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Jewish Ex-NASA Scientist Stewart Nozette Pleads Guilty To Attempted Espionage For Israel, Sentenced To 13 Years In Prison

On Wednesday September 7th, 2011, Stewart Nozette, a leading Jewish scientist who formerly worked for the National Atmospheric and Space Administration (NASA), pleaded guilty to one count of attempted espionage for Israel, admitting he tried to provide Israel with information about satellites, early warning systems, retaliation strategies, communications intelligence information and major elements of defence strategy. In exchange for his plea, three additional counts of attempted espionage were dropped. As a result of this plea plus an earlier plea of guilty on charges of fraud and tax evasion, he was sentenced to 13 years in prison, receiving credit for time already served since his arrest in 2009. Primary media stories from the Daily Mail and the Washington Post.

During his career, Nozette worked for the United States Department of Energy, the United States Department of Defense, and NASA. He held high level security clearances and worked on sensitive United States nuclear and satellite programs. He also held a Q clearance, top secret clearance, and was read into multiple special access programs. But he got into financial trouble; during the period 2000 through 2006, Nozette overbilled the government $265,000 through his consulting company, a nonprofit corporation called the Alliance for Competitive Technology, and used the money to pay credit-card bills, maintain his swimming pool and cover the cost of sedan service. This triggered an investigation into his finances, and furing a 2007 search of his home on the contracting case, investigators discovered classified materials and an e-mail in which Nozette threatened to take a program he was working on to a foreign country or Israel, although it was not revealed to whom the e-mail was sent. He was arrested and pleaded guilty to fraud and tax evasion, but his admission was sealed in court in January 2009 and sentencing was held off as Nozette agreed to help investigators expose other government corruption. He was released from custody at that point.

Note that Nozette said "a foreign country OR Israel", not "a foreign country LIKE Israel". This implies that in his mind, Israel was not a foreign country. Wikipedia provides a possible explanation; they note that Nozette told his eventual espionage contact that his parents were Jewish, and therefore claimed a right to return under Israel's Law of Return.

Once the government learned that Nozette was interested in transmitting classfied information to a third country, an FBI agent was tasked to assume the guise of a Mossad agent. The undercover FBI agent approached Nozette, and secured his agreement to cooperate, setting up a post office box. In exchange for Nozette's secrets, Nozette would get money and an Israeli passport. Nozette took two payments - one for $2,000, the other for $9,000 - in September 2009 in exchange for answers to questions about U.S. satellites. Nozette was subsequently recorded on tape saying he should get paid at least $1 million.

On October 19th, 2009, Nozette was arrested again, this time for attempted espionage. An October 2009 ABC News report provides many more interesting details about the circumstances surrounding the arrest, to include the fact that Nozette was moonlighting as a consultant for an Israeli aerospace company from 1998 to 2008, and received regular payments from the company totaling approximately $225,000. It appears the government of Israel was never formally involved in this case at any point.

Links to some of the court documents through 2009 are accessible HERE. Some comments posted to the media sites indicate people are wising up to Israel (after the jump):

rasterfreeart1 9/8/2011 1:10:02 PM (Washington Post):
The traitor Nozette's motive is obvious. It is called Zionism.

Even the article states "During a 2007 search of his home on the contracting case, officers discovered classified materials and an e-mail in which Nozette threatened to take a program he was working on to a foreign country “or Israel,” court records show."

Note the last sentence " a foreign country "or Israel,". In this traitor's mind he doesn't even see Israel as a foreign country. If he had he would have phrased it "a foreign country such as Israel" or "a foreign country like Israel".

Religious freedom in America is guaranteed and I don't think anyone would take issue if someone wanted to take a vacation somewhere overseas even in a virtual combat zone like Israel.

However, when a person is entrusted with matters that affect US national security and refuses to see that Israel is a foreign entity with its own self-serving interests then that is a very serious problem. It's irrelevant that the FBI was merely posing as Mossad. In Nozette's mind he firmly believed he was dealing with Israeli agent and was willing to betray America specifically to Israel.

No one can excuse any of this. No one can say Israel is a "friend" so it is OK.

Nope. Israel is not a friend.

Thankfully there are still American patriots at the FBI and they handled this case and not some other zionist infested government body like the appalling Congress or effete State Department.

jnrentz 9/9/2011 6:07:30 AM (Washington Post):
While it may not apply in this case, this is another reason to eliminate Dual Citizenship.

One cannot be loyal to two countries at the same time.

snakemeister, Birmingham-America, 09/9/2011 14:07 (Daily Mail):
Boy! With allies like Israel who needs enemies? Notice how Israel's spying on the US is played down.

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