Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 11th Had Its Bright Spot: Former National Alliance Chairman Dr. William Pierce Was Born On September 11th, 1933

Lost in the orchestrated orgy of contrived grief on the 10th anniversary of the 9-11 attack on America is one bright spot: On September 11th, 1933, Dr. William Pierce was born.

Dr. Pierce became best known as the chairman of the National Alliance, serving in that position from 1974 until his untimely death on July 23rd, 2002. Under his leadership, the National Alliance became the premier White civil rights organization in the United States, with units scattered all over the country. He mentored an impressive coterie of dedicated racialist activists, to include Kevin Alfred Strom, Shaun Walker, Billy Roper, David Pringle, and Alex Linder. All have gone separate ways with varying degrees of success, although none have succeeded in equalling Dr. Pierce's accomplishments. Even his chosen successor, Erich Gliebe, has not come close to equalling Dr. Pierce's influence, although he has successfully stabilized the National Alliance at its current level. Today's slimmed-down version of the National Alliance continues its mission of educating the public through various forms of literature distribution, with particular success at gun shows.

Here is a short six-minute video tribute to Dr. Pierce:

One of Dr. Pierce's most famous soliloquys was the film, America Is A Changing Country, in which he discussed the changing demographics and morality of the United States. Dr. Pierce proved to be more prophetic than he realized. The entire 51-minute version is embedded below:

Dr. Pierce sought to supplement his political vision with a spiritual vision. Consequently, Pierce adopted Cosmotheism as his religion in 1978. In effect, it is a form of panentheism, or it is an impersonal panentheism, or it is a belief that an impersonal creative spiritual force, i.e. "God", is the animating force within the whole universe. Cosmotheism asserts that "all is within God and God is within all." It considers the nature of reality and of existence to be mutable and destined to co-evolve towards a complete "universal consciousness," or godhood (this is similar to Mormon doctrine, which proclaims that man can progress to celestial glory with exaltation, and become ordained unto Godhood). Cosmos means an orderly and harmonious universe and thus the divine is tantamount to reality and consciousness, an inseparable part of an orderly, harmonious, and whole universal system.

Two items produced by Dr. Pierce impressed me the most. First, his research report entitled "Who Rules America" (most recently updated in 2010), which provides a literate overview of Jewish domination of the mass media and the entertainment industry in the United States, and the resultant ill effects of that domination. The second item is his comprehensive vision for public education expressed in the pamphlet "What Is The National Alliance". In this pamphlet, Dr. Pierce suggested that an education system needed to pass on three critical attributes from one generation to the next; culture, skills, and character.

The first purpose, culture, is served by teaching facts and ideas: language, history, science, ethics, and so on. The second purpose, skills, is served by teaching the child or young adult how to do things which will be useful to himself and/or society: how to play a musical instrument, how to weld, how to manage a business, how to type, how to repair a motor vehicle, how to fight with and without weapons, how to draw, how to swim, how to raise children, how to grow food, how to build a house. And finally, the third purpose, character, is served by challenging, testing, conditioning: by forcing the child to exercise his will, to discipline himself, to endure discomfort, to make plans and carry them out, to overcome fears, to accept responsibility, to be truthful, and generally to develop and strengthen those traits of character valued by a healthy society.

The principles presented above could form the foundation of a defensible political platform upon which any White racialist could run for a school board seat nearly anywhere in the country. Dan Schruender proved that a White racialist could run a credible school board campaign; although he finished last in the 2010 Rialto School Board race, he received 1,807 votes.

To this day, Dr. Pierce has never been truly equalled, and remains truly missed.


Anonymous said...

Good article, AA! This blog is really on the upswing. Thanks for getting rid of most of the ANP spam.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Pierce was a real Leader of His Folk, unlike today's mini-"fuhrers" Schoep, Suhayda, and Mullet, and a pedophile jew "rabbi" Eli James! I have been a Member of the NA since 1982, and proud of it!

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous 8:59 A.M: Thanks for the feedback. I still wish I didn't have to moderate comments, but I really had no choice. It was the same old abusive repetitive spam over and over -- directed against both the NSM and the ANSP from a multitude of sources.

Even with moderation, I still have to reject about 5 percent of the comments.

Anonymous said...

Dear AA.,

Pastor Eli James is neither a pedophile, nor a Jew, and 9:21 AM knows it very well! Thank you for providing this life long activist an opportunity to defend himself on this forum against false accusations.

Anonymous said...

I saw where one of the people accusing Eli James also talked about "Will Weise.". That has to be none other than Rocky of the ANP. He is too slow to realize that Bill White was tried in federal court with much fanfair. If his name was really "Weise" then it would have came out in court. But like his "info" on Eli James, it is something he pulled out of thin air to attack an effective white activist. The problem is that Rocky is used to saying anything to his four or five long time supporters and assuming they swallow it hook line and sinker. The rest of us think about what is said and check into it.

A.A., the ANP isn't part of the relay race that white nationalism has become. Everywhere you look people are working together for common goals and achieving great things. The ANP is just standing on the sidelines dead still except for when they try to trip people up.

Years have past and they don't bare any fruit. For people with all the answers as well as moral superiority, they haven't gotten very far at all. All we have seen is attack after attack on anyone who puts up a fight against the enemy. When are we going to all finally turn our backs on the few who are left?

Anonymous said...

4:31 AM is a nutcase obsessed with the ANP. Rocky Suhayda, the ANP Chairman, never had any problem with Eli James, in fact, they never met. ANP SA Political Adviser Bowles is a hard line follower of the CI doctrine and was ordained as a pastor, he knows of Eli James and his ministry and likes him! And where in the Movement do you see "people working together and achieving great things?"

Anonymous said...

Thank you. You made me feel good and I was not aware of this fact. You have permanently changed my mind regarding how I will celebrate 9/11 going forward.

RIP William Pierce. You were a great man. One like you only comes around but every other lifetime.

Again, thank you.