched their orgy of idolatry towards Martin Luther King, he was already dead.

I suggest we give this parkway our own name -- the George Lincoln Rockwell Memorial Parkway.


Anonymous said...

How hypocritical! It's wrong to name things after him while he's still President, but know he's the worst when his presideny isn't over?
Hint: Bush II is firmly ensconced as the nation's worst president, by far. He may never be overtaken!

Anonymous said...

Bush II was one of the worst ever, but I think Wilson, FDR, and Lyndon Johnson are even worse than Bush II.

I cant quite tell by your post, but it seems like you are an Obama fan? I think you may be in the wrong place here.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the Great Obama has his priorities straight. Apparently he has expressed his concern over the NBA (Nothing But Africans) lockout, saying "We need our basketball."
Who is we? You mean niggers, with b-ball being one of their basic needs, along with sex, drugs and rap "music."

Anonymous said...

Get over it guys. This is apparently no longer the Home of the White man, especially since so FEW White men have the balls to get-involved as Chairman Suhayda states, and actually WORK to keep it theirs. In a matter of time, you'll see EVERYTHING going in that direction, and why shouldn't it? To the victor goes the spoils as they say! Pathetic isn't it. Maybe we should all write some real angry posts about it to ourselves...LMAO! Hail Victory! 88! www.AmericanNaziParty.com

Anonymous said...

Yes, the USA is certainly
no longer a White nation.

You refer to the current "American Nazi Party" as the source for answers. This group has a famous name, yet has done hardly anything in the way of "work."
The "ANP" seems better than the "costumed clowns" bonehead gangs, I'll give it that. However, I get very tired of "Chairman Rock", his sidekick Bowles and other lackeys talking a lot of shit, while doing so little themselves.
Like these "Occupy Wall Street" protests. This should be right up the ANPs alley. Suhayda is always talking about White Workers, social justice, the Judeo-Capitalist system, etc. So where is the ANP faction at one of these protests? This is not a leftist or commie issue, no group or ideology owns it. Why not send some loyal ANPers to represent the White Workers?
But no, Im sure the ANP has some excuse. If a pro-White group did show up at one of these protests, Rocky and the gang would probably just criticize them, say they did things wrong, etc. Followed by complaints that the ANP isnt getting enough donations.

The original *REAL* ANP was an organization that took action, and put in a lot of work. It wasn't just a lot of rhetoric, complaining, and pissing all over those who disagreed with them.

Anonymous said...

Until Rocky and the ANP, there wasn't a WN organization out there that even brought up pro-White Working Class issues. Most groups went on and on about the "niggers & jews" and little else. Its obvious that Rocky is and was far ahead of everyone else in his thinking, which says something about the man. And why do you so readily assume that the ANP isn't taking part in these protests, simply because they aren't wearing some stupid costume that makes them stand out for a photo shoot? You would criticize the ANP if they DID take part no doubt, claiming that they were joining with the reds, blah, blah, blah. Rocky seems to be the one leader in this entire movement who is thinking outside the box. Thank God there's finally someone who isn't stuck in the same old rut that has gotten us nowhere for years!

webrobate said...

That's an interesting question: would I drive-cycle- walk along a parkway named after George Lincoln Rockwell, or even visit a city it was located in, given that I deplore GLR's political views? Why not. Either such a city would be (run by a government that was) incredibly open-minded and tolerant, or (alternatively) sympathetic with his views, or maybe just anti-political-correctness; in each case, a city worth visiting. Perhaps one day race-politics will have faded to the point that naming a street after GLR will go pretty much unremarked. Having said that, I'd rather cycle along a parkway named after Norman Rockwell, who, if you were looking for someone to fit the description "artist who celebrated (20th century) white America" you'd probably start with him, but who also created a picture called "The Problem We All Live With" featuring determined-segregation-buster/cute-little-black-girl Ruby Bridges. Then again, Norman would probably have said of this picture: "You wanna see white America at its best? You got it."

PS: I'm a white liberal from Australia.

Anonymous said...

Amen! The ANP is white nationalist version of Obama administration. I see they quietly canceled their big huge national meeting. That is the first example of leadership we've seen out of them.

Rocky and bowles are like two guys who you think are telling you about this great movie they've made. They tell you how they've had something or another to do with movies for years. They tell you what is wrong with all the movies in the world except the movie they are talking about. Them they bring out this awesome movie poster. it looks great! Guess what? The whole time they were talking about a movie poster. No movie, just a poster. And now they want $10.

Anonymous said...

The American Nazi Party held a Conference in Detroit in the spring, a Conference in Illinois in the spring, a Conference in Cal. in the spring, they held their National Conference in July in SC, although they admitted that the 101-degree heatwave pretty much "fried" many folks from attending, they just held another Conference in Illinois this Oct., and are holding another West-Coast Conference in Nov. and are holding a Yuletide Gathering in SC again in Dec. Where do you get your misinformed info from? Go to their website www.ANP14.com and see for yourself. Hail Hitler!

Anonymous said...

The ANP didn't cancel their last big National Meeting. It was held. 2:42PM is talking through his ass and lieing as usual.