Sunday, August 07, 2011

National Socialist Movement To Hold "In Defense Of White America" Rally In Milwaukee On September 3rd, 2011

Update September 3rd: Rally went down as advertised; no violence. A second group of White activists showed up to work the anti crowd separately. Updated post HERE.

America's leading national socialist organization is outraged over the recent black-on-white assaults which took place during the first night of the Wisconsin State Fair. Furthermore, they believe that this is part of a growing trend of black flash mob-style assaults and robberies nationwide.

The National Socialist Movement (NSM) has announced its intent to hold an "In Defense Of White America" rally in Milwaukee on Saturday September 3rd, 2011 beginning at 2 P.M. CDT at West Allis City Hall. The purpose of the rally is to highlight and articulate the growing threat to the public safety posed by marauding black youth in Milwaukee as well as other U.S. cities with a significant black population. The official NSM press release is available HERE; here's the most important part of it:

On September 3rd, 2011, the National Socialist Movement (America's Renowned White Civil Rights Organization), along with concerned American Citizens, and various other Patriot groups will mobilize in the Milwaukee area for a rally in Defense of White America. We encourage concerned citizens from the local area to join with us in solidarity. The white victims of these black flash mobs were in many cases women, young children, or white men who were surrounded, outnumbered, and viciously attacked. On Sept. 3rd there will be a mobilization of battle hardened White Men in the Milwaukee area, to welcome any flash mob, and stand in defense of the American way of life.

All respectable White Nationalists, Local Citizen groups, and friends are welcome and encouraged to attend. Any speakers, or spokespersons that wish to address the rally contact NSM Wisconsin and/or NSM/HQ.

A key word above is "respectable". This explains why during the past four years of staging rallies all over the country, no member or supporter of the NSM has ever been arrested at a rally. In contrast, at least two or three professional antifa are usually arrested at each rally because they commit a breach of the peace, to include physically assaulting NSM people. To further screen out potential disruptors, the NSM doesn't just let you join their rally behind their lines merely by "showing up"; you have to inform them of your interest in advance. The NSM takes further precautions by coordinating with local law enforcement and obtaining the necessary permits.

Those who are interested in standing with the NSM at this rally need to contact NSM Wisconsin via the methods shown on their press release. The NSM normally follows each rally with a family-friendly social event held nearby on controlled private property.

Finally, there are those within the greater White community who sympathize with many of the goals of the NSM, but recoil at the thought of rubbing elbows with "Nazis" or being around the swastika because their grandfathers and great-grandfathers fought against Germany in World War II. They think associating with "Nazis" would disrespect their ancestors' service. First of all, the NSM does not slavishly copy the old German model; they've Americanized it. And second, who else besides the NSM do you see willing to get out in the street? The Tea Party? Sure, they do some good work, but they blanch at anything resembling "whiteness". Mainstream Republicans? Fuggedaboutit! The fact is, only the NSM is consistently willing to take it to the street and keep it legal. You know that if it had been white-on-black violence at the fair that you'd have a rainbow group of activists led by Jews and White progressives in the streets. Why should we be any different? How long will we continue to hold to arbitrarily higher standards and fight with one hand tied behind our backs?

Step out from behind your paradigms and prejudices and consider standing with the NSM on September 3rd.


Anonymous said...

There are too many good reasosn to not "stand" with the NSM.

They got their butts kicked in NJ, they are using this "outrage" to pick a fight and wil most likely get their butts kicked, yet again

By the way A.A> the conduct of the NSM, the profanity, the felons in their ranks, including sex offenders, are additional reasons to simply let them wither on the vine.

Jim Ellison said...

Anonymous - You are an obviously an illiterate with very poor syntax and definitely not the caliber of individual that any self respecting white nationalist group would want as a member. In fact, you do not appear to even be a worthy enemy, lol.

I am not a member of the NSM but I do recognize the fact that the NSM does more for white nationalist than many realize. I hate white cowards who hide behind locked doors, in their dank little bedroom and complain about how some white ‘ACTIVIST” group performs their duties.

If you are not in the trenches of the battle, shut the hell up. No one cares what you think.

Join the battle, face down the opposition, let them know who you are…then go to night school, learn to write like a white man and then post your beliefs, then maybe someone will care what you have to say.

Or…go to the ADL, you appear to have much in common with them, you will have a great future with them and they will love you there.

Anonymous said...


The substance of what 1:11AM says is correct. By the way you are hardly in a position to speak to grammer and proper writing given your unlettered response.

The fact is the NSM was humiliated in NJ, the first lady of the NSM, was shown with her filthy mouth speaking like a nigger, but wait, she learned from her former nigger spouse. The fact is the NSM suffers from a serious credibility gap and they act a lot like the nigger gangs we real NS detest. You and them give us a bad reputation with your virtual bravado. I suspect you sir will not make the trip to Wisconsin and in fact have a "movement" at first sight of two spooks.

When the NSM removes the criminals, sex offenders, satanists, and foul mouth degenerates, perhaps they will draw a real following, but don't bet on it.

Anonymous said...

Amen-2:15, the NSM is just looking for "something" to detract from their pathetic NJ buttkicking where they got out smarted, out organized, out numbered and showed that they are just another street gang, they have no political ideas regarding National Socialism.

Jim Ellison said...

"Virtual bravado", lol, Big talk for an Anonymous poster, of course thats how it always is.

Every decent white person should be allowed to voice their own opinion without being attacked from another decent white person just because their views are not exactley the same.

I did that and I do admit that I was too harsh with the first "anonymous" poster and for that I apologize to 1:11am. I should have debated the subject and not attack the poster.

Maybe the NSM does need some house cleaning or organizational skills, I do not know. What other WN group doesn't have the same faults?

A WN group can only get their butts kicked if they are out there doing something. Right or wrong, win or lose, atleast they are trying.

Anonymous said...

I agree. The NSM event in Milwaukee is a revenge rally and doesn't do anything pro for White people but make them look bad.

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous 12:33 P.M: Your criticism is indeed valid. This identifies an additional challenge for the NSM -- namely, to make their rally look like more than just a "tit-for-tat revenge rally".

Constructive criticism like this, which doesn't smear individual leaders, often results in a better outcome.

Harriet said...

Thank you for those who are spreading the word of our upcoming rally. We did not originally plan on taking action until local residents contacted the NSM asking for OUR help. I am pleased to host this rally as NO ONE else is addressing this issue, in or out of the Movement. So to those who oppose the NSM, feel free to stop knocking those doing the right thing here -defending white Americans. No group is "perfect", that goes for ours as well, but unless we fight together as Aryans we will never get anywhere. We have Klan, Aryan Nations, and various other white activists coming into Milwaukee that are willing to put what they feel about the NSM aside to take a stand on this issue of anti-white violence, and those are the ones who will make this Movement successful. BTW-I'm pretty sure if my husband was maced by ARA scum, I might not speak so gracefully either.-Harriet (NSM WI)

Anonymous said...

The sad fact is the NSM has shot off their mouths, as usual, they have issued a challenge, but they will show up and rest assured they will procure police protection, especially after their decissive defeat in NJ, and at best they may have 20 in force, cowering behind the System's police and confronted by an opposition of 10 times, so what are they protecting? NOTHING.

This is a stunt and an effort to patch up very bruised egos at the expense of white bystanders.
The fools leaps first and the NSM always telegraphs their operations to a far better organized and dedicated opposition. There are other ways to make and effective show when you know you are outnumbered and out guned, but you can't lead by emotion.

Anonymous said...

Really? I saw the word nigger a couple of times in this posting. This is really sad and shows that some people are ignorant. True enough people were attacked at this fair but if you are not from there to see the day to day activities amongst civilized people how are you going there to defend anyone.
I am from Milwaukee and there are plenty of bi-racial neighborhoods, relationships, and children. You say that people from Milwaukee has contacted you for help. So they basically called you up here to help raise other peoples children. These were kids that were walking around state fair doing these violent acts. This does not reflect on the black community as a whole.

Anonymous said...

Not only that the truth behind the whole Fair story was not told. A lot of it was covered up because they didn't want to tell it. I think the NSM will cause way more confusion and stir up even more problems. How come the Wisconsin chapter hasn't spoken up. But yet they throw a total different chapter in the mix. Have you been to Milwaukee? Thing is NOBODY IS SAFE. Save yourselves. Let law enforcement deal with problems.

Harriet said...

The WI chapter has stepped up. Who do think is planning this thing? I am. I grew up in Milwaukee and still live in the area. I am sick of seeing how things have turned to crap. So funny how people are knocking what efforts we are doing yet fail to do anything themselves. White organizations such as the NSM would all be more powerful if they would work together, but as I've seen by the hidden name posters on here, will probably never happen. So on September 3rd I will get our men and women out there to address this issue of anti-white violence and move forward. Love us or hate us, true Nationalists would stand there to support our race and community, not disrespect us.

Anonymous said...

where will the event be held exactly in Milwaukee, and what are the times?

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous 10:12 P.M: According to their updated flyer, it will begin at 2 P.M. CDT at West Allis City Hall.

Anonymous said...

As I'm reading these comments I can't help but laugh. I live in Milwaukee and someone said on here there's violence towards anyone and everyone. You say there's NSM in Milwaukee? I don't know where you are but your presence isn't felt or heard. By the way there were fights inside the fair and they were "blacks" on "blacks". ignorace is contagious

Anonymous said...

I have a white mother and a black father. Also i was there the night of the fair. It was insane. Were was the help then? Where were the people standing up for each other that night? What side of the fence should i stand on? You all seem to know so much and have all the answers but come september 4th, nothing will have changed. Smh Go ahead and hold your so called peaceful rally. Its not gonna change anything. Its most likely gonna cause more violence. Everything in this state is about race, not about being human or american. As for me i plan on moving out of this aweful hateful state.

Anthony said...

I honestly WELCOME the white brother's into Milwaukee. I think it's disgusting the way Women and Children were just beaten without remorse. HOW IN THE HELL can you bring a fist to an innocent 6-8-10 year old boy or girl? It is fucking disgusting.

Those filthy ass jiggabo stinky ass welfare'd bitches DESERVE to be beaten an tortured for hours on end. They need to know the feeling of the pain they put into the families they brought this onto.

Milwaukee use to be a beautiful white city. Then the trash came in and fucked everything up. I don't know how many times I had to move growing up because of all the thefts/attacks/etc. My family did the right thing, putting us in white schools allowing us to a proper education.

They wonder why Milwaukee is going downhill and cannot get the funding to better their education system? Look at the trash that city is breading now. THAT IS WHY. Dumb fucking monkeys

Star Nelson said...

I am an African American Woman and the fact that this is being held is absolutely ridiculous. I am all for fighting for rights but my God not every African American citizen is as ignorant and stupid as the youth who caused the ruckus at the State Fair. People are so biased that as soon as something does happen and African Americans are involved, then the entire African American race is attacked and deemed to be horrible people. I truly can identify with people being angry because I was angry, for one I can't even take my five year old daughter anywhere because of the ignorance. I feel as an African American woman that more African Americans need to step in, but sometimes opportunities to do anything are limited to none because of how we as a race are viewed and it is absolutely sad. I truly don't appreciate the African American race being thrown under the bus. When does this biased BS stop?! The outcome would be totally different if there were white youth involved. In all honesty the issue wouldn't even be addressed heavily the way that this issue here in Milwaukee has been. Oh yeah we'd hear about it and that would pretty much be it. Nothing in the world is equalized because you have blacks as well as whites who can't remove their mind setting from the 60's. This skin color mess is so overrated, this is 2011. I as well as other African Americans should not be categorized as ignorant because of another individuals decision making. That's the damn problem now because believe it or not I get tired of hearing about these ignorant ass children too.

Anonymous said...

i think all this is fucking dumb we all live in the same place what are u tryin to accomplish? do you think your going to make it so 1 side of milwaukee black and the other white? and you guys are acting like nothing was done at the fair they made arrest so the police are doin there job so let them..let them deal with the youth..nothing is going to be made at that ralley i just hope our community doesnt look as bad as the youth in this town....

I Rode on the Wings of an Angel said...

Hey you mean to tell me the movement is letting me a black folk comment on your site? But seriously KKK you my brother even if you full of hate. Those are kids, if they were grown folk I can understand you but I was a kid once back in 1960's and I remenber getting caught up in a frenzy, runnning thought the streets near Rufus King but I was not a racist didn't really know much about it just a kid. Anyway this is about hatred here but to take your stance on kids is not right my brother. What you can do that would supprise the world is stand up against the Government and these unjust tax laws.
Also this situation the law is handling it and next year you won't see this, it's to late to let it go the rally is set but you could change your tone to something positive