Thursday, September 22, 2011

Rebutting The Mainstream Media Lies About Black Cop-Killer Troy Davis; Where Was The Pity Party For Lawrence Brewer?

The long-overdue execution of black cop-killer Troy Davis, who denied committing the crime to the end, has spawned an orgy of orchestrated grief which has turned into a world-class pity party. Hundreds of thousands of people signed petitions on Davis’ behalf. Supporters staged vigils in the U.S. and Europe, declaring “I am Troy Davis” on signs, T-shirts and the Internet. Some tried increasingly frenzied measures, urging prison workers to stay home and even posting a judge’s phone number online. Formally condemning the execution is an all-star team of professional busybodies including the NAACP, Amnesty International, the European Union, the French Foreign Ministry, Germany's junior minister for human rights, former President Jimmy Carter, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, and Pope Benedict XVI.

Even the national mainstream media got so caught up in the frenzy that they thoughtlessly regurgitated many of the talking points spewed by the Troy Davis Fan Club. It turns out that some of those talking points were exaggerations, and a few proved to be outright lies. In a Human Events column entitled "Mumia's The Word", Ann Coulter rebuts the propaganda. Here are some of the highlights:

1. No "physical evidence" connecting Davis to the crimes that night. Coulter writes, "Davis pulled out a gun and shot two strangers in public. What 'physical evidence' were they expecting? No houses were broken into, no cars stolen, no rapes or fistfights accompanied the shootings. Where exactly would you look for DNA? And to prove what? I suppose it would be nice if the shell casings from both shootings that night matched. Oh wait -- they did. That's 'physical evidence'".

2. Seven of the nine witnesses against Davis at trial have recanted. Coulter writes, "First of all, the state presented 34 witnesses against Davis -- not nine -- which should give you some idea of how punctilious the media are about their facts in death penalty cases". Coulter also notes that three recantations were from friends of Davis, One alleged recantation, from the vagrant's girlfriend (since deceased), and that one so-called "recantation" wasn't a recantation at all, but rather reiterated all relevant parts of her trial testimony, which included a direct identification of Davis as the shooter.

If the deck was so stacked against Troy Davis, and the evidence so tainted, then explain why, after a two-week trial, a jury of seven blacks and five whites took less than two hours to convict Davis of Officer Mark MacPhail's murder, as well as various other crimes, and then voted for the death penalty just two days later. Explain why more than a dozen courts have looked at Davis' case and refused to overturn his death sentence. Explain why even the U.S. Supreme Court refused to stay Davis' execution.

Race. Troy Davis is black, and blacks are the new royalty in politically-correct America. In contrast, executed on the same day was Lawrence Brewer, who chained James Byrd to the back of his pickup and dragged him down a road, leading to Byrd's death. Brewer was convicted of murder and given the death penalty, yet there was no outcry against his execution. Nor should there have been.

But there also should have been no outcry against the execution of Troy Davis. Davis was proven, beyond reasonable doubt, to be a stone cop-killer. That verdict has been upheld numerous times. The state of Georgia had the courage to finally dispense justice at 11:08 P.M. EDT on September 21st, 2011.

Ann Coulter also shared some witticisms about this case on Twitter. She wrote "One Troy Davis, Flame-Broiled Please" and "Hold The Pickle, Hold The Lettuce, Frying Killers Won't Upset Us". Dr. David Duke also Twittered, "Am I the only one who thinks even if Troy Davis wasn't guilty of this crime, he was probably guilty of another? So good riddance!" The fact that Ann Coulter is not a racialist does not make her unworthy to cite on those occasions when she expresses sentiments similar to ours.


Anonymous said...

"Professional Busybodies" that a good description. Too polite, but good.

Amnesty International is such a joke, they fight for everyone except, yep, Whites. Well, if its a White person who is a homosexual or a communist they'll support them.
Where were they for Rudolf Hess, or Ernst Zundel? Oh right, they don't support those who "advocate hate." Yet for years one of their main causes was anti-White terrorist Nelson Mandela. Remember all that "Free Mandela" crap in the 80s?

Anonymous said...

If media and organizations would use the effort that was placed in the Troy Davis case to commit to real change, we would have a better community.

Guilty. Peers convayed this over and over. Courts upheld it. Witnesses accurately depited it.

It's all the same. We now will most likely support the growing "Flash" robberies. You know, where blacks twitter each other to rob stores in our cities. Mabye the Pope can write another letter stateing how hard-up these individuals are. Well, if they can afford the mobile telephones, transportation and organization to do crime, why can't they use that same knowledge to do good?

They could have learned this behavior here in Atlanta GA, as our school system was under National watch for it's "cheating scandal". All of which were black and stole thousands of dollars in bonuses for altered scores and most likely will not have to pay a dime back to the public. We teach our children it's O.K. to cheat, as long as you get away with it.

Anonymous said...

It's all about entitlement:

I am black, I am entitled to rob & expect no consequnce.
I am black, I am entitled to receive additional points to get a job.
I am black, I am entltled to a Congressional Black Caucus. (who pays for that?).
I am black, I am entitled to a National Black Mayors Convention. (who pays for that?).
I am black, I am entitled to my own Miss America Pageant, but expect to be in all race pageants as well.
I am black, I am entitled to be the only race working for government jobs and promotions.
I am black, I am entitled to be the only race working for public transportation.
I am black, I am entitled to have my own Black only College and grants.
I am black, I am entitled to special loans for housing.
I am black, I am entitled to misuse my authority at no consequence.

Just an example of entitlements. We all know we can't mention these things in public. God forbid. We might not be considered "Christian". Oops, forgot, the modern day blacks are changing to Muslim, so we are all going to hell anyway.

If we just survey our cities with the highest crime rates, it is so obvious that the population highest in crime is black. But again, it's a matter of entitlement.