Saturday, September 03, 2011

An Estimated 75 White Racialist Activists Show Up At National Socialist Movement's "In Defense Of White America" Rally In West Allis, Wisconsin

Update: Later reports from WTMJ Channel 4 indicate a total of 75 White activists were present, so I've changed the post title to reflect it. There's also a video of Jeff Schoep's speech embedded HERE.

The first media reports on the National Socialist Movement's "In Defense Of White America" rally in West Allis, Wisconsin are beginning to filter in. First, WISN Channel 12 has a short report with some poor-quality photos HERE; rain showers were passing though the area, which inhibited the quality of the photos. WITI Channel 6 has a bigger and better collection of photos HERE.

A more substantive report has been published by the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. They report that two separate groups of White activists showed up. The main group of the NSM was located in the plaza adjacent to the West Allis City Hall and was separated from the estimated 1,000 counter-protesters by metal barricades and a contingent of riot police; over 130 law enforcement officers from seven different agencies were present. The NSM showed up with American and Wisconsin flags, a Confederate battle flag, and a flag emblazoned with "white pride world wide." There was a banner emblazoned with "justice for white victims" and another saying "prosecute black hate," references to whites beaten by black youths on the first night of the Wisconsin State Fair in West Allis. After wrapping it up about 3:30 P.M, they were then ferried away in a yellow school bus. WITI news video embedded below:


And here's a video filmed from within the crowd of antis that provides some perspective, if little else:

WUWM 89.7 provides more specific information about the NSM's remarks at the rally. Jeff Schoep told the crowd that victims of the State Fair mob attack invited his group to West Allis to stand up for white people. Schoep said “We’re here on the streets of Wisconsin in defense of white people. We’re on the streets of Detroit, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Chicago, every city across the land the National Socialist Movement and our allies are there.” Schoep also defended the use of the swastika, saying “There’s nothing hateful or racist about our message. The swastika is a symbol of white pride. The swastika goes back many generations and that is our symbol. It is a white symbol.”

However, there was also a separate group of at least 20 additional White activists standing across the street closer to the antis, chanting and trading insults with them. Quickly more than two dozen police in riot gear surrounded them, with night sticks at the ready, to prevent any physical confrontations. One of the Whites, wearing a T-shirt with a "racist" message, identified himself as Jason Sobczak, 34, of Oconomowoc, who wanted Black youths involved in the State Fair attacks prosecuted for hate crimes. "We should be treated as equals," he said, adding that counter-protesters asking for peace were missing the point. It has not yet been reported whether any of the second group have a formal group affiliation.

Police say there were five arrests; two on weapons charges and three people accused of disorderly conduct. They did not say from which side the arrests came.

A couple of days prior to the rally, NSM Commander Jeff Schoep discussed the objectives, and insisted it wasn't about hate. "It's not that we hate, dislike or disrespect black people or any other race," Schoep told WTMJ's John Mercure. "Our concern and focus is on white people...Our goal is to have a white homeland. A nation of our own. This is what we stand for." Schoep also criticized the Jewish religion, saying "The Jews have done terrible things to governments and undermined cultures and societies wherever they've gone," A podcast of that interview is available HERE.

The NSM also held an impromptu press conference on Friday September 2nd, prominently featuring Jeff Schoep and his local organizer, Harriet. A Black man showed up to weigh in, triggering a peaceful verbal exchange:

More information and links later as they become available.


Anonymous said...

The nigger who interupted Schoep's press conference was a plant, designed to and hoping to provoke the "evil Nazis" into attacking the helpless ape, who was quite large, looked to be a silver back.

The problem is, Jeff won the point, niggers have to police their own, but we know they won't, it is our fault they do what they do.

Every news story had clips of unintelligent NSM members making stupid statemnts, off topic and they looked like gutter trash. The number of police there was also twice the number of NSM and the counter protestors were 2 to 3 times more. The NSM has not broken 100 in a long time, but they are doing far better than the ANP, even with the addition of homosexuals to the ANP.

The NSM needed to go into this well prepared and on a single topic and make sure ONLY certain members spoke to the media and only a single topic was driven home.

The NSM did muche better this time, BUT they remain a drunken street gang that average White Americans will not trust to even call on to change their tire.

The NSM has got to understand that any news is not good news. DO NOT announce yourselves well in advance and allow the story to be written before the event and allow your enemies to take the field before you arrive.

Anonymous said...

Once again the NSM had to have police protection to guard them and had their speeches drowned out by the counter-demonstrators and talked like trailer-gutter trash to the media (duh, um, geez). The ANP rally in South Carolina last month didn't need police protection, or have trouble with counter demonstrators, or seeking publicity looking like clowns. I think the ANP tactics deserve applause while the NSM needs to bring something better to the table than a freak-show.

Tommy said...

If Jeff Schoep believes its important for Black people to police their own communities than why doesn't he do that too? Hypocrite!

Anonymous said...

"75"!?! WTF I don't care what the jews-media babbles, I have eyes and I can count. Looking at all the video's, I SAW about 20-25 assorted people in the cage, not "75". And they weren't all nsm members, hell the main interviewee was Art Jones of America First from Chicago. It was another pathetic media circus. When will White organizations realize that they would get much better coverage if they simply held a "White Peoples Rally" dressing neatly and having ONLY intelligent well-spoken speakers at the podium? Jeff Schoep seems to think that National Socialism is "White Civil Rights" - it ISN'T. Its so much MORE. Of course, he obviously has little grasp of WHAT NS IS, so what do you expect. So what did you have? A couple dozen assorted costumed clowns, from varous clublets and independants who held a media circus, basically cementing in the peoples minds that NS is just what they enemy says it is - a motly clusterfuck of unorganized, undiciplined losers yelling and screaming. We of the White Movement might be desperate to see some positive progress in our efforts, but "wishful thinking" per inflating figures is only fooling ourselves. Until we the movement start acting and looking normal, we will marginalize ourselves by our own behavior.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. John Taylor Bowles on his blog has not disappointed. He has trashed this event, stated there was not 75 there, but of course never reveals the pathetic single digit turn out at ANP events. He trashes Jeff Schoep's wife, then in closing, of course trahes other NS groups.
Taylor has become just a mean old queen in his moo-moo and slippers.

Anonymous said...

It is true that Jeff has absolutely NO idea what National Socialism is from a political, economic and social point of view. He did a interview for a Leftist Socialist Podcase and was asked detailed questions on issues and was like a deer in headlights. The same goes for Suyahda. These clowns are wrapped up with symbols and getting $20 bucks praying on our Folks dreams and uneducated impulses.