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Why Is Black Milwaukee Sentinel-Journal Columnist Eugene Kane Not "Raising Kane" About Black Misbehavior At The Wisconsin State Fair?

Special Note: All posts on the Milwaukee fair incident can be displayed HERE, with the most recent post appearing first.

Update August 7th: Since this post was published, Eugene Kane has sounded off about this incident. In an August 6th column entitled "It's time to take steps to stop young thugs", he reports that he was attending the National Association of Black Journalists conference in Philadelphia, and he suggests Milwaukee adopt the same measures as Philadelphia to curb violence by young black thugs. He further states he believes some young blacks act out in public because they know how frightening black people appear to some whites and it gives them a sense of power. He doesn't consider it an excuse for the behavior, but notes it's a very real component.

Because of the upgraded security measures and increased police presence at the Wisconsin State Fair in Milwaukee, the second day of festivities passed without incident on August 5th, 2011. Thus we now know what security measures are appropriate and necessary when running a public event where large numbers of black teenagers are expected.

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel has archived and presented a separate story consisting of 852 public comments posted to their website. To their credit, the JS is not excessively censoring comments which express racial concern. One particularly interesting comment which passed muster, and would also fit in well on Stormfront and the Vanguard News Network Forum (links are to the specific discussions of this incident on both forums):

Justthefactsjack - Aug 05, 2011 8:39 AM:
What is the solution to these unruly mobs of young black youths? Clearly the complete breakdown of the inner city black family unit and total lack of parenting is coming to fruition. Some might say cut off the hands that feed this welfare lifestyle, but if you do that i think your problems would just increase 10 fold.

The solution has to come from within the black community itself, but sadly i don't see any leaders there. Only people trying to get more handouts for their constituents.

One thing is clear, there won't be any more night time shows that cater to the black population. Eugene Kane, you finally got what you feared all along, young black youths are no longer welcome...and most people support it now.

This comment illustrates that mainstream whites are becoming willing to openly admit that they don't like being around blacks because of their chronic and universal misbehavior. This black misbehavior has been occurring in other cities with large black populations, most notably Philadelphia.

But a common name surfacing in the comments is that of Eugene Kane, identified as a "black community leader". He is portrayed as being an apologist for misbehavior by the black community, one of those chronically disposed to blame all black misbehavior on so-called "white racism". A Google search indicates Kane is a regular columnist for the Sentinel-Journal, authoring a blog column entitled "Raising Kane". But a visit to his column indicates that Kane has remained conspicuously silent about the mass chimpout at the state fair; his most recent column is dated August 2nd.

It's now been two days since the mass chimpout; why isn't Eugene Kane "Raising Kane" about black misbehavior? Two white aldermen have shown the courage to do so; why not a prominent member of the local black community. How much longer does Whitey have to pull the black community's chestnuts out of the fire, and why should we, considering we get burned so often when we do so?

I suspect that had it been white perpetrators targeting black patrons at the fair, Kane's reaction would have been much different. Not only would he have already written one column excoriating Whitey once again, but he'd be begging Jesse and Al to come to Milwaukee to fight for "social justice". In a June 6th column, despite Milwaukee's chronic problems with black misbehavior, Kane chose to take issue with a website called Chimpout, which is merely a vent site allowing people of all races, except blacks, to harmlessly vent their feelings about blacks. Kane was complaining about a thread entitled "Nigwaukee columnist Eugene Coon says Race not an issue in crime". The thread relates to a May 28th column by Kane entitled "Some blame race, but many factors play role in criminal behavior", in which although he correctly points out that there are additional factors, he still suppresses the fact that blacks are responsible for a disproportionately high amount of crime. Kane's biggest concern about the Chimpout thread: "How many of these folks have jobs in society where their vile opinions on black people play a part in their decision making?"

Perhaps Kane should consider the possibility that the Chimpout site helps people relieve the chronic tension and aggravation attendant to forced diversity. Continuous exposure to forced diversity actually induces white racial consciousness and provokes white flight.

The American Third Position Party is the only established political party calling for action so far. They note that gangs of African-American teenagers using cyber media such as Twitter, Facebook, and cell phone texting, have been organizing flash mob criminal events for crime sprees including muggings, retail store robberies, mob shoplifting, and mayhem, and that the primary victims are white Americans, although there's no evidence yet discovered which indicates the black miscreants may have organized their actions online in advance. A3P condemns the national media silence in the wake of the Milwaukee disturbances, and calls for more corrective involvement by black lawmakers and the U.S. Department of Justice. A3P also provides a link to a website which documents violent flash mob attacks.


Anonymous said...

It must be stressed that during a significant number of these attacks, the nigers were yelling, "kill white people" and "get the white people", etc.

Whites ned to simple arm themselves and if they findthemselves in one of these warzones, take one of these thug out or more. Send a message we will not be victims. We will protect out children.

Anonymous said...

In Defense of White America Rally. Saturday Sept. 3rd in Milwaukee WI.

(Please forward to all Pro-White E-lists, post on Forums, Social Networking sites, and anywhere else our Folk will read it)

The facts are now widely available regarding the Black flash mob violence being directed at innocent White people in the City of Milwaukee and its surrounding Suburbs. This Racial violence is not just happening in Milwaukee, but has spread around the Nation to many other Cities of all sizes. Flash Mob racial violence is becoming an epidemic, which could certainly lead to increased racial tensions and violence around the Nation. The media reports black youths engaging in these actions, therefore this problem rests solidly at the feet of the black community, and its Leaders. The same black leaders (such as Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton) that bring thousands of their people into the streets to rally against White Injustice, remain silent as hundreds of blacks beat white women, and children in public places! The black community and its leaders may have fallen short in addressing this Nationwide problem. One could even assume they agree with such behavior as an example of black rage, or getting back at whitey for years of oppression. They can call it whatever they like, but the facts are, it is organized, mass criminal behavior! This ongoing violence is masking a deeply seeded hatred of White America, its people, and all of what this Nation was founded upon.

The White Resistance is being organized now! The endless phone calls, and emails coming from concerned citizens of Milwaukee have been taken into account, and we will make your voices heard.

On September 3rd, 2011. The National Socialist Movement (America's Renowned White Civil Rights Organization), along with concerned American Citizens, and various other Patriot groups will mobilize in the Milwaukee area for a rally in Defense of White America. We encourage concerned citizens from the local area to join with us in solidarity. The white victims of these black flash mobs were in many cases women, young children, or white men who were surrounded, outnumbered, and viciously attacked. On Sept. 3rd there will be a mobilization of battle hardened White Men in the Milwaukee area, to welcome any flash mob, and stand in defense of the American way of life.

All respectable White Nationalists, Local Citizen groups, and friends are welcome and encouraged to attend. Any speakers, or spokespersons that wish to address the rally contact NSM Wisconsin and/or NSM/HQ.

See you in Milwaukee!

Jeff Schoep/ Commander National Socialist Movement

Contact Information for the Milwaukee event is as follows:

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Anonymous said...

Why ask such a stupid question? Is it because he's black? Hmmmmmm, Ya Think???

Anonymous said...

As an honest decent White American, I have long ago canceled my subscription to the Milwaukee Journal. I suggest all racially conscious whites in the Milwaukee area do the same. Permanently.