Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Christian Identity Pastor Eli James Denies Allegations That He Is A Jew, Recently Interviewed Cyndi Steele On Talkshoe

Pastor Eli James at NSM rally (wearing white shirt)
On September 9th, 2011, I tuned into the Yahweh's Covenant People Talkshoe radio program hosted by Christian Identity Pastor Eli James. During this program, he interviewed Cyndi Steele, the wife of political prisoner Edgar Steele, allowing her ample time to tell her story. Cyndi Steele remains absolutely committed to the notion that Edgar is innocent of the charges upon which he was convicted; the audio of the 65-minute interview is embedded below:

Yet Eli James has many detractors who not only claim that James used the name "Joseph November", but also claim that James is a Jew. Among the most prominent critics are Pastor Martin Lindstedt and Zogbots. Another pastor, Clifton A. Emahiser, alleges that James used the pseudonym Joseph November but does not accuse him of being a Jew; he severed communion with Pastor James on January 27th, 2011 over doctrinal issues. There's an entire Christogenea thread where e-mail exchanges between Victor Switzer, Bryan Reo, and Eli James are documented; the thrust is that his detractors accuse James of "universalism", meaning that salvation would be extended to non-Whites.

In November 2010, Eli James' response to the allegations was published on the Christian Identity Forum. Here's the pertinent part:

One of ZOG’s favorite tactics against True Israel is to prop up phony pastors.   They usually come out of the prison system.   I have had much personal experience with the subversives among us, as I have related in this earlier article, posted on my website: http://anglo-saxonisrael.com/site/node/111 The most common tactic of the subversive is false accusations, made publicly, in order to discredit the true servants.

What these impostors never realize is that disobeying Yahweh’s laws immediately disqualifies them from being a part of our congregation.  It may be easy to fool White nationalists, but CI is hard to impersonate.

Numerous people have called me a Jew or a mamzer or worse, but none of them have been able to prove any of their charges against me.  Those who know me personally know that I do my best to be a guileless Israelite.  I do not claim to be perfect, but neither do I actively go out to make trouble for others.   Sadly, we have another impersonator trying to weasel his way in, but his behavior has exposed him as an impostor.

In this Christogenea thread, DaveUK denies that Eli James is a Jew:

daveUK » Sat Feb 05, 2011 5:42 pm:
...Eli may be hopelessly wide of the mark theologically this time around but as a human being and a Christian brother he does not deserve to be branded a jew. How terribly sad that is. Far better to have done as we did back in 2008 when Eli stated that Jesus was not Yahweh. We walked away. Shocked and even a little heart broken, but we quietly walked away from him for a time...

Another Christian Identity Pastor, Jeromy Visser, also denies that Eli James is a Jew:

PastorVisser » Wed Oct 14, 2009 1:23 pm:

I’ve had fellowship and dined with Pastor Eli James and can assure you that he’s no jew.

In peace,
Pastor Visser

In the same thread, Pastor William Finck provides a plausible explanation why Pastor James may have used the name Joseph November:

wmfinck » Tue Sep 29, 2009 11:20 pm:
First, Eli's actions should stand for themselves. A lot of people in Identity do not like Eli. Yet I have found that, even if Eli does not agree with me on certain issues, he has been consistent with me for five years, and he is obviously not afraid to listen, and to hear and discuss opposing opinions week after week on his own programs, where indeed we often have had such discussions. I admire Eli for that. Many Identity pastors can not bear to have their positions on any topic countenanced. Eli has been consistent, and he should be judged by the work that he has done - again rather consistently - for these past several years, in my opinion. Our programs have been about little but sound Biblical Two-Seedline Christian Identity scholarship, and Eli has never had any other agenda at all but to investigate and present the matters of Scripture.

Yes it is true that Eli uses an alias on his caller id. I am not alarmed by that. His name has often been in the news, on the ADL websites, and the man still has to make a living - unlike Jim Wickstrom who has not had to work for a living for quite a few years. Wickstrom lives in a glass house, and he is certainly in no position to throw stones, having many questions about his own past - and even his present - that he could be asked to explain. I also know that Wickstrom had no enmity towards Eli before the Kathy Kallstrom affair, where Eli joined the congregation in Michigan which censured Jim for that.

Since this post, Pastor Finck also severed communion with Eli James over doctrinal issues, announcing it in January 2011. But even then, Finck does not accuse James of being a Jew.

Update September 15th: Pastor Finck appended a comment to this post which should be re-published here so that all can read his most current position on this issue:

While I did defend Eli, I have since found out that he lied about his name. He had told me that Joseph November was an alias. Now I know that is his real name, at least on public records, and Eli James is an alias. Eli also insists upon leaving the door to "salvation" open to not only the other races, but even to the Canaanites. So therefore we have necessarily split, because of these issues, and because of Eli's academic dishonesty, all of which I have explained on Christogenea.org. Also, while I do not generally advertise it, Zogbots is also a project of mine, one of several sites I have where I post things that I must say, but that do not belong on Christogenea since I do not wish to soil my academic work with infighting and political bullshit. Lithobolos.net is mine also, and there are others.

If none of this is enough to convince you that Eli James is not a Jew, consider this. At the September 3rd NSM rally in West Allis, who was standing behind Jeff Schoep during his speech? Why, none other than Pastor Eli James (in the white shirt). You think the Commander of the NSM would invite a Jew to stand with the NSM at a public rally? Not!

Whether Eli James is a universalist or a revisionist can best be decided within the Christian Identity community. But the evidence that he's NOT a Jew is persuasive.


Anonymous said...

Jeff Schoep had DAVID PLUSSMAN "standing behind him" often, as a top nsm officer - and he's an admitted JEW! MIKE BLEVINS - sure LOOKED like a JEW. Schoep also has stood with DEVIL WORSHIPERS - CLIFF HERRINGTON. SEX OFFENDERS - JON SNYDER. And ZOG-PROVOCATURES - like HAL TURNER. Schoep is hardly the litmus test when it comes to authenticity.

Anonymous said...

"You think the Commander of the NSM would invite a Jew to stand with the NSM at a public rally? Not!"

Schoep's "association" with Cliff Herrington and the disgusting "Joy of Satan" cult is well known. One of his "state leaders" (Snyder) is a sex offender. Everyone knows by now about the "Kommanders" mulatto step-daughter. Schoep's own behavior and personal misdeeds are also well known.

So no, it would not surprise me if Schoep had a jew standing with the NSM at a public rally.

Anonymous said...

Dear AA.:

Could you please verify the facts BEFORE you publish them?

1) Pastor Finck has disowned "Eli James" as a Jew and an agent-provocateur. In fact, it was Pastor Finck who exposed this creature online:


You can contact him yourself, he will tell you that.

2)"Pastor Visser" himself is a very well known informant and a suspected half-Jew.

3)Commander Schoep invited him to his Rally? So what? "Eli" was able to fool a lot of well meaning White activists within last 35 years, I am afraid you are one of them.

4) Has anyone noticed how in his most recent pathetic response on this forum "Eli" continued to mumble about "hit lists" and other nonsense like that? However, he did not even bother to address the accusations of theft and pedophilia against him.

5) Also, "Eli's" real name is Jozef Puts, which is very Jewish. Plus, he looks like a Jew to everybody, sorry to say that!

AA., you are a good honest man, there is no doubt that you are. But please, choose your allies wisely.

Anchorage Activist said...

Actually, I'm not proposing to make Eli James an "ally". But I was impressed by the fact that he was willing to give air time to Cyndi Steele, and I found considerable anecdotal evidence that he is not a Jew.

I can understand why some in the CI community have doctrinal issues with him, though. He clearly pushes some theology that differs from mainstream CI theology. But I'll leave that to the various CI pastors to discuss. I'm wondering if Eli James' long term goal is to mainstream CI the same way that David Duke has sought to mainstream white nationalism.

Anonymous said...

If Schoep doesn't mind his new wife had a previous mulatto kid than why would he mind if Eli was a JEW?

Anonymous said...

Seems Jeff Schoep lets anyone get up to the NMSM podium to speak no matter about their credibility.

William Finck said...

While I did defend Eli, I have since found out that he lied about his name. He had told me that oseph November was an alias. Now I know that is his real name, at least on public records, and Eli James is an alias. Eli also insists upon leaving the door to "salvation" open to not only the other races, but even to the Canaanites. So therefore we have necessarily split, because of these issues, and because of Eli's academic dishonesty, all of which I have explained on Christogenea.org. Also, while I do not generally advertise it, Zogbots is also a project of mine, one of several sites I have where I post things that I must say, but that do not belong on Christogenea since I do not wish to soil my academic work with infighting and political bullshit. Lithobolos.net is mine also, and there are others.

Anchorage Activist said...

William Finck: I have re-published your comment onto the main post so all can read your most current position on the issue.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes white separatists become their own worst enemies by engaging in infighting. That is exactly what the enemies of our people want. Divided we fall. Many comments in this thread are character assassinations intended to destroy the credibility of those working hard for the existence of our people. Beware.

I grew up in West Allis where the rally was held so I know the issues that Jeff Schoep addressed in his speech. He did nothing but speak the truth. Rather than bash Jeff with baseless accusations, I challenge his detractors to show exactly where in his speech he failed whites. You can't, so I rest my case.

What Jeff did that day took lots of courage, especially considering that he had 2,000 liberal whack jobs screaming in his face threatening him with potential violence. The chance for him sustaining serious injury that day was very real, but he bravely spoke out anyways.

Jeff is an honest and decent man. Period. Anyone who openly bashes him, openly bashes my people.

Steve Elder said...

Lindstedt is no pastor, he is a mental ward inmate who was put there for raping his own grandson.. he is a crazy and should not be mentioned as a credible source for anything


Pastor Eli James is a white man and an ardent CI man and WNist. I am saddened that Emahiser has chosen to be so divisive. Finck is in grave error as well for this, and for some huge false teachings/personal fantasies regarding scripture

William Finck said...

Funny how Steve Elder (Commander McBragg, SonoftheMist) attacks me but does not offer any specifics. The man is upset because I burst his bubble where he believes that he is better than most of his brethren, insisting that he is one of the "144,000". Elder, you are laughable. If you have issues, specify them rather than making ad hominem attacks. That is what jews and other divisive idiots do.

wmfinck said...

Elder will never debate me head-on on Scripture, he only makes smart-assed remarks from out of the crowd, like a typical coward.

Anchorage Activist, thank you for posting my remarks here.

Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.

Eli James is a universalist. That is not an attack, it is simply the truth.

Hear it for yourself, from nothing but his own words:


I did not make the video. The audio of Eli is from a podcast he did with Smith which is found (for now) on the front page at http://iamthewitness.com

I will host a copy of it if or when it disappears.

Thanks again,

Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt said...

William Finck is an Ashkenazi Jersey City jewboy that used to be a pig. Now it part of 'Wikipedia-Talksjew' Christian Identity and wants to bring in its own pack of mamzers, like Bryan Reo.

Finck's first profession was as a Jersey City pig. Finck's second profession was as a jailbird locked up in AdSeg for murdering a prisoner as a Jersey City pig. Now Finck is a jew agent provocateur -- a ZOGbot -- to use a term I coined.

Pretty much everyone knows about Rabbi Finckelsheenie. The ones who know but don't care are invariably mamzers, like Bryan Reo.

Commandork McFagg/Steve Elder is a Tubal-kenite Pictish jew mamzer associated with the Chicago Sephardic jew Eli James/jewseph Kutz-November. Rabbi Finck-el-sheenie as a purer Ashkenazi/Khazar/Hittite kike looks down on the sephardic jews like Eli James and the distant mamzer jews like the Pictish jew mamzer McFagg/Steve Elder, who has its squaw working for the Washington state government while McFagg is a hard-core welfare kike. Also McFagg is delusional, while Finckelsheenie is simply a sociopathic jew criminal.

Finck is the Ashkenazi version vs. the sephardic jew version of above-ground 'Wikipedia-Talksjew CI.' 99.999% of the DSCI church is Aryan and underground and views these jews and wandering mamzers with disdain.

Hail Victory!!!

Pastor Martin LD Lindstedt CJCC/AN

For more history of Finck-el-sheenie see:


Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt said...

From: http://adrenarch.bravejournal.com/


Self styled Christian Identity pastor, Greek expert, Theologian and Biblical essayist William (AKA Bill) Finck has claimed that he was a supervisor at a state prison facility at the time of an attack which left a prison inmate dead. The Ledger points out that it was in fact a county jail.

He has consistently told people he was 'doing paperwork' at the time and wasn't aware until later that guards under his direct supervision were involved in an altercation with a prisoner. He claimed his sentence should have only been 17 months, but on a technicality the judge was able to pass sentence outside the sentencing guidelines. In fact, he took a plea to reduce his sentence by pleading guilty, a gamble which subsequently backfired meaning he would then spend approximately 12 years behind bars for a 'Civil Rights' violation.

He claims he was an innocent victim of circumstance but the evidence shows he was neither innocent nor victim. In fact his whole story regarding his imprisonment as well as the story surrounding the case is a tissue of lies, contrived to conceal his true nature and to fool his now dwindling number of unsuspecting followers.

He was, and remains, an impenitent and unrepentant murderer, sociopath and a violent and pathological liar. He was not as he claims trying to cover for his colleagues, but was instead himself guilty of the senseless, bloody and brutal cold blooded murder of a prison inmate. As it was then reported in the media, he and his cohorts escaped a state murder indictment on a technicality and instead copped a plea for violation of the inmates civil right's. It has been widely suspected and opined that he is one of a large and growing number of well placed and well coordinated people working for the FBI as an insider from within the white nationalist and Christian Identity movement since his release.

He now claims to make his living from IT, but it appears to be nothing more than sub-domain or 3rd level web hosting and web design using off the shelf templates. It is possible that his principle income is augmented by being on the FBI payroll as was former radio show host and fellow New Yorker Hal Turner. Finck similarly runs a hate filled podcast on the Teamspeak and Talkshoe networks, one of which he co-hosts with a peculiarly mixed race neo fascist named Brian Reo from Ohio.

In addition to his numerous web sites under the Christogenea banner which includes a virulently hate filled forum and web log, he runs a site called Zogbots.org in which he slanders and defames anyone who disagrees with his biblical interpretations. His recent victims even seem to include fellow Christian Identity pastors such as Eli James from Chicago Illinois, who has now apparently joined the ranks of such absurd characters as Martin Lindstedt and an individual known as Russell Walker, all of whom have apparently fallen foul of the gospel according to William Finck at some point in time

What now follows is a more accurate and reliable account of this animal and the part he, and his colleagues played in the murder of 27 year-old Arnaldo Ortega in 1989.

Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt said...

Star-Ledger, The (Newark, NJ)

Prison term for guards caps quest for justice

Published: October 25, 1996

He was only 27 years old when he was brought to the old Hudson County Jail in Jersey City to await trial on a minor burglary charge.

But for Arnaldo Ortega, it was to become a sentence of death.

In the early morning hours of March 9, 1989, Ortega asked for headache medication. In response, he was dragged from his cell and subjected to a series of unprovoked beatings that left him bleeding, broken and pleading for help. Two days later, after slipping in and out of consciousness and calling for his mother, Ortega died from his injuries.

Yesterday, after a protracted journey through the criminal justice system, the two jail guards responsible for the fatal beating got their own punishment in Newark federal court prison sentences of 14 and 15 years without parole. For the family of the victim, it was a moment of quiet satisfaction.

"I know he's not going to come back to us," said the victim's brother, Louis Ortega, "but wherever he is, he sees that he got justice, too."

Outside the courtroom, Magdalene Negron, the victim's mother, searched for the words to describe her feelings at the conclusion of the federal civil-rights case against the guards.

"I have waited for seven years for this justice," she said softly.

For the guards, David Dumers, 43, and William Finck cq, 35, who had been a sergeant at the time, the sentences mean that two men who so brutally abused their authority as prison officials will spend the next decade and a half as inmates themselves.

U.S. District Judge John Lifland ordered Dumers to serve 15 years and Finck imprisoned for 14 years.


Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt said...


Continued . . .

U.S. District Judge John Lifland ordered Dumers to serve 15 years and Finck imprisoned for 14 years.

A third prison guard, Thomas Murphy, 36, who pleaded guilty to failing to report the ongoing brutality, was sentenced to a far more lenient term of four months, although Lifland noted that if he had acted differently, "Mr. Ortega would be alive today."

Although both Dumers and Finck were sentenced for federal civil-rights violations, the judge branded the beating of Ortega a "cold-blooded" crime that amounted to second-degree murder, and said Finck's comments during the attack added an "unusual level of depravity to an already depraved situation."

Neither Dumers, white-haired and dressed in a rumpled gray suit, nor Finck, the bearded and bespectacled father of five, made any comment to the court.

Finck had pleaded guilty to the crime, while Dumers was convicted at trial.

As pieced together from court testimony and government documents, Ortega had been in the jail for approximately five weeks when he began complaining of a severe headache and was taken to the Jersey City Medical Center, where he was given a prescription pain killer.

Around midnight the following day, he asked a guard for his medication.

Ortega was beaten to death "because he had the temerity to request medical attention for a headache," Assistant U.S. Attorney Aidan O'Connor said in a report to the court.

According to O'Connor, the prison's deputy warden, Raymond Murray, told Finck to send corrections officers to handle the problem. (A federal jury deadlocked on civil rights charges against Murray in April.)

Dumers and Murphy, O'Connor said, then dragged Ortega out of his cell to an elevator.

"This elevator ride," O'Connor said, "signaled the beginning of the end for Mr. Ortega."

With his screams of "Don't beat me" echoing through the prison corridors, Ortega was brought to the basement. When the door opened, Ortega, still pleading, stumbled out and fell into a pile of mattresses.

At that point, Dumers smashed him in the head with his nightstick and brought him to the main receiving desk, where Finck ordered Ortega placed in the bullpen. Other guards subsequently told of hearing the sound of someone being struck, and Ortega, dressed only in a pair of shorts, was left shivering and beaten.

When Ortega complained of the cold and begged for a blanket, Finck allegedly responded: "No, let him freeze in there."

wmfinck said...

In his typically hypocritical fashion, Martin Samuelson Linstedt joins the long list of my false accusers. Marty, the glorious leader of "ten thousand warlords" could barely beat a mouse out of a twinkie.

"If a comrade of ours opens a Jewish newspaper (or a Marty Lindstedt blog) in the morning and does not find himself vilified there, then he has spent yesterday to no account." - Adolf Hitler

Where there is smoke, there is fire, and Lindstedt is a flamer. His mother's name, as he has often admitted, is Samuelson. That can easily be verified on Google. Marty claims it is Swedish, which is a lie. Anyone with half a brain can figure out that Samuelson is a jewish name. That is why Marty-poo hates CI and only seeks to discredit it.

Martina Samuelson, as it is reported in Neosho, has spent some time smearing her own feces on supermarket shelves. Marty too has a fascination with feces. That, along with Marty's amorous relationship with all things scatalogical, is enough to convince even the casual enquirer of Marty's true nature.

Marty did some time for (allegedly - ha) wrapping his lips around his grandson's penis. It is telling, that the blog he sites above is named "adrenarch". The word adrenarche describes a stage in the sexual maturation of pre-pubescent boys. Sounds just like something that Marty would be fascinated with. The leopard always shows its spots, and the jew his true nature.

Pastor Eli James said...

William finck is a liar. He established credibility on my shows for 2.5 years and then pulled his "extermination" theory on me, saying that all non-Whites will be exterminated by Yahweh because they are supposedly hybrids, not true races. Bill Finck has been unable to prove his assertion that Blacks and Mongolians are hybrids of the fallen angels. That assertion is unscientific and un-Scriptural, as I have abundantly proven. That is his sole basis for calling me a "universalist." I have NEVER stated that non-Whites can be "saved." I challenge Bill finck to locate a single statement where I say that. Bill Finck even edited a document in which my views on this subject are conveyed. See "Arsenal of Words" on my site. See also "Beast of the Field" on my website, www.anglo-saxonisrael.com I have admitted to using aliases on my radio show. The reason is very simple: I want to protect my family from harassment and assault from the likes of the ARA. Just ask Bill Finck about how the ARA disrupted our meeting in Binghampton NY, when they found out I was there to give a talk. Wouldn't they like to know where I live!!! Bill finck and my accusers are doing their level best to endanger my family. Yahweh will judge them for this. Martin Luther used an alias while he was hiding out from the Papacy. Jesus hid himself from the Jews on at least one occasion. I have every right to conceal my whereabouts from my enemies. I have never defrauded anyone, nor have I been convicted of any crimes. I am a law-abiding taxpayer, which is more than any of my critics can say.

Pastor Eli James

Anonymous said...

It is indeed painful to read of the infighting, the name calling, and the utter vulgarity of persons (such as Linstedt) who call themselves 'pastors,' of a school of theology that is called Christian Identity on this blog. I came over here from another site, and it was as if I had descended to the verbal equivalent of a Jerry Springer show (for those old enough to remember) in reading this one entry. And it sickens me.

While I cannot condone the lying facades of the professional poseurs in 'lamestream' churches, (whose salaries enable them to be polished 7/24, even as they are filled with 'dead men's bones'), neither can I condone such utterly un-Christian and clearly anti-Bibilical name calling as this one post has degenerated to, among those for whom I have referenced web sites, articles, and yes, even traded emails with one of them, some years back.

As an outsider looking in, I would wonder where and for what reason this infighting exists. Some persons clearly are void of the Spirit of God, even by a cursory look at their verbiage. One does show forth in one's writing, what is in one's soul, after all.

Others do not show forth the spirit of Christ in their faces, at least from pictures shown on the web. But for a pastor not to be dressed as professionally as he could be (i.e., collar and suit coat) when in a professional situation such as this 'rally' leads me to believe that Mr. James isn't really a pastor at all, but is USING the office of the clergy for some ulterior motive.

And that is a shame. Mr. Finck's columns certainly exhibit a first class mind, but if he is under no authority save his own, that is a dangerous thing. As a man with a Doctorate, I can tell you, pride is something an intelligent man wrestles with every day. Myself included.

I am often accused of being CI. I clearly note that my worldview (and how I present myself when in professional situations) is totally at odds, with what I have viewed here. And for that, I am thankful to Almighty God, I am NOT 'CI.'

- Fr. John+

Anonymous said...

As a Christian Identity insider, I can say that Lindstedt is a deviant aberration that has never been acknowledged as anything other than a joke and a sick one at that. Fr. John might be more concerned about the rampant pedophiles being representational of the Catholic church than one idiot trying to smear Christian Identity.

But, that is not to say that our movement is without those who have a propensity to be unchristian or at best blatant hypocrites. Case in point is the weak arguments being put forth by Eli James. Calling someone a liar and then proceeding to lie about him does not score many points to the casual observer who has been following this controversy for some time. By putting into question the credibility of William Finck after two and a half years on his internet radio show, belies the well known fact that Finck's credentials were established while he was in prison. I know, because I was reading his articles before Eli invited him to co-host the program. As one who listened to these shows, I was impressed with the scholarship and demeanor of Mr. Finck. In fact, he was becoming the star of the show and the reason people were tuning in.

Now if Eli wants to talk about credibility, and surely he knew about the NY Times (a jew rag) articles, which he is now using for the purposes character assassination, why, pray tell, did it take him 2 1/2 years to figure it out and launch a litany of ludicrous diatribes. If it were merely a matter of doctrinal differences, surely he had ample time in 2 1/2 years to make his objections known, but he never did. I know, because I listened to the shows.

He also makes the spurious allegation that Mr. Finck is analogous to Hal Turner, a big mouth on the internet circuit that turned out to be a paid FBI informant. I listened to his programs also and it became self evident that no one can go on the air and say the kind of things Turner was saying, without getting arrested or baiting would-be terrorists. Turner was a joke and he couldn't have recited Scripture if his life depended on it. There is simply no credible comparison and that is a reflection on the credibility of Eli James.

Eli also whines about his personal safety and security to justify an alias name. Anybody in Christian Identity can make common sense precautions to protect themselves. However, this kind of mindset for someone who wants to be leader should not be afraid of using their real name. It conveys a fear of jews rather than a fear of God. I am offended by the suggestion that jews have any power over us or to do harm to an obedient remnant of White Christians who put their trust and faith in God's protection. It is a sign of defeatism and a form of psychological warfare.

And finally Eli boasts that he's "A law-abiding taxpayer, which is more than any of my critics can say." Is being a taxpayer, a tax slave to ZOG, something to be proud of? Does this obedience to the antichrist jew determine one being "law-abiding?" Perhaps to the Talmudic laws of the land, but hardly in accord with God's Law. 'Ye cannot serve two masters." But, it seems Eli is trying to do just that.

Anonymous said...

Eli James is not a jew.

William Finck is a convicted unrepentant murderer.

Haters of CI come from many groups including white groups. However I rarely find, those that call themselves CI saying those white groups are anything more than misled, mistaken, and theologically ignorant.

William Finck does not represent CI anymore than a turtle represents a horse.

Liars are liars, and murderers are murderers. But theological debate does not merit the judgement nor comments from the depraved heart of either a liar or a murderer.

Folks, who is worse: a lying murderer, or a unprovable theological position?

I think you better start getting your direction from neither liars nor murderers.

Anonymous said...

I heard Eli James on a Talkshoe show talking about how Bill Finck was posting Eli's home address on his web site. If that is true that makes Bill Finck LOWER THAN A LIZARD'S BELLY for doing such a malicious and Jew like action...

Anonymous said...

Actually, Eli Jame's Talkshoe program posted Bill Fink's home address three times without censor BEFORE a website that is not owned and operated by Finck posted Joesph November's address from a public domain of Jame's/November's Publishing company that he himself listed. The point supposedly was to show his callous disregard for his own fictional alias and location. A clear case of hypocrisy and false accusations by a psuedo-CI "pastor"

Anonymous said...

I'm new to CI.

This infighting is disgusting.

It's not like we're in a centuries-old race war or anything.

Some people are very, very sad.

Thanks for the discouragement.

Germania Jim said...

I agree, this infighting lead me to believe that the only way to learn is by trusting in God and to heck with what men say. Not one is the true way. Not one. He, alone will lead my path and offer a light unto my feet. Not Finck, Not James and not Lindstedt. I will take a bit from each one that I find true but I wil not devot myself to any one philosophy.

isaiah14 said...

Pastor Eli James is no Jew. He doesn't act like one or talk like one. He is of the white race.

Anonymous said...

Martin Lindstedt- Your a bigger jew then Eli, your just a preacher to the dogs and we all know fallacies.

wmfinck said...

Why don't you all judge Eli James on his own words.
The Universalism of Eli James

John Mitchell said...

That "link" only shows how low Officer Finck will drop to frame a false argument on a better scholar than he is - I also suggest you listen to Warden Bill's hitpiece as it clearly shows Mr. Ficnk is the kike.

Anonymous said...

Bill Finck is a suspect cop who is no better than chomo Marty Lindstedt with his slander and violations of God's Law. All he's doing is showing he's NOT CI.