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Blogger Amy L. Geiger-Hemmer Decries Anti-Nazi Bias By Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel In Reporting On The NSM West Allis Rally

The post-mortems on the National Socialist Movement's "In Defense Of White America" rally held in West Allis, WI on September 3rd, 2011 are beginning to filter in, and one of the more interesting analyses has been published by an affiliate blogger for the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. Amy L. Geiger-Hemmer, who edits a community blog entitled "It's Hemmer Time", takes issue with some of the reporting by the Journal-Sentinel, considering it biased against the National Socialist Movement.

Specifically, she notes how the Journal-Sentinel reported that five people were arrested WITHOUT specifying whether they were NSM activists or anti-racists (every other local media outlet also followed suit). She believes that had they been NSM activists, their affiliation would have been shouted from the housetops. She believes the Journal-Sentinel was attempting to cover up the fact that the five arrestees were all from the anti-racist side. Here's the pertinent part of her post:

...[Meg] Kissinger and [Tom] Kertscher wrote that during the rally, five people were arrested and taken into custody by police. Two people were taken away for weapons violations and three were arrested for disorderly conduct. Yet, the reporters did their readers a disservice by refusing to report who was arrested. It is easy to surmise that it was NOT the neo-Nazi's who broke the law on weapons violations and disorderly conduct. If any of the neo-Nazi's had been taken into custody, this would have made the headlines. So, why try to cover this up?...


Yet, Ms. Kissinger and Mr. Kertscher failed to do their jobs. Was this just bad reporting? Probably not. Was this an intentional attempt to protect to the counter protesters from bad publicity? Sure seems that way. Simply because the reporters wanted the neo-Nazis to be despised (and rightfully so), they decided to leave out necessary information from their report. Obvious bias such as this has no place in a news story. Because the reporters wanted to portray the neo-Nazis as the bad guys and the counter protesters as the good guys, they were willing to overlook the fact that some of the counter protesters couldn't abide by the law. Picking and choosing what to include in an article based on one's own feelings and agenda is wrong. Period.

Amy L. Geiger-Hemmer was, of course, citing the statistics provided by the Journal-Sentinel in their report. WTMJ Channel 4, in their later report, noted that 75 White activists showed up, but she probably is not aware of that report.

There is no evidence that Amy L. Geiger-Hemmer sympathizes ideologically with the National Socialist Movement. However, there is plenty of evidence that she's sympathetic towards journalistic integrity. Her idea -- when reporting hard news, call it down the middle like an umpire, and leave the editorializing to those unto whom such a task is appointed. White activists who have an account with the Journal-Sentinel should post a comment to her blog expressing recognition and appreciation of her fair-minded assessment.

The White racialist community has also weighed in. On this multi-page Stormfront thread, those who express opinions tend to fall into three categories:

-- Unconditional Solidarity: A number of people express unconditional solidarity with the NSM's actions, and don't criticize them for using the swastika or engaging in agitprop tactics. They defend the swastika as bing valid, and believe it should not be judged by those who have misused it in the past.

-- Conditional Solidarity: The largest group do express respect for the courage and involvement of the NSM activists, but continue to hold reservations about the use of the swastika. The presence of two million World War II veterans in this country, some of who fought against NS Germany, can make the swastika a difficult sell.

-- Absolute Disagreement: The smallest group express complete disagreement with the NSM's agitprop approach and consider it a waste of time. They believe the fact that NSM agitprop rallies generate the greatest amount of media publicity is outweighed by the drawbacks.

Stronger approval of the NSM's actions is expressed on VNN Forum.

Reaction posted on the N.S. Acumen of the Old Guard blog, reflecting opinion by the American Nazi Party, is critical of the NSM. They question whether there were 75 activists present. But they focused exclusively on the NSM's designated assembly area, while the Journal-Sentinel noted that not all White activists were standing with the NSM. At least 20 were standing across the street closer to the antis. Thus WTMJ's estimate of 75 reflects the total number of White activists present, both inside and outside the designated area. The American Nazi Party does not favor agitprop rallies and does not use them as part of their strategy. Their July 23rd indoor rally did not require police protection and was not interdicted by antis.

Their July 23rd indoor rally also did not attract any media publicity, and drew considerably less than 75 people, although they did recruit four new people. There's a tradeoff in results when using different strategies.

But the agitprop strategy is the one strategy which consistently attracts the attention of the mainstream media. And the fact that NSM participants consistently and scrupulously obey the law while anti-racists are getting busted is beginning to be noticed. In their personal behavior, the NSM rebuts the popular stereotypes of so-called "neo-Nazis". They forced the local community to confront the issue of escalating black teenage thuggery. Now the ground has been broken for other more conventional White political organizations, such as the American Third Position Party, to move in and further promote White racialist activity.


Anonymous said...

Duh, "20 outside" and looking at the pics, about two-dozen in the cage still is not "75" people. And seeing very few in nsm's black costumes, one must assume that the majority weren't even nsm members. If we're going to fudge figures to feel good then lets go for 175! Compared to past years nsm is dying. They need a new leader or new tactics, doing the same old thing over and over, clearly shows that it just ain't working!

Anonymous said...

The fact there were so many Nsm supporters in the protest section says it all. False flag groups like the anp like their fellow anti racists always point out that the Nsm supporters "need" police protection. For the first time there was a huge number of white nationalists in the protest section taking care of business.

If I was the anp, I wouldn't brag about the fact that the antis never bother with their 10 person events.

Anonymous said...

Copied from an NSM email release by Commander Schoep is the below information

After Action Report from West Allis/Milwaukee Wisconsin:

The event went extremely well with the only exception being what seemed like never ending rain. Approximately 75 of our Folk showed up, along with many unidentified White citizens from the local community who stood in the audience to hear the message and attend in solidarity. I will paste a few of the e-mails from supporters minus their names for security reasons at the end of this report. We have been flooded with emails and phone calls of support from the local community both before and after this event.

The credit for a job well done goes to NSM WI. whom have spent alot of time and energy getting this event organized. Thanks to everyone whom participated, spoke, drove, filmed, and had any part in the event. We also salute the local Skins who pushed their way through the communist mobs to get to our area to stand alongside of us, and our Comrades in the local Motorcycle Clubs that showed up in solidarity and stood in the audience. Same goes for the Skinheads and local White men and women that stood in the audience, many of whom were surrounded by screaming mobs of angry blacks and/or communist activists. The number of supporters in the audience in Wisconsin was stronger than any media agency has reported, and some of these brave people can be seen in videos on youtube. We would also like to thank all of the speakers from the NSM, along with Art Jones of the American First Committee, Mike Delaney of, Pastor Eli, and everyone else, if we listed you all by name I would be writing this after action report for another day. You know who you are, and we salute you!

We arrived at City Hall in West Allis to protest in defense of White America, and against the ongoing racial attacks by black flash mobs that has been going on around the Nation. We discovered City Hall with its windows boarded up like they were prepared for a full scale riot. We went in to set up the pa system which was one of the loudest systems we have used thus far. We unfurled our banners, along with NSM and various American Flags, and began the speeches by 2:30. I pointed out during my speech that we could see our opposition openly flying Soviet Communist Flags, the Zionist flag of Occupied Palestine was also prominently displayed by our opposition, along with the usual vulgar and hateful picket signs we see our opposition holding around the Nation. Later several people mentioned to me that out of the mob of degenerates that opposed us, NOT ONE of them held an American flag, only the NSM and our allies had American flags, not one was seen amongst the entire opposition who stood instead under zionist and soviet/commie banners. Our opposition truly stood out in the open under their chosen banners, yet the system media did not make mention of these obvious differences between the so-called peace activists and those Patriots whom stood in solidarity with us in defense of White America.

Here is a 2 part version of my speech from the event:

NSM Commander Schoep Speaking At West Allis Wisconsin Rally - Black Flash Mobs Wi State Part #1 Part #2

Here is some video from in the audience section, where counter protesters are going crazy:

NSM rally West allis, WI 9-3-2011

NSM sympathizers and counter protesters confront each other, West Allis, WI, 9/3/11

Anonymous said...

It was reported consistantly in the media that there were "20 SUPPORTERS" in the protest section. None of them were nsm members. Was that a "huge number"? And beyond arguing with anti's ( why bother, were they trying to 'recruit them'? ) what was the "business" they "took care of"?