Friday, September 23, 2011

White Racialist Woman Exposes The Lack Of A Level Political Playing Field For Ordinary Whites In America

Found an excellent video on Newsnet 14 that deserves wider distribution. This racially-conscious White lady lays out an effective case to show that ordinary mainstream Whites do not enjoy a level political playing field throughout much of the United States today. She inserted a couple of clips to show how some Whites have been intimidated and deluded into cheering for and cooperating in our own growing disenfranchisement.

She believes only more state-sponsored oppression of Whites will effectively wake people up. Considering the growing number of Stormfront-type threads accompanying mainstream media stories about the oppression of Whites, she may not be wrong. Very well-done video.


Anonymous said...

"She believes only more state-sponsored oppression of Whites will effectively wake people up."

I certainly agree with that. I've never understood WNs who don't think that worse is better.

Believe me, I don't like bad things happening, but American White People of the 21st Century (as well as Whites in most other countries) have consistently shown themselves to be be masters of avoidance, denial and self-delusion. Some will never wake up, but I truly believe that many will break out of their haze as ZOG tightens the screws.

Anonymous said...

WOW! It can not be more clear than this. So refreshing to hear upfront, honest truth. I posted similiar comment under the Cop Killer Davis blog. prior to hearing this audio tape.

Wake up America! We are becoming the abused miniority and our children are being poisoned by our Political and educational system.

When did we have to give up our individual rights? Why do our tax dollars pay for racially based grants? Why is affirmative action still in place? This was initially put in place in a time when equality was in question, a generation ago. It, like taxes where supposed to come to a halt, once the goal was accomplished. Today, we don't have equal rights, but priviaged rights to miniorties. The generation that we have today were brought up in non-segragated schools and received same education together with minorities, but sadely, they receive continued points in job scores. This is what contributes to the hostility towards each other. The race card can no longer be played. Own up to the facts. Blacks should be fathers to their children. Blacks should stop their incestual relationships with their daughters. In Atlanta GA, we have the highest Black Market Sale of Children for sexual purposes in the Country and it is all run by Blacks!
We build "new" housing for Blacks, only to find the same housing drug ridden, burnt out and condemed a few years later. I know whites were not living there. So who distroyed it? The same people it was built for, given low income grants to live there, at our expense, only to hear the continued liberal bunk "those poor people". We continue to build, they continue to distroy.
Whites worked in coal mines, under harsh conditions, raised families, sent them off to school and generations later, still have those old company built homes today, still standing with no help from the government.
The future see's continued unemployment, guess we will also see "riots" in our streets again. When this happens, will we see respect to others as we seen in Japan with their disaster? There was not 1 reported robbery. People helped people. No, unfortunately, this will be a call to loot, rob and burn. An acceptable act for the black community. And while their at it, rape and murder elderly people who cannot fend for themselves.
The Congressional Black Caucus will stag another unemployment forum, to exploit for national news to show. A spectacle showing only the unemployed black and exercise the actions for riots, flash mobs and police killings as an entitlement. Always an excuse, blame it on the White Man.