Wednesday, September 07, 2011

YouTube: NSM Commander Jeff Schoep's Speech At The West Allis Rally

NSM Commander Jeff Schoep has now published his official after-action report of the NSM's "In Defense Of White America" rally in West Allis, Wisconsin on September 3rd, 2011. Schoep confirms there were approximately 75 NSM members and supporters on hand, and identifies the White activists in the crowd as Skins and motorcycle club members. Also identified as providing the NSM assistance included Chicago-area White activist Art Jones of the America First Committee, Mike Delaney of, and DSCI Pastor Eli James, who operates Pastor James also hosts The Voice of Christian Israel on Talkshoe.

Jeff Schoep's speech is now available on YouTube:

If this video is taken down, an additional source is specified below (split into two parts):

-- Part 1:

-- Part 2:

Jeff Schoep also noted that the only people carrying American flags at the rally were White activists; in contrast, the opposition was carrying only the hammer and sickle and the star of David.

Stormfront members are quite supportive of the actions of the NSM in West Allis, although some still express some reservations about the swastika and about national socialism in general.


Anonymous said...

A.A., you are aware that Eli James is a Jew right???

The problem with this is NOTHING was realistically accomplished by this theatre in real terms other than to jin up Jeff's minions to keep paying dues. He dared the flash mobs to attack him while he was standing behind 140 police in riot gear. The antis outnumbered him 4/5 to 1. He said nothing about National Socialism to clear up misconceptions about it, but he really doesn't know anything about it to begin with. He allowed his members to speak to media and deluted the message, but there was not a real message and his members came off as uneducated thugs, much like the mobs he went there to "protest". In the end average White Americans see this theatre as opportunist and silly.

No more Police protection
Get the message straight
Talk National Socialism
Look at the difference between this and the footage of NSDAP events, look at the difference between the discipline and character

Anonymous said...

Read American Nazi Party Chairman Suhayda's current ANPReport, where he discuss's the four "nazi style" organizations involved in the White movement. 14/88!

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous 9:53 A.M: I've heard rumors that Eli James is a Jew, but he denies it HERE.

Anonymous said...

He can deny it all day long, but... he does look jewish, like it or not! His real name was Jozef Putz, then he changed it to Joseph Paul November, and now he is "Eli James!"

Anonymous said...

Dear A.A.,

I personally met this individual back in the 80s and 90s at several Christian Identity conferences. It is true that he used a different name back then, he introduced himself as "pastor" Jo November. Several Patriots had to very seriously question his racial background and motives even back then. And yes, that rabbi in the video looks awfully like "Eli" in his younger years, my wife said if he is not this "pastor", he might be his twin brother! LOL! In your opinion, what is his real agenda?

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous 7:36 P.M. - I really don't know enough about Eli James to determine if he has a hidden agenda. It wasn't until Bryan Reo started stalking Martin Lindstedt that I started paying attention to the DSCI scene.

So far, in looking at Eli James' website, I see nothing which makes the hairs on the back of my neck stick up.

Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt said...

The end is nearing for all these jews and mamzers playing Christian Identity.

Eli James is a Chicago sephardic jew who before that was known as 'Joseph November' and before that as 'Joseph Kutz.' No one knows what this jew's name was before 'Kutz.' Perhaps it would be easier to find out who the jew rabbi with Rahm Emmanuel last Hanukka that looks like Eli James' younger twin brother is, as most of us think it is a cousin or nephew of Eli James:

The latest shoe to drop is the revelation that Eli James suffers piebaldism -- large splotches of melanin cells not working, which is characteristic of niggers and jews. Eli James is about to get another name -- Pinto-Kike.

Both Eli James and Bryan Reo have plotted overtly to take down my web pages. In fact, I have an audio recording of Eli James admitting to William Finck that he had taken down three of my web pages on Jan 7, 2011. Additionally, Eli James and Bryan Reo have been claiming that myself, Pastor John Britton, and even the silly godless NimBusters are 'domestic terrorists.'

The crap posted about how I was a ADL/$PLC snitch by Eli James was taken back after Eli James had three of my web pages taken down. After all, the ADL and $PLC stooges don't have nine of their blogs, forums and web pages taken down. Hell, even the ADL and $PLC haven't taken down one-666th as many web pages as Eli James and Bryan Reo.

The so-called is run by Oba-gender-bender-pissers-poofter-possum, formerly this foul-mouthed tard with gender identity issues on VNNF. We call that forum "Two & A Half Mamzers" because Obie and Bryan Reo/St. Mamzer makes two and LiarBill 'MumpsNuts' DeClue(less) makes half a mamzer.

Jeromy Visser admitted back on Dec. 2, 2010 to being a 'Cherokee' and posted pictures of its red-nigger family in order to prove to a judge that it wasn't Aryan Nations or even white in order to get out of a stalking charge. The judge agreed and dismissed the case. Now Visser wants back in but everyone knows it is a mamzer criminal. Serves it right for claiming that Pastors Wesley Swift and Richard Butler were mamzers.

Bill Finck is an Ashkenazi Jersey City jewboy who used to be a pig and who murdered a prisoner in the jail and got 12.5 years in prison for it before deciding to become a 'Greek scholar' and FBI asset.

Mike Delaney and Bryan Reo took down my web page and forum, back in March 2010 because I reprinted a Curt Maynard article pointing out that Delaney's sidekick was a jew named Quest/Kaplan. So much for whining about loss of 'free speech.'

So folks, stay away from above-ground Christian Identity, especially from the jews and mamzers playing Talksjew 'Wikipedia CI.' Almost all of them are jews and mamzers, and the ones who are white, like Wickstrom and MoGullet are snitches. I don't like Thom Robb or Paul Mullet, but at least they are White and don't get anyone else in trouble. Still, if you are of the Found Sheep of the House of Israel, is it not enough for YHWH to know who you are? What good does joining an above-ground organization do?

I recommend that the Dual-Seedline Christian Identity Church STAY underground. Read your Bible and Comparet sermons. Stay away from playing CI or WN. There is no saving ZOG. Stay alert. The world needs more Christian Israelite 'lerts.'

By the way, my forum and The Movement Turd archive are back up.

Hail Victory!!!

Pastor Martin LD Lindstedt
Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

Anonymous said...

7:36 P.M.:

This character "rabbi Eli", as many people in the Movement call him, has been expelled from the Church of the National Knights of the Ku Klux Klan "for being a liar and a thief!" Go to and scroll down to the bottom of the page, you will see it for yourself. I hope that answers your question. If you want to know more, you are welcome to contact His Lordship the Imperial Wizard Ray Larsen at and he will tell you more.

Anonymous said...

Mr. James-November-Putz was also affiliated with the Christian Patriots Defense League back in the late 1970s (now defunct.) He was reportedly thrown out of that organization as a racial Jew and a suspected informant.

Anonymous said...

Dear 11:32 AM,

I contacted Rev. Ray Larsen, the IW of the CNK regarding "Eli James" AKA Jo November AKA Jozef Putz. Here is what I learned:

1) Mr. Putz was able to infiltrate the Klan by posing as a "Christian Identity scholar" and hiding his jewish roots (I could not believe he was able to hide it, he looks so obviously kikish!)

2) In the course of his involvement with the Klan, he was able to misappropriate thousands of dollars in Klan's funds, using his position of trust (that exactly what happens when you get involved with a jew!)

3) He was constantly trying to stir up trouble in the Klan by making up stories about alleged "federal informants" with some "hit lists," trying to smear good honest Klansmen in the eyes of their Imperial Wizard Rev. Larsen, but thankfully he did not succeed.

4) Last but not least, this thing expressed very unhealthy "interest" in a 13 year old daughter of a Klanswoman, always trying to "talk to her in private" and at least on two occasions inviting her to join him in his motel room "to study the Scripture." Disgusting!

Enough was enough, and "Eli" got banished from the Klan forever. No respectable Klan or CI group in the US or Canada would have anything to do with him now, he has a reputation of a jew, an agent-provocateur, and a pervert. Last but not least, his "book" that he is trying to peddle on his website, "The Great Impersonation", is nothing but a plagiarism of several great REAL CI scholars, like Dr. Swift and others. He simply cut out pieces of their work and put them together in his "book", MLK style LOL. Well, those two have three things in coming: both are non-White, both are Zogs' assets, one was a fake "doctor," another one is a phony "pastor!" However, MLK was much more charismatic and successful charlatan. Folks, stay away from "rabbi" Eli James!

Eli James said...

Hello, "Rebbi eli" here. I was not expelled from the CNKKKK. I resigned because Ray Larsen, (aka Railton Loy) is a phony:

This is all you need to know:

Ask Ray why he refused to put an end to Tina Greco's (who is Jewish) nonsense and why he refused to put an end to federal agent David Alexander's (aka Shelmadine)murder-for-hire scheme.

Why do you let this race traitor post on this forum?

Pastor Eli James
(I'll challenge anyone to demonstrate he knows more about Scripture than I do. Just go to my website and see. Jews have been hiring shills to try to discredit me for a long time. Ray Larsen is one of them>)