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In Response To Rev. Ted Pike, Dr. David Duke Denies Advocating The Forced Repatriation Or Removal Of Non-Whites From The United States

One of the popular canards about White racialists put forth by groups like the Anti-Defamation League is that if we take power, we want to fire up the trains, the planes, and the ships, and remove non-Whites from the United States. While a few might advocate such an extreme solution, most of us don't. Even those who advocate an all-White homeland don't necessarily want the whole country; Harold Covington's proposed Northwest American Republic would encompass only the states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, and the western part of Montana.

Unfortunately, this canard has become so embedded that a noteworthy Christian pastor who has expounded for years against Jewish supremacism has been taken in by it. In an essay entitled "Perils of David Duke's White Pride Utopia", Rev. Ted Pike, while acknowledging that both Whites and Asians have proven themselves more genetically gifted in building civilizations and pioneering science and technology than other races, insists that national salvation is through righteousness rather than whiteness. He claims that Dr. Duke’s evolutionary racialism would not end racial strife, but increase it. And Rev. Pike regurgitates the ADL-inspired canard that Dr. Duke wants to deport non-Whites. Here's the most defining excerpt of Rev. Pike's essay (after the jump):

David Duke is on a roll, rapidly producing powerful videos exposing Jewish supremacism. His warning against Zionist influence is urgently needed. Similarly, his alarm that mass immigration threatens to overwhelm white and Christian culture is a wake-up call. Yet Duke is an evolutionary racialist whose videos still express his ultimate dream: gradually purging from America and Europe “less evolved” non-white foreigners. There is little doubt Duke sees the ideal future in terms of a strictly enforced racial division of the world. Utopia and national happiness for Duke mean freedom from minorities.

Duke’s gospel is of national salvation through whiteness, not righteousness. This is dangerous. In his video “Zionist Terrorism in Norway”, Duke is confident that someday America and Europe will be nations of whites only. At the video’s end he luxuriates in the vision of an America where, after Zionism is but a memory, civilized and cooperative whites bask in their racial purity, smiling at a universe of creative possibilities!

[Quote from Dr. Duke]: "Our people will secure our own borders. We will live in the harmony of our heritage . . . We will be enriched by our own heritage, nurtured by the best in it. And each generation will grow more beautiful and stronger in the image of the best of us, and the future will be ours and the universe will lay in the grasp of our outstretched arms".

When Duke describes full realization of “the harmony of our heritage” he is portraying the “harmony” of a white civilization untroubled by the “discord” created by the presence of minorities such as Jews, Blacks and Latinos.

As an evolution believer, Duke assumes our white forbearers surged upward during man’s 4.6-billion-year ascent from slime and that whites developed instincts and capacities for civilization not acquired by blacks. Like propagandists of the Third Reich, he repeatedly shows pictures of happy and wholesome white couples and families as inhabitants of his new white order.

There is nothing wrong with pride in white heritage, so degraded by reverse discrimination. But it is unsettling that Duke’s utopian images show not one person with almond-shaped eyes or dark skin. (Another Duke video does show smiling Asian and black families, but in the context of where he thinks they belong—outside North America and Europe!) In the videos I watched Duke doesn’t broach the possibility of a white culture with even a token presence of racial minorities allowed. Is Duke afraid any concessions would “infect” us again? Clearly, he wants to solve the race problem with racial purity, period.

True racism includes belief that certain minorities, being inferior, should be excluded from full rights and participation in the dominant society. The Anti-Defamation League says Duke asserts that the entire removal of blacks is the ultimate solution. I wouldn’t put it past ADL to misrepresent Duke, as they have me. Yet the ideal of forced extradition of black Americans to Africa has always permeated the hard-core southern racism out of which Duke has emerged.

Duke proposes first an end to all immigration. He says non-whites should be trained by the West to use their skills elsewhere, presumably in Asia, Latin America or Africa. What if hundreds of millions of non-whites don’t want to leave? (Abraham Lincoln wanted to repatriate blacks to Africa but was received with an icy “no!”) In the videos I watched, Duke did not deal with minority refusal to leave what has become their homeland. Thus, he doesn’t deal with the obvious outcome: To realize his white utopia, minorities must be removed as Hitler removed them—by force. This would mean denial of human rights, social chaos and anguish on an even wider scope than Israel’s terrorist expulsion of 800,000 Palestinians in 1948. (Duke does reject any force or violence to facilitate his dream.)

Dr. Duke was quick to respond. In his own essay entitled "My Letter to Rev. Ted Pike", Dr. Duke leads off by stating "The Rev. Ted Pike sent out an email letter to his supporter list that was quite critical of me and I believe it to be quite inaccurate and unfair. My beliefs were presented more in an ADL-style caricature rather than there true nature. I am reluctant to write anything, but since his letter is public, I think it is important to deal with some of these issues publicly as they are vital to struggle ahead of us. As I say in this letter. I will not stop supporting any project that Ted Pike does that helps in the fight against Zionism. But, I it is important to respond to this letter and I hope that he will come to realize and acknowledge my true positions and not simply parrot the attitude of the ADL against me. As I have said many times before, I believe in both my heart and mind that my position is the opposite of the Jewish-media-defined term, racism. In fact, I don’t seek to suppress any race but to empower every people to their own values and freedom!"

Dr. Duke also firmly proclaims his opposition to the forcible repatriation or removal of non-Whites from the United States:

The fact is that almost every leading founder of the United States, South and North supported the American Colonization Society which supported the idea that Whites should support Black people creating their own sovereign society and ultimately nation. These men were concerned about the future of the America but they also expressed genuine concern caring about Black people as well and believed it was in their benefit to be free and devise whatever society that they would naturally and without interference.

Black self-determination has had huge historical Black support and is was supported by the most popular Black leader of the early 20th Century, Marcus Garvey. This wildly popular Black leader delivered a petition of millions of Blacks to Congress asking for help to establish their own homeland! As you know, and have talked about this fact yourself, Martin Luther King was nothing but a totally controlled Jewish puppet). Rev. Farrakhan, sponsor of the Million Man March, also supports separation and he is arguably the most popular Black leader in America even at this moment. So why do we need to force anything? It is only the Jewish power over media and government that literally keeps this peaceful and popular (though logistically difficult) solution to the race problem from occurring.

For the record I have never in my life supported forced extradition of anyone in America with one exception, people who are illegally here in the first place. Frankly that they should be deported immediately and our government has the legal obligation to enforce our laws and do this. I have always maintained that after the Jewish supremacists are deposed from both the levers of media and government control — that both Blacks and Whites well overwhelmingly embrace this great dream of living in a society that fully supports their own particular expression of humanity and culture and values. Again, Ted, the only force that has stopped a fair and just solution for the race problem has been the Zionists who profit from a racially and culturally fractured society.

Dr. Duke also takes issue with Rev. Pike's use of the term "Southern racism", believing it to be a targeted attack on Southern whites. What's more likely is that Rev. Pike was really referring to the formal institution of Jim Crow segregation that prevailed in the South at the time; most people know that less-formal segregation also occurred in other parts of the country, and that the worst urban riots of the '60s and '70s occurred OUTSIDE the South.

To his credit, Dr. Duke is not treating Rev Pike like some sort of heretic who must be excommunicated from the Cause, but instead like a misguided brother who has temporarily taken his hand off the proverbial "rod of iron" and taken a step towards that equally proverbial "great and spacious building". He urges those of us who agree with him to write a polite letter to Rev. Pike let him know why you think his letter against Dr. Duke is not beneficial to our Cause, urging him towards unity rather than division in our ranks. Rev. Ted Pike can be emailed at


Anonymous said...

In response to Rev. Ted Pike and to Dr. Duke, I am personally in favor of the forced extradition of all nonWhites from the United States of America, if they cannot be convinced that it is in their best interests to leave voluntarily. -Billy Roper,

Anonymous said...

This is interesting....

Not sure Duke can be trusted. His little one here really had nothing to say, yet she made a point of saying it for the Feds.