Tuesday, October 04, 2011

American Third Position Party Candidate Harry Bertram Stirs Up Controversy In West Virginia Gubernatorial Race With Pro-White Campaign Ad

Update: West Virginia election results now available HERE.

The October 4th special election to determine who the new governor of West Virginia will be is drawing national attention. While American Third Position Party candidate Harry Bertram is getting only anecdotal support in the West Virginia gubernatorial race as reflected in professional polling, he is getting a steady trickle of media publicity. The stories are basically fair, even if they leave out some essential facts on occasion.

The most prominent story during the past two weeks is about a new campaign ad being aired throughout the state. In the ad, which can be viewed at WTOV Channel 9, Bertram focuses on discrimination against White Americans, calling himself the "voice for White American issues". When WTOV followed up, Bertram explained that "We're against affirmative action and against illegal aliens coming into this country and they're displacing white workers and eventually the white population", but then noted that he wanted to do right by all American people.

WTOV cited negative reaction by a couple of people; one person said that he saw Bertram putting Whites first, while another didn't think illegal immigration was a high priority in West Virginia. But as the American Third Position Party itself pointed out, WTOV failed to report that 95 percent of Blacks voted for Obama because of his skin color. A3P also wrote, "We have the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus (CAPAC), Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute (CHCI), but heaven forbid a party or 'Caucus' advocating for those interests and issues that affect White Americans!"

West Virginia Public Broadcasting also published excerpts of an interview with Bertram in which he directly compares himself with the Republican candidate, Bill Maloney. Bertram states, “Bill Maloney is not the only conservative on the ballot. I am, but you get a bonus with me because I go beyond what the normal conservative would talk about”. He defines A3P as a a conservative America First nationalist political party, and rebuts accusations that A3P is white supremacist, explaining that the white supremacist tag is always used by left-wing liberal media types who tend to paint a broad brush on people and try to demonize them. Harry Bertram also holds forth on a number of other bread-and-butter issues during the interview, the audio of which is embedded below:

And finally, Public Policy Polling (PPP) has just released the results of their survey of 932 likely voters taken from September 30th through October 2nd, not commissioned by any partisan source. However, their poll focused only on the two major party candidates, garnering the following results:

-- Earl Ray Tomblin (D): 47 percent
-- Bill Maloney (R): 46 percent
-- Not Sure: 7 percent

Unfortunately, PPP does not define Not Sure, so this category could include those who are genuinely undecided and/or those who prefer one of the three alternative candidates. This means that despite his best efforts, Harry Bertram will end up a "single-digit midget". But does that mean the effort to put the A3P on the ballot as an officially-recognized political party was redundant? Not hardly:

(1). While officially-recognized third party candidates aren't considered as credible as candidates from the two major parties, they are considered more credible than write-in candidates.

(2). Officially-recognized third party candidates are much more likely to be invited to candidate forums than write-in candidates.

(3). Officially-recognized third party candidates are guaranteed to have their votes individually counted and reported. In contrast, votes for individual write-in candidates may not necessarily be individually counted unless the write-in candidate has a chance to win the election, as was the case with Lisa Murkowski in Alaska. Because Billy Roper was only a write-in candidate in Arkansas, the state did not necessarily count all of his votes, so the reported vote total of 49 is in question to this day.

(4). The experience by A3P activists of waging a petition campaign to get the A3P officially recognized in West Virginia will be invaluable in future campaigns. A3P activists got a chance to interact directly with the public, promote the A3P's cause, and rebut the filtered stereotypes.

In the final analysis, if Harry Bertram can at least finish third, ahead of the two other alternative candidates, it will be considered an important milestone in the A3P's success.


Anonymous said...

Great to hear about this. Sounds like he's doing things right, running a REAL campaign. I hope there are more openly Pro-White canidates running next year across the country, whether its at the national, state or local level.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Bertram is certainly to be commended for his bravery in entering the political arena! While I understand his taking the careful "soft" position that he is at present, I would suggest that RIGHT BEFORE the election, that he comes out FULL-BLAST in support of the POOR WHITE WORKERS in West Virginia, of whom there are MANY. Lets be honest here, we all know that he won't "win" - he has neither the people nor the resources - but, he CAN have a real impact IF he goes after that "SPECIAL INTEREST GROUP" ( the WHITE POOR/WHITE WORKERS ) - whom EVERY SYSTEM POLITICIAN passes by. The majority of poor people in West Virginia ARE White - so it won't be such an "evil racist approach" as it might be seen elsewhere. Yet WHO ELSE ever appeals to THEM - NO ONE. Of course, this "3rd Position Party" does seems kinda "elitist" to me (sorry if I'm wrong) so maybe they don't really care about poor and working class White folks... Sincerely, Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman www.AmericanNaziParty.com Hail Victory! 88!

Anonymous said...

"Bertram focuses on discrimination against White Americans, calling himself the "voice for White American issues". When WTOV followed up, Bertram explained that "We're against affirmative action and against illegal aliens coming into this country and they're displacing white workers and eventually the white population", but then noted that he wanted to do right by all American people."

I do think that going by this statement, Bertram is in support of White working people. However, I have to agree with Chairman Suhayda. By saying he wanted to "do right by ALL American people" Bertram definitely softened the message. Why bother throwing a bone to non-Whites? You've already said your Pro-White, the establishment isnt gonna go easier on you because you add in a statment like "well, we are for all American people."

I generally like the A3P, because they are trying to be a legitmate political party that tries to attract normal, healthy White people that do not want to "play dress-up" and associate with street gang member hooligan types.

But, at this stage there is no point, no value in trying to "smooth things over" by trying to be "inclusive."

Anonymous said...

Rocky said---"While I understand his taking the careful "soft" position that he is at present"

With all due respect Rocky, your "Education Association", NOT a Political Party, has been known to seek donations for "it's" secret candidates. Therefore your swipe at Mr. Bertram for a soft approach seems just a little hypocritical. When the ANP has a candidate run openly on the ballot as a ANP Candidate, then come back and give advice.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Suhayda, please tell us when was the last time you had anyone run for office? Until then do not criticize the A3P as "elitist" or being soft. I cannot find a single candidate from your group in a google search since 1988.

Anonymous said...

I don't put much stock in any past or former associate of Taylor Bowles when it comes to politics.

Anonymous said...

How many votes did he get?

Anonymous said...

0.4%-1099 VOTES= PATHETIC, especially when you look at the total number of votes cast.

The A3P is a utter failure. Hey Jaimie Kelso et al, stop your love fest with Ron Paul and conservatives and go down to the hardware store, get a can of paint and a paint brush and paint on some balls. This proves that so called "moderation" does NOT work. True WN needs to stand on character and priniples, no tolerance for jews (Taylor), no faggots (ANP)and no playing Republican (A3P)

Democratic Earl Ray Tomblin 148,625 49.6% -20.4
Republican Bill Maloney 140,631 47.0% +21.5
Mountain Bob Henry Baber 6,049 2.0% -2.5
Independent Marla Ingels 2,838 1.0% n/a
American Third Position Harry Bertram 1,099 0.4% n/a
Write-in Phil Hudok, John R. "Rick" Bartlett, Donald Lee Underwood 426 0.1% +0.1

Anonymous said...

Pretty pathetic result. Not even 1%

Anonymous said...

Lol. Only 1%? pathetic

Anonymous said...

Another coward in the shadows attacking John Bowles of the ANP. Mr. Bowles MAY be the worst person in the world, and I'm not saying he is, in fact I believe the opposite - but, at least he has the COURAGE to match his words with his name! Perhaps if all you nameless shadows had gotten involved in his campaign, he might have done better? Another thing, after all his defeats he still is out there carrying the banner OPENLY. Where are you? We know. Hiding nameless on a forum criticizing the guy in the arena. Hail Victory! 88!

Anonymous said...

Bowles is just a shit-talker, who ran a pitiful waste-of-money write in campaign for President in 2008. This was mocked even by Rocky Suhayda, who referred to Taylor as "Mr. Bowels." But then Rocky did an about face and welcomed Bowles into the ANP.

This election result in West Virginia shows that running for office is a huge waste of time and energy. "WE" are not going to get anywhere trying to play the ZOG systems "dumb-ocracy" games.

Linda said...

That's strange. I followed the Bowles campaign in 2008 and he didn't try to be a write-in candidate anywhere and never said anywhere he was??? That was ding-dong Brian Holland of the satanist NSM who did that craziness. This person doesn't know what they are talking about except telling lies about Mr. Bowles who I believe is the greatest champion of National Socialism in America today.

Anonymous said...

So we have basically THREE options. (A) "Armed Conflict" against the system - forget it, someone would announce the TIME & DATE of the "revolution" and no-body would leave their computer chair. (B) Continued "protesting" - and we can SEE the happy RESULTS of protesting per the last 40 years. or (C) Getting involved in LOCAL ELECTIONS - NOT something like this person did for GOVERNOR - and start doing some SERIOUS campaigning. These movement "write-in campaigns" that some of these "movement personalities" engage in, are nothing more than JOKES and SCAMS. But, we CAN do well - perhaps even WIN outside the "big cities" - IF we put some real EFFORT into it, along with not HAVING to run "openly" as an "XYZ hate-monger". Hell, there are seats out there on the ballot - UNOPPOSED! But, it takes MORE effort to campaign REALISTICALLY - than it does typing "forum posts". We're never defeated until we say we are.... Sincerely, Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman www.AmericanNaziParty.com Hail Victory! 88!