Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Some Black Rioters Said To Be Deliberately Targeting Whites In The London Riots; BNP Chairman Nick Griffin Says "Multicult Died Tonight"

TNB British-style; "Youfs" looting shop in Hackney
The smoking gun has been uncovered by the Daily Mail, which, like other U.K. media outlets, normally suppresses mention of race when a perpetrator is not white. The Daily Mail is specifically reporting that some of the black rioters were deliberately singling out and targeting whites.

From the Daily Mail story about an incident in Hackney:

Masked rioters on BMX bicycles armed with batons attacked a crowded London bus during the evening rush-hour last night [August 8th], chasing terrified commuters as they tried to escape. The thugs, some as young as eight, forced the driver to stop the double-decker by pelting it with champagne bottles stolen from a nearby Tesco.

About 40 passengers – some carrying screaming toddlers – burst out of the exits and sprinted away. Several commuters fell to the ground during the stampede as about 20 black men wearing balaclavas and riding BMXs chased them. As they ran, one woman screamed: "They are threatening us with big sticks. We have to run for our lives. What have we done to them? We are innocent people just trying to get home."

Kara Mahoney said gangs were targeting white people to rob them. She said: "About five white people just got beaten and robbed. There is a group of them. They hit a photographer and stole her cameras. She had blood gushing down her nose."

Of course, later in the story, the Mail reports that the black rioters were joined by white men, women, and children. Some photos of the action indicate that the disturbances have been taking on a more multiracial character. But this is still the first admission by a media outlet that some blacks were specifically targeting whites for racial reasons.

Here's a Sky News video about the riots in other cities outside of London:

Google map showing the location of rioting through the U.K. available HERE.

Prime Minister David Cameron plans to recall Parliament. He also said there should be a more robust approach from the police, describing the scenes of the last three nights as sickening, and characterizing the looting and arson were “criminality, pure and simple”. Cameron also promised that those responsible will face the full force of the law. On the other hand, Home Secretary Theresa May seemed to undermine the PM's call for a more robust police response by ruling out the use of water cannon or the Army in London.

British National Party Chairman Nick Griffin has been providing regular updates on Twitter. His most notable Tweet: "On the plus side, the multicult died tonight. Everything is changed. Utterly changed."


Anonymous said...

What a shame that Brits can't own guns, so they could defend themselves from these savages.

I would hope that this might make for some better results for the BNP, and better yet the NF, in upcoming elections.

HOWEVER, I highly doubt this will happen, sadly. Most Whites in Britain, as everywhere else, have their heads way up their asses.

Plus Britain is way more PC than America, less freedom of speech. Commander Rockwell observed back in the mid 60s that the UK was about 10 years ahead of the USA in terms of political correctness.

Enoch Powell predicted "rivers of blood" back in 68, how right he was.

Anonymous said...

This business of criminal blacks targetting whites is nothing new. When street crime began to become a big issue with the arrival in the capital of guess-what-kind-of-person about 40-50 years ago, the statistics showed that at least 80% of the perpetrators of this kind of crime were black and 90% of the victims were white, All kinds of spurious rubbish was offered as an explanation; there were more whites around, so therefore they would figure higher; the whites had the money, therefore they were the obvious targets. No mention of black criminal racism, of course!