Sunday, September 04, 2011

How Multiculturalism Has Changed France: Multiculturalism Isn't About Diversity, It's About Race Replacement

From this Stormfront post. Two pictures are worth 2,000 words. See how the French National soccer team has changed over 50 years.

Multiculturalism. It's not about diversity -- it's about RACE REPLACEMENT. But guess what? Someone actually benefits from multiculturalism. Canadian White racialist Terry Tremaine tells us who and why:

1. The Jews know that the White race is their only serious obstacle to the Talmudic dream of a one-world state under their control. They seek the displacement, marginalization, and eventual extinction of the White race.

2. In a divided land the most cohesive group will rule. Jews have a high level of racial solidarity.

3. By importing into our lands elements that are racially incompatible with Whites, the Jews hope for the class and racial divisions which will result in social chaos. This will contribute to their overall plan of divide-and-rule.

4. By reducing the White population to a minority the Jews will be able to control and/or eliminate all collective forces not aligned with their own.

5. Multiculturalism destroys a sense of National Community among Whites. It makes difficult, if not impossible, the possibility of finding living space where Whites can live, work, play, and mate among our own kind. Clubs, societies, professional associations, labor unions, schools, hospitals, etc must all, by force of law, be 'inclusive'. They must all be made multiracial. The effect of this is that it destroys our White National Community. Jews are aware of this, which is precisely why they promote it. As it says in The Protocols: "In all corners of the earth the words 'Liberty, Equality, Fraternity,' brought to our ranks, thanks to our blind agents, whole legions who bore our banners with enthusiasm. And all the time these words were canker-worms at work boring into the well-being of the GOYIM [non-Jews], putting an end everywhere to peace, quiet, solidarity and destroying all the foundations of the GOYA [non-Jew] States".

Protocol 1, paragraph 26. The Protocols of Zion


Sid said...

I went to the NS Acumen of the Old Guard Blog for the first time and noticed that it was pretty objective and wasn't attacking other pro-White groups - just bad leaders and their tactics. Perhaps the day of outdoor rallies are finished the more you think about it. How many people did the NSM sign up at their outside rally? Probably zero because no one could hear them from the noise and get close to them. The ANP signed up people because of their indoor one-on-one rallies and because they get invited to high schools to speak whereof the NSM, NSALP, and ANSP don't.

Congratulations to the ANP for success.

Anonymous said...

12:43AM is snorting some real good stuff if he-she(might be a he-she since the ANP's homosexual policy) missed all the attacks on Bowles blog.

What 12:43 didnt say was at the last ANP "indoor" Rally, only 5 to 7 people showed. The claim that "4" new recruits were signed up is vague and something accounted for a dramatic drop in attendance from 2010,the ANP posted photos of 2010, but nothing of 2011. The ANSP, NSM and NSALP recruit 4, if not more every week. The NSALP annouces their new recruits on the radio show and in their newsletter and they just did a 8-State Flier Drop. The NSM just had 75 people in Wisconsin, and while the NSALP did not join the NSM Rally, Wi, Mi,Il and Mi NSALP members showed up.
The ANSP has developed a high profile web presence. Interestingly, these 3 NS groups co-exist and while having philosophical differences have not been throwing mud at each other. The ANP has been attacking all other WN and NS groups, especially when one of them does something or is groing. WHY?

Anonymous said...

Excellent article. Funny how the Protocols are dismissed as a "forgery" by the jews, yet, amazingly, so much from them has come true!

Those photos of the French soccer teams were disgusting. Sadly, most other "European" national teams are "multi-colored". Not all to the extreme that France is, but there are very few European national soccer teams with all European players.

Diversity just means the fewer Whites the better, and eventually, none at all.

Sally said...

A.A. Didn't you already respond previously to the lie that the ANP had only 5-7 people at their last rally? This same person must not be able to think up any additional lies than that one apparently. haha Also, how does this certain writer know that those other groups sign up those numbers every week? He must have ESP or is a fed obtaining that info from the other feds in those organizations! Hmm!

And the things about throwing mud at each other. haha They do that behind the scenes in their forums and secret chat-rooms. Schoep and Mullet are the worst mud-throwers.

Anchorage Activist said...

Sally - I did indeed refute that misstatement. Based upon the descriptions provided by Dan Schruender and Rocky Suhayda, I'd say there were at least 15 people at the indoor rally, and that might be a conservative estimate.

Anonymous said...

A.A. There were 7 ANP people in Laurens in July. Rocky was late and by the time he arrived 2 had left. There is a reason why this year the ANP has NOT posted any video, no pictures and and still have the 2010 pic up. By the way A.A. This is first hand info from a ANP Supporter who said he "wasted his money to tavel there" and has since left the ANP. This is true, his Blog is no longer linked on the ANP web site.

A.A., you ned not spin like the Jew.

The fact is the ANSP, NSM and NSALP, ned not attack fellow WN & NS or eachother to do the work of the cause and they ned not compromise core principles like "moderation regarding homosexuality, and their numbers grow 4 and 5 tims that of the false front ANP.