Sunday, October 09, 2011

Chemical Warfare In Da Hood: Theresa Monique Jefferson Arrested For Starting Bleach Fight With Customer At Baltimore-Area Walmart

When I first read this story on October 8th, my first thought was "TNB". However, no media outlets were reporting the race of the miscreants at the time.

Got bleach?

That has now changed. WBAL Channel 11 and the Baltimore Sun report that on October 11th 2011, Theresa Monique Jefferson has been arrested for her role in a bleach fight with another customer at the Walmart store on Washington Boulevard in Arbutus, Maryland. One person claims Arbutus has no Walmart, but Walmart's own store locator clearly confirms that the Washington Blvd. store is in Arbutus, southwest of Baltimore.

Police say Jefferson followed another woman into the store, assaulted her, and poured bleach, ammonia, and Pine-Sol on her. Jefferson knocked the victim down and poured the substances directly on her. The assault allegedly stemmed from an ongoing dispute between the two women, saying the victim's boyfriend has a child in common with the suspect. However, there was collateral damage. Other people started experiencing irritation to their eyes and respiratory passages; one person actually got bleach splashed in the eye. So a hazmat team was dispatched to investigate; they evacuated the store at 11 A.M. for three hours and other first responders transported 19 people, including a Walmart employee, to various local hospitals.

Jefferson apparently went to the Baltimore County Police Department's Wilkens Precinct of her own volition after she left the store. There she was arrested and charged with first and second-degree assault, theft under $100 and malicious destruction of property. She remains at the Baltimore County Detention Center on $350,000 bail. WBAL has allowed a number of explicitly pro-White comments to remain on their website; one commenter openly uses the term "yard ape". One person actually in the store at the time posted the following comment:

laurenashley033 Oct. 8, 2011 4:22pm EST:
I was in walmart when this happened. The women were yelling so loud. I heard that there was hair ripped out and some blood on the floor. So i figured the smell of ammonia was to clean that up. The smell was so strong i threw up. A lot of people were coughing. My 2 year old son was coughing. Im pregnant so it isnt good for me to inhale these products. Some people will just never grow up.

Blacks are doing a bang-up job promoting race consciousness among Whites.

It should also be noted that Walmart employees operate under severe limitations in how much they can intervene to resolve customer misbehavior; they can be arbitrarily fired for intervening too vigorously, sometimes two or three weeks after the fact. Four Utahns are currently suing Walmart for firing them after they attempted to stop shoplifters at their respective stores.


Anonymous said...

On the good side, maybe the chemicals straightened out the black bitches hair. No one likes that nappy stuff. LOL. Seriously though, I am very happy to see comments on this story, and many others lately,on the mainstream news websites, that show Whites are very aware, and concerned.

All the feelgood "lets all get along" and "White guilt" crap in the media can't hide the reality. Most Whites DO live in the REAL WORLD, not in "Manhattan" or someplace like it. TNB is everywhere, along with the ever growing spic hordes. Many Whites will simply be unable to rationalize away the obvious problems.

On a different topic, Chairman Suhyada does a great job answering questions about aspects of the ANP in the latest party report. I urge everyone to check it out.

Anonymous said...

Listen to the ANP's weekly talk-shoe radio program. Rocky seems like a pretty down to earth, decent guy. In fact, all the people who have been on their half-dozen shows so far have seemed to be normal working class Joe's and not the foul-mouthed, obcenity screaming , slur-spouting imbicles that a lot of WN pod-casts are filled with.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather read Taylor Bowles' blog where he attacks dead white activists for being more sucessful than he. Taylor Bowles is an ANP member.

Anonymous said...

8:08 are you referring to the NSM member who was killed by his young son, for being abusive? If that particular NSM member is considered
"successful" that speaks pretty poorly of the NSM.

Anonymous said...

Yes their TalkShoe show IS quite excellent. Rocky is a decent, humble, guy that knows National Socialism inside and out.

Anonymous said...

Just more evidence of their savagery. We are not all the same.