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Comanche Activist David Yeagley Sues Daryl Lamont Jenkins And Jeffrey Imm For Sabotaging The 2010 American Renaissance Conference

American Renaissance reports that Comanche Indian activist David Yeagley, who has attended American Renaissance conferences in the past and who maintains good relations with White race realists like Jared Taylor, has filed suit in Oklahoma state court against Daryl Lamont Jenkins and Jeffrey Imm and several other “John Doe” defendants whose names will be added to the suit as their identities become known. The suit centers around the fact that the American Renaissance conference planned for February 2010 had to be cancelled because three successive hotels that had agreed to host the conference were intimidated by anti-fascist thugs, and both Jenkins and Imm played a public and prominent role in pressuring the hotels to cancel. Yeagley has retained Joe Sibley of the Houston, Texas, firm of Camara and Sibley as lead counsel in the case.

You can read about the travails of the 2010 AR Conference in this series of posts. In June 2010, Occidental Dissent editor Hunter Wallace and another White activist obtained some measure of revenge when they disrupted an event held by Jeffrey Imm in Washington, D.C; although the effect was primarily cosmetic, it did show we weren't completely toothless.

According to Dr. Yeagley’s complaint:

These Defendants and their co-conspirators contacted hotels retained to host Plaintiff’s speaking engagement and used threats of murder, violence, and other tactics to induce those hotels to breach their contractual agreement to host Plaintiff’s speaking engagement. These terrorists must now be brought to answer for their actions … .

David Yeagley is seeking unspecified monetary damages for the harm he suffered because of the cancellation, in addition to unlimited punitive damages and such other and further relief as the court deems just and proper. Dr. Yeagley, who is the great-great-grandson of the legendary Comanche chief Bad Eagle, believes it is his cultural and traditional duty to defend his nation; he considers America his adopted nation, and says it's an honor to defend her freedoms. You can learn more about Dr. Yeagley's life and work on BadEagle.com.

Since Dr. Yeagley is not a wealthy man, any financial contributions towards this legal fight he receives will be appreciated. Send your contributions to:

Bad Eagle Foundation
PO Box 75017
Oklahoma City, OK 73147

Reaction: Stormfront and Original Dissent and VNN Forum express support for Dr. Yeagley, although one of the Stormfront posters wonders why Jared Taylor hasn't joined in the suit.

Neither Daryle Lamont Jenkins nor Jeffrey Imm have responded publicly for the record on their respective websites. However, Jenkins did publish the following post on Mootstormfront, writing "I will not comment on this just yet. This will be my only post on the matter on this board for now. I will just say that it doesn't have much merit". But earlier in the same thread, antifa begin to mount a low-level smear campaign against Dr. Yeagley, accusing him of being a nuisance serial litigator and questioning whether he is a "real" Indian. Dr. Yeagley addresses the latter issue in comment #41 on American Renaissance:

41 — David Yeagley wrote at 7:55 PM on September 5:
By the say, among my personal opponents are Al Carroll and Brent M. Davids, both of whom I’m suing in a private “libel/slander” suit. Among their many offenses is the fact that Carroll created “DavidYeagley.org,” and Brent Davids created “BadEagle.org.” The internet, of course, was the perfect opportunity for them, and the cadre they creating around them. Amazon.com and Google, of course, cooperated fully with them. I own the trademark to both names.

I would also add that they were foremost in spreading the libel that I am not the son of my own mother, and that I was adopted. This choice piece of libel was created one month after my mother died (April 9, 2005). It has grown into the illusion of internet “fact,” when it is utterly false. It was designed to discredit me, obviously. I have every historical record possible to demonstrate that I am a Comanche Indian, son of my Comanche mother, etc., all the way to Bad Eagle (quin-ne kish-su-it). It is not a factual issue.

This is a separate issue, certainly, and if any such accusation comes up in this suit against the Communists, I shall be happy to add them to my libel suit. No problem.

The Left doesn’t want a warrior Indian to be an American patriot. They want a professional, crying protester, an anti-American, and a violent street thug. Remember AIM? And so I live with these false accusations, temporarily.

Some White racialists might be wondering why an American Indian activist would be allying himself with us. Dr. Yeagley also explains that issue in comment #40:

40 — David Yeagley wrote at 7:46 PM on September 5:
...As an Indian, who professes to believe in the positive elements of American history, I feel I must pursue this case. I have always professed that the American Indian role in modern America could be found by recovering the original role—the host, the guide, the “savior” to the newly arrived white man. This is the mythic role played by the Indians when the Pilgrims first arrived. Remember? Only in this kind of role can the now tiny minority Indian find a meaningful place in modern America. The Indian must again to the right thing. Right is his only power, now. He has no other hope. I do this thing, I confront these anti-American fascists, not only for the White man, but for the Indian.

I consider it a very great honor, a supreme honor with quintessential meaning, to do this thing. In honoring the White Man, I also honor the Indian...

I do appreciate the fact that Dr. Yeagley unashamedly uses the term American Indian rather than the bogus term Native American. Everybody who's born in the United States is a "native American".

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Anonymous said...

Interesting that it took an "Injun" to take the communist bastards to court and dish some of their crap back at them. Now they will have to spend $$ on legal fees and give depositions about their conduct. Mean while Taylor and whites just blog and bitch and raise money of course so they don't have to get a job.