Friday, August 05, 2011

Multiculturalism's Death Throes: Feral Black Mobs Target And Assault White People For Racial Reasons At Wisconsin State Fair In Milwaukee

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The death throes of multiculturalism in the United States continue. The Blaze reports on a series of black-on-white attacks at the Wisconsin State Fair in which the racial motivation was so obvious and blatant that even the mainstream media could not cover up the racial aspect. Both WTMJ Channel 4 and the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel are openly admitting that the blacks were targeting whites for racial reasons. WTMJ news video embedded below:

From the various media reports, supplemented by some online comments, the following picture forms. The trouble began as early as 7 P.M. August 4th, when suddenly, a wave of "kids" estimated at up to 200 or 300 invaded the midway. Fights began to break out, and there was one huge fight in the middle. This lasted for around two minutes until security showed up and the mob dispersed. One eyewitness described the crowd as African-American, predominantly male and mainly 15- to 20-year-olds. Even after the initial dispersal, smaller groups of black youths continued to run through the midway area, knocking over young children and adults, disrupting midway rides and tearing signs up.

Another significant outbreak occurred around 9:40 P.M. when two more fights broke out. Another eyewitness estimated the mob in this case as numbering between 30 to 50 black youths, and said he was the recipient of racially-charged comments from them, although he was not attacked.

But the greatest surge of violence occurred around the 11:00 P.M. closing time. Witnesses told WTMJ-AM that dozens to hundreds of young black people were beating white people as they left the fair late Thursday night. Patrice Harris, a spokeswoman for the fair, said a police alert she was given indicated four people were hurt. Norb Roffers said it looked like they were just going after white people. Another witness claimed the mob was checking exiting cars, allowing black drivers to pass through unmolested while attacking white drivers:

“I had a black couple on my right side, and these black kids were running in between all the cars, and they were pounding on my doors and trying to open up doors on my car, and they didn’t do one thing to this black couple that was in this car next to us. They just kept walking right past their car. They were looking in everybody’s windshield as they were running by, seeing who was white and who was black. Guarantee it.” estimates the total number of black perpetrators to be around 100. also reports that attempts to alert the public to the racial aspects of the conflict have been repeatedly censored by the local media, and that local cops say black-on-white attacks are commonplace in Milwaukee. More local comments can be found in this Journal-Sentinel online forum, as well as general discussion on Stormfront and the Vanguard News Network Forum. WTMJ raw video of witness interview embedded below:

The Journal-Sentinel identified lack of accountability due to multiple authority as a contributing factor to the breakdown in law and order. There was clearly inadequate security. The Wisconsin State Fair is located in different jurisdictions. The north side of the fairgrounds from the Hank Aaron Bike Trail north is in the city of Milwaukee. The rest of the fair is in West Allis. Adding to the confusion is that the Wisconsin State Fair Park police has jurisdiction only on the fair grounds, not outside of it. Some cops who should have been breaking up fights were diverted to traffic control instead.

Update August 5th 4:37 P.M. CDT: State Fair Police Chief Tom Streubing now blatantly lying and saying the fights weren't racial. "Most of the fights we had were African-Americans fighting with other African-Americans," said Streubing. The accounts presented earlier in this post clearly contradict the chief.

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