Sunday, September 25, 2011

CBS 60 Minutes Report On The National Socialist Movement Focused More On The Murder Of Jeff Hall

The segment on the National Socialist Movement (NSM) aired on the CBS program 60 Minutes on September 25th, 2011, and it actually focused more on the late Southwestern States leader Jeff Hall than on anyone else, although Jeff Schoep was interviewed. As expected, it was presented within the context of the so-called "subculture of hate" rather than as a legitimate nationalist response, and the media made sure they got their quota of "Sieg Heils" for effect. It could have been worse -- a lot worse; at least CBS noted that Jeff Hall became attracted to the NSM due to an extended period of unemployment caused by construction jobs drying up, as well as the visible effect of hordes of illegal aliens inundating Southern California. Video embedded below:

The report was the result of a combined effort by Jewish CBS correspondent Lesley Stahl and photojournalist Julie Platner, who had spent a year exploring the neo-Nazi movement. Anxious to show that national socialists were no different than other political activists, Jeff Hall invited Platner into his life. She observed Hall and his comrades at his home holding meetings and engaging in ordinary family activities. Platner clearly states that the NSM cadre showed respect for her and she never felt in danger at any time.

The entire written transcript is available, one page at a time HERE, or as one continuous page HERE (you can click Cancel to close the print window). It includes the Q & A with Jeff Schoep. Some of the other primary characters in the interview:

-- Joann Patterson, Jeff Hall's mother: Attended some of her son's meetings despite disagreement with his politics. She said she had a great time, and it looked like any barbecue in any backyard in America. She now has custody of four of Hall's kids because Hall's wife pled guilty to leaving a loaded gun in the house. She visits Hall's son, Joseph Hall, every week. Patterson says the kids are being raised as conservative Republicans and will not embrace national socialism. Since Joseph Hall had serious emotional problems, Patterson believes there's a chance he would have lashed out at his father even if his father hadn't been an NSM activist, because from the time Joseph was born, he showed no understanding of cause and effect.

-- Megan Hall, Jeff's sister: Said she hated her brother's politics, but had always seen him as a model father who would do anything for his kids. But as his period of unemployment became extended, the pressure caused him to start drinking more heavily, resulting in him occasionally lashing out at his wife and kids.

Other key persons referenced in the story included prosecutor Michael Soccio and Detective Greg Rowe, who actually saw Jeff Hall dead on the couch. He said Joseph, who was found hiding upstairs under his covers, described how he had gotten the family's Rossi 357 Magnum from his dad's closet, used his forefingers to cock the gun, and used two fingers to pull the trigger and shoot his father in the ear.

As a bonus, here's the video of "60 Minutes Overtime" in which Lesley Stahl discusses the background of the story in greater detail:

Additional reaction is documented on Stormfront and the Vanguard News Network Forum.


Anonymous said...

Why, OH WHY do WN allow the ENEMY into OUR HOMES, into OUR PRIVATE EVENTS, as if they were our friends and allies? Are WN naive, or just plain STUPID? After decades of this nonsense, it still goes on! WHY? Is it to supposedly "use them"? If so, WHAT benefit acrues us when we KNOW in advance that they will ALWAYS twist our words, edit our thoughts and generally - while talking "politely" with us during the "interview" - afterwards dump on us with the lying, hateful filth that they keep under control while sitting across the table? "Exposure" in the ENEMY'S controled media? Com'on people, who DOESN'T know that "nazi's, klanners, racists, etc et al" exist? Everyone has access to the internet, and by "searching" the simple word "nazi" - up comes the "American Nazi Party" per example - IF they really wanted to "find us". Even these so-called "independant film makers" are SOURCES for the ENEMY to build DATA on our adherents - their data goes right into the HANDS of the ENEMY, as did this young ladys'. Unlike the ANP, which at least TRIES to provide SECURITY for its adherents, and of course NOTHING can ever be "100%" - groups like "nsm" INVITE the ENEMY right into the midst of them!?! I'm NOT trying to be the guy "pointing out the turd in the punchbowl" here, - too many other groups act similar to "nsm's" behavior - and knock "nsm" endlessly, as I do do with FACTS about them when it calls for it. What I am trying to do, is point out the idiocy of giving our enemies a "HELPING HAND" in their efforts to SPY on and DESTROY us ALL. Why not simply invite in the ADL direct, in as much as their AGENTS are welcomed in, and with a CAMERA and RECORDER in hand no less! Maybe I'm WRONG. Perhaps this IS all a game of some sort, and I just haven't "got it yet". My perspective is that "THIS" is a LIFE and DEATH struggle for the last vestiges of White survival, and that the enemy is deadly SERIOUS in its intent to exterminate Aryan mankind as we know it. I'm certainly no "expert", but NO Resistance Struggle through-out history has ever been so lackadasical and uncaring about the security of its adherents as "this one". They want that always NEGATIVE "publicity" so badly? Ok, let the enemy come as close as monitoring "public" events - but, NOT right into our inner-circles! Well, thats my two-cents. IF you want to be "put on display", go ahead and join some of these "look at me!" outfits, if you prefer at LEAST a semblance of attempted SECURITY - consider the American Nazi Party. We put the security of our adherents BEFORE - ANYTHING ELSE. Sincerely, Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman Hail Victory! 88!

Anonymous said...

check out the video the NSALP has posted on their site- so much for Hunter Wallace's crap about WN's going Republican

Anonymous said...

Extra video footage not shown on tv about this story is now available on 60 Minutes website:;housing

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr. Suhayda for creating the only organization in America that people can trust. Hail! 88!

Anonymous said...

It is clear that the intent of 60 Minutes was to use the story as a wedge against NS and to use it for a variety of fronts, if families are NS, take the kids away and to make sure parents don't allow younger adults to go NS. It became clear that Jeff Hall's shooting was more a result of a troubled little boy than anything NS. Also it was NOT reported that Jeff had won a custody batle, a man winning is hard and he won with the court knowing his politics.

What has not been discussed is why Schoep has scrubbed all things related to Hall, including the video Memorial from the NSM web site, this seems very odd.

In the end, we will never fully know what went on in that home, BUT, the Police Report that said the home was filthy does not seem to be credible as we all saw video of the home just hours prior to the shooting as well.

Schoep seems to have apolicy that if any of his members have any issue of controversy, he immediately deposits them under a bus. That is NOT true NS. Remember Jeff Hall is the victim in this matter. No abuse has been proved at this point and Jeff's mother stated that the boy had serious issues.

By the way, Mr. Bowles has not disappointed, he has immediately taken to his trash talk and labeled all other NS, save those in the ANP as wife and child beaters. This is not a good example of a so called leader who has many many years in the movement.

Fred said...

Yes, Chairman Suhayda. Thanks for taking the ANP off the Merry-Go-Round the rest of the pro-White organizations are on when it comes to progress.

Mel said...

10:57AM. Don't blame Mr. Bowles for giving back to Jeff Hall. Hall had a reputation for bad-mouthing the ANP and telling lies about the ANP and instigating shit.

Anonymous said...

Rocky is salvageable, Bowles is not. If Bowles had a problem with Hall then he should have been a man and taken care of it when Hall was alive. If going after people like Bowles does is the ANP ideal of honor, then it is no wonder no one wants any part of it.

Besides, outside this blog, everyone in the entire movement has a bone to pick with the ANP. Nobody likes turncoats.

Anonymous said...

Seems to me that the ANP wants nothing to do with the losers who make up a large share of this bowel-movement themselves. Gee, I wonder WHY?

Anonymous said...

It seems that in this matter of Hall vs. Bowles that Bowles comes out smelling like a rose. You don't see Bowles in a SS uniform kissing the ass of the news media and sieg heiling in peoples faces with a load of tattoes on him and guns laying around the house for his kids to kill someone with like Hall did.

Anonymous said...

You are right. You see Bowles out in his Brownshirt talking to the media about how he's going to be the next president. Bowles kids shooting him? That's hard to since he abandoned them then lied and said they were all full grown when he left. You didn't see Hall being accused of theft left and right from several people. With Hall you saw actual political progress. With Bowles all you saw was wild tall claims while he flushed someone else's money down the toilet. This was money that could have been spent on real activism instead of stroking his own ego while he ran around making a complete fool of himself. What could Rocky have done with $40k? Run Felon Bowles for president again??

The most important thing is that you saw Hall out engaged with the enemy. Yes, Hall believed in it all so much that he risked his life fighting the enemy. The ANP avoids this at all cost and is a haven to cowards like Bowles, plain and simple. How can Bowles be called a coward?

He is attacking a dead man. Coward, Coward, Coward. I dare anyone with a shred of honor to show me the honor or courage in Taylor Bowles. He has attacked women, families and now the dead.

And has it crossed anyone's mind that Bowles and company might be trying to antagonize people into a Matt Hale situation?

Anonymous said...

Anyone ever notice how Bowles and Rocky barely even try to hide their similarities with the enemy? Take for instance the most obvious one: no matter what the media says about a white nationalist, it is the gospel. Except in the bizarre case of Richard Barrett, they have repeated the Jewish media's lines word for word. Then they want to bad mouth anyone who goes on tv to defend themselves or tell their side of the story. If the news media ever found a reason to report on them, you'd see a quick attitude change, rest assured.

They also use a lot of enemy terminology such as calling people "boneheads.". They also borrow a lot of enemy points of view on the movement. Why is that? Is it all connected to Rocky's claim that the ARA will never protest their events? That is a speculation.

The ANP also puts about 75% o their time into bashing others and about 25% in self promoting. The self promotion can be seen through is through real world opinion and reactions. No one in the real world has a thing good to say about them. Sadly, an ANP member showing up to a non-ANP event would be in danger souly because of their association with Rocky or Taylor Bowles. Someone leaving the group would have to go a long way with most people at trying to prove they are no longer associated with the ANP. This is another unseen way that the ANP hurts the movement.

Anonymous said...

Bowles has been a solid activist for over 30 years and HAS confronted the enemy many many times but now realizes it is a waste of time. Why doesn't everyone see that obvious truth by now?
WE (and I don't mean you, at 7:55) in the "serious" sector of the movement need to stay AWAY from the media-enemy. It only causes us harm to ourselves and families and nothing is ever gained from it!

Rocky Suhayda's post at the top of this page is excellent. Full of wisdom that more people should take note of.

Anonymous said...

If Mr. Hall had been out of work for over three years, why in hell didn't he have the intelligence to cover up that huge swastika tattoo on the back of his head? Com'on, what boss is going to hire some nincompoop looking like that. If he really loved his family he would have put their interests first before having to strut his stuff 24/7. This guy wasn't some stupid teenage kid, he was a grown man for pete's sake. And if he didn't understand the real world, where was some pertinant advice from his more experienced leaders? Probably urging him on. As much as some here may criticize Rocky, his attitude towards looking out for the best interests of ANP members, protecting them from being overzealous, sure stands out in comparison in this particular situation. If someone would have taken the time, and made the effort to educate Mr. Hall to the realities of whether his family or NSM publicity came first, this all might have had a different, better outcome. A real leader leads by treating his followers with the respect they deserve, not by thinking them expendable.