Sunday, September 25, 2011

Aryan Nations Congress In Louisiana Raided By SWAT Team, Two Suspected Informants Extracted Under The Guise Of A "Warrant Arrest"

Update: According to the September 25th Aryan News Network broadcast (link posted towards the bottom of this post}, it was a Federal SWAT team, and they say it was an extraction operation. They also say the local cops knew nothing of it. There are no media reports so far

A rather disturbing report of a SWAT team raid on an Aryan Nations Congress gathering has been posted on the Vanguard News Network Forum. It is believed that the true intention of the SWAT team was to extract a couple of men who may have been informants planted to monitor the gathering.

Summary: On September 23-24, 2011 at Lake DarBonne State Park in Union Parish, Louisiana, DSCI Pastor Morris Gullet convened what is described as the first Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations (CJCC/AN) congress held since the death of Pastor Richard Butler. Some of the more prominent guests listed included Pastor Allen Truitt, Billy Roper, and David Pringle. Also among the attendees were two men for whom no one else in attendance could vouch. These two men further triggered suspicion by the fact that they appeared unfamiliar with Movement-related syntax, history, or tradition. One of the other attendees reportedly walked up to one of the men and bluntly asked him if he was a cop. The man's response was not published.

Nevertheless, the men were permitted to stay, and after one of them "pushed the panic button", a short time later, a Federal SWAT team in a convoy of 30 vehicles raided the gathering. Brandishing assault rifles, they angered the men and frightened the women and children in attendance. They cops claimed they launched the raid to remove the two suspicious men under the pretext of "outstanding warrants", even though the police did not I.D anyone at the Congress. No one else was arrested.

It is believed that the two men may have been informants sent in to monitor and report on the gathering, and that the cops showed up to extract them by staging an arrest. Not only did the cops show up a short time after one of the men was asked if he was a cop, but there also reportedly were video cameras planted all over the property, even in the trees. It is not considered normal to be planting video cameras in state parks.

Despite the SWAT raid, the Aryan Nations Congress was characterized as a success despite limited attendance. The original source of this report was Susan Yarbrough, the wife of former Order POW Gary Lee Yarbrough, so it can be considered reliable. More information on this Aryan Nations Congress was presented on the weekly Aryan News Network Weekend Roundup Talkshoe program, which airs at 6:00 P.M. EDT each Sunday. This is an interesting and well-produced program that avoids getting bogged down in DSCI theological minutiae and instead presents pertinent news stories and discussion from the AN perspective. Here's the audio embed from the September 25th program:

To avoid confusion, the Aryan Nations organization listed above is It is separate and distinct from


Anonymous said...

That doesn't surprise me. Thank god I belong to the ANP where none of this crap happens.

Anonymous said...

This was supposed to be a AN "congress", NOT a public event. Why were these unknowns even allowed in? Once again lax security, if any. I agree totally with "2:00PM" and I'm also glad that I'm a ANP member! Hail the ANP! 14/88 WWW.ANP14.COM

Aryan News Network said...

I host the Aryan News Network Program and would like to thank you for the positive comments about my show. My goal is to put information and news out there for the purpose of informing our people and helping to wake up the masses. Anyone interested in participation shouldn't hesitate to call in and I look forward to our next program.

Anchorage Activist said...

Link to the Aryan Nations Messenger Channel now posted on sidebar.

Anchorage Activist said...

Aryan Nations Network: It was on your show that I learned the SWAT team was Feds rather than state. Since the media was ignoring this story, I wanted to get it out -- with the latest available facts. You put out a lot of good information in just 30 minutes.

Anonymous said...

You had better check that "good information" a lot of it is not backed up by fact.

holiness said...

Well where was the inside security? They shouldn't have been let in to begin with. sounds like someone confronted them out of safety for others. or possibly the "informants"themselves. the attendees are lucky their alive. or not in jail. Does anyone think about that?

Anonymous said...

Greetings, I am the one who disobeyed that order. I felt it was my duty since our world leader and head security seemed not to care one bit about members safety, womens or our childrens. I thought about the 14 words then the spirit of yahveh put me to work. since then i have lost my postion and now nolonger a member of that group. I have been disrespected on all levels from those i thought were my brothers.only to find the only one to answer to is YAHVEH and let me tell you 'HE" has shown all love for my sacrifice.

Anonymous said...

Greetings, The truth be known I am the one who protected our members, the women and the children.those men were allowed in by our world leader and chief of security.after 30 seconds i knew they were cops,along with my brothers and sisters. but an order was givin to stand down. as the evening continued I thought about the 14 words, then the spirit took over and i did what YAHVEH instructed me to do . since then i have been cast out as a member and disrespected on all levels. I say I did my job to hell with an order

Anonymous said...

I am the man who served our FATHER that night ,the 14 words came to mind and i disobeyed an order. and I asked if he was a cop,since then i am no longer a member cause i will not follow orders that dont protect our men,women and children. I am SIR WILLIAM and i did what our security failed to do. and now i have been disrespected in every way by those that were called my brothers.I have more to say just not here.thanks and "HAIL VICTORY"

Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt said...

TMT -- Episode #89.5 - MoGullet's&Mullett's&Eliar's 'Aryan Nations' Weekend Mamzerathon -- 29Sept11

Episode Notes:

It is inadvertently hilarious when you see that the ZOGbot criminal element is so ridiculously stupid and ignorant of genuine Dual-Seedline Christian Identity when they hold an 'Aryan Nations' Congress and the anglo-mestizos like the former Texican and Coonass ZOGling whigger and mamzer ass-clown agents provocateur like Allen 'Anglo-Mestizo' Truitt and MoGulett are so fucking stupid that they show what looks to the genuine deep-woods Christian Identity long-term believer what is obviously a bunch of hi-yaller niggers and beaners in 'Aryan Nations' jewniform and a Chicago sephardic jew cooking up a mess of Purim-fest and Passover matzo-balls on their videos and expect us not to laugh at the idiocy which negates whatever lies they tell:

Here are some pictures from Gulett's Mamzerathon of 23-25 Sept. 2011:

How many of above would you say 'FAILS' the brown-paper bag test???!!!

To show how much we keep the kosher food laws, see our new
Chicago sephardic jew Chef Rabbi Eli(ar) James/jewseph Kutz-November
as he prepares his specialty:
"Cousin Ray the Sicilian-guido jew ambulance-chasing jew Jersey Lawyer's"
kosher-chicken Mariani cumplete with blond, blue-eyed baby boy's Passover matzo-blood noodles.

What you have to understand is that Pastor Butler pursued a policy of bringing in criminal, biker, and skinhead scum for the Aryan Nations in place of the family men of Pastor Wesley Swift's Church of Jesus Christ Christian. The end result was pretty much nothing but criminals pretending to find 'jewsus' was interested in putting up with such scum and Butler ended up dying alone except for ZOG agents provocateur like Rick Spring. And then with the probable cocaine overdose of Ray Redfearin, the criminals started getting darker and darker just as the Aryan Brotherhood started out with blue-eyed Aryans and ended up with cork-eyed Anglo-Mestizos.

Morris Gulett, never giving a shit about whether or not he ordained mamzers like Bryan Wright and Jeromy Visser, and now an agent provocateur, no longer cares overmuch as to whether he brings in known jews either. As long as MoGulett gets to have the Southern Poverty Law Center and Ashkenazi Defecation League promote himself as the 'new head' of the Aryan Nations, and get to gain some access to the Harold Grooms estate, then what difference does it make the contempt and scorn of the genuine Aryan Christian Israelite? Makes me wish that me and Pastor John Britton had let Gulett's Church of the Sons of YHWH die and the Harold Grooms estate be forfeited into escheat.

Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt said...

TMT -- Episode #89.5 - MoGullet's&Mullett's&Eliar's 'Aryan Nations' Weekend Mamzerathon -- 29Sept11

What is hilarious is that Gulett doesn't care how many niggers, beaners and jews get to play Aryan Nations. What is even funnier is that all the above pictures were taken from the 'Aryan Nations' videos from this past weekend. It looks like there were 18 or 19 or maybe 20 fools that showed up. The two 'ZOG informants' that did show up probably gave theysselfs away by being too Aryan/White looking. If they had looked like Bryan Reo or Dan Johns they probably would have fit in a lot better.

What is especially encouraging is that none of these ZOGling whigger and mamzer and jew ZOGbot fuktards don't know how to impersonate an Aryan Christian Israelite or our racial religion. All Gulett seemed to know is how to ape a smattering of formalities that he had seen after a fashion of Butler's original Aryan Nations Congresses. None of them know anything about how to do anything other than whine like whigger pussies for 'whigger snivel blights' of the niggers and jews and what little 'Wikipedia CI' they think is vaguely Comparetian.

Which is to be expected as they cum-cum into DSCI by means of reading the Kingdom Identity Ministries AIT correspondence Course when they were already hardened criminals like Rabbi Finckelsheenie or catlick marrano jews like Eli James and Dan Johns. Not a single one of these imposters were taught either British Israeliteism as a child through Herbert Armstrong's WorldWide Church of God, or, better yet, as a child through Pastor Wesley Swift's Church of Jesus Christ Christian. The end result of these drunken criminals and addicts and jews and mamzers 'learning' superficial 'Wikipedia Christian Identity' is a sort of talmudic silliness and vain ceremony and no real heart-felt understanding of YHWH's racial religion for His Servant Nation. Someone who had to learn the basics drummed into them as a child for hours on Sabbaths and Holy Days for years on end will be able to find whatever he needs to make his point using nothing more than a King James Bible [mis]translation within 15-20 minutes without necessity for a Concordance or a computer search. This is something which simply cannot be taught to whigger or mamzer or jew criminal locked up in a prison and promised his freedom in return for infiltration upon parole or probation regardless of what superficial or intensive training is provided by ZOG in order to infiltrate any more than anyone over the age of six can be taught to speak a foreign language without an accent. This process is even harder for mamzers like Allen Truitt or Bryan Reo and impossible for jews like Eli James and Rabbi Finckelsheenie. An Aryan Christian Identity child shall 'know' Christian Identity without effort as it will be second nature. The vast majority of converts who are Aryan shall learn it upon call by Christ and conversion as a adult as a 'second language/religion.' A jew or mamzer can never learn Christian Identity at all.

liars go to hell said...

I personally believe there is a wolf on the inside. more than half of you ARYANS speak so much of family and protecting. And yet you turn on each other and the deceit within is madness. No wonder it turned out that way. your run by manipulaters and liars. May God bless you today for what he will take from you tomorrow.bottom line is sinners are hell bound. spread the false stories but the truth will get you anyway.

Anonymous said...

OK for the RECORD.. The Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations has ALWAYS had OPEN to the public Congress's.
I see that ANP member says " He's glad that he's ANP ,as thats CRAP doesn't happen there!"
I think that member should be supportive of Pastor Gullet.Who spent a lot of money and time/effort on the Congress.
After all has ANP recently( if ever ) held a event of this size???
You answer that and then think how infighting effects our struggle..

Anonymous said...

These guys are nothing more than government informants, and nothing more. Anyone that is affiliated with them and/or the Aryan Front forum is just asking for trouble.