Sunday, August 21, 2011

NSM Activist Harry Hughes Launches Second Try For Maricopa Unified School District Governing Board

Update August 22nd: Major malfunction! Somehow I got it in my head that Harry Hughes was applying for the Tucson School Board. Not so; he's applying for the Maricopa Board. My apologies, and I have corrected all the erroneous references in this post.

National Socialist Movement activist Harry Hughes III has taken NSM Commander Jeff Schoep's call for candidates to heart. He's launched a second attempt to gain a seat on the Maricopa Unified School District's Governing Board; his first attempt was made in December 2010 after Lori Glenn resigned from the board. He was unsuccessful at that time.

Hughes is one of eight candidates who applied for the vacancy created when Carrie Vargas stepped down on July 14th, 2011 for personal reasons. Vargas' term was to end in December 2012 and the seat will be up for election in November 2012. Pinal County School Superintendent Orlenda Roberts is charged with appointing an interim board member until a new one can be elected. According to Tri-Valley Central, the candidates are to be interviewed on August 26th, and the winner selected on September 2nd. published a reasonably fair profile of Hughes:

Harry Hughes III has been in the news lately for his affiliation with the National Socialist Movement, which his detractors call a hate group. He realizes his political affiliations leaves him little chance and calls himself “a realist.”

However, that hasn’t stopped him from taking the application process seriously. Hughes said he has been researching the schools and feels the graduation rate needs drastic improvement and the district can do a better job to achieve that. He also believes the dollars-to-student ratio is higher than it should be.

“Our education system is a mess and I think it needs a fresh set of eyes,” Hughes said. “I didn’t run from my political beliefs as I could have said I was an Independent. People have a perception of me that isn’t necessarily true.”

Hughes also posted this follow-up comment to the story:

Vandal49588 August 14, 2011 - 9:13 PM:
The quality of a child's education is not directly proportional to the number of dollars spent on that child. The Greeks and Romans had little more than a place to sit. They did not have paper, computers or even electricity. Despite not having modern technology and massive public funding, they created most of the great things Western Civilization enjoys to this day. These things include, science, agriculture, engineering, literature, art, music and so much more. Why can't our children excel with thousands of tax dollars for each child? The problem isn't money.

However, a gutter paper called the Tucson Citizen took a cheap shot at Hughes. On August 10th, they wrote, "To set the stage, our main character will involve a man by the name of John White who attends TUSD board meetings. He associates with known white supremacists and neo-Nazis, such as Harry Hughes. Hughes can usually be found with JT Ready hunting Mexicans for sport out in the Pinal county desert..." Of course, there's a patent lie in that quote; Harry Hughes and J.T. Ready do NOT hunt Mexicans for "sport". As described on the U.S. Border Guard website, they patrol for illegal aliens; when they encounter them, they detain them, give them water and rations if necessary, and turn them over to the proper authority.

Both Hughes and Ready posted rebuttals to the Citizen's tripe:

Harry L. Hughes III August 14th, 2011 on 5:09 pm:
This article is inaccurate. I don’t hunt Mexicans for sport and I never heard of John White until today.

Jt Ready August 14th, 2011 on 4:50 pm:
"Machete” handle and “Rivers of Blood” reference beguile your true intentions. We all see what is happening in London. You may have a brainwashed herd of white sheeple fooled into thinking you are for “human rights” and “democracy” and “ethnic studies” and other such hogwash. But the vast majority of citizens sees how you teat your own people in Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Columbia. And we see the third world barbarism and destruction you bring to Western cities. Gangs, drugs, violence, rape, crime… The list goes on. Gracias but no gracias! There is a valid reason so many Americans are arming themselves to the hilt right now.  The tipping point is coming, Amigo.

Harry Hughes, who discusses his candidacy on Just Another Day, believes he has little chance of winning. Nevertheless, his candidacy could resonate with many in Maricopa who are concerned about the nearby Tucson Unified School District's ethnic studies program. The program has come under fire for instruction interpreted as anti-American. Specifically under the spotlight was the Mexican-American studies program, which was described as reflecting an academic focus on matters like “Advocating for and providing curriculum that is centered within the Mexican American/Chicano cultural and historical experience” and “Advocating for and providing curriculum that is centered within the pursuit of social justice.” It is considered to be in violation of a state law aimed at quashing programs designed primarily for pupils of a particular ethnic group. But in June 2011, an audit conducted by Cambium Learning Group determined that "During the curriculum audit period, no observable evidence was present to suggest that any classroom within the Tucson Unified School District is in direct violation of the law." At stake was $15 million in state funding for the district.

If it can happen in Tucson, it could happen in Maricopa.


Anonymous said...

What's the purpose in running if there is no chance to win. That's ridiculous! American's already know what Nazis are?

Anonymous said...


Ready is a former member of the NSM. Duh!

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous 7:45 A.M: Actually, that's precisely the problem. Americans know what "Nazis" are, and so they automatically stereotype the NSM. Hughes wants to correct those stereotypes.

Anonymous said...

I wish Hughes the best of luck. The NSM is taking the right approach fielding candidates for local and state offices. I think we've all had enough of whacky presidential hopefuls.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we have had enough on whacky presidential hopefuls like Billy Roper and Brian Holland.

Hughes has a bad criminal record. He shouldn't be runnning in my opinion.