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Hoodlums Run Amok In London Suburb Of Tottenham Burning, Looting, And Pillaging; Chimpout Inspired By Police Shooting Of Gangbanger Mark Duggan

Update August 8th: It's gotten worse; it seems like all of southern England is going up in smoke. Updated post HERE.

While some of our own hoodlums were buggering up the Wisconsin State Fair, Britain's hoodlums weren't exactly standing idle. At least 120 of them ran amok on the streets of the London suburb of Tottenham burning and looting, launching smash-and-grab raids on local shops, and even assaulting and mugging news photographers and police. At least 26 police officers have been treated in hospital and 42 people arrested as a result as a result; there are fears that there might be some dead people found in some of the burned-out shops. Neither the Telegraph nor the Daily Mail identifies the race of the miscreants, but some of the Daily Mail photos tell the story.

BBC report via YouTube embedded below:

Additional BBC videos accessible HERE.

The violence erupted after around 120 people marched from the local Broadwater Farm area to Tottenham police station on Saturday August 6th, forcing officers to close the High Road and put traffic diversions in place. They were part of a group of 500 people protesting the death of black gangbanger Mark Duggan (photo HERE), a father of three who was shot by officers. On Thursday August 5th around 6:15 P.M., police attempted to arrest Duggan, who was travelling in a minicab. He resisted, there was an exchange of gunfire, and Duggan died. Conflicting accounts of the shooting have emerged, while one man said he had seen officers shoot a man on the ground, others said a shot was fired from the cab before police returned fire. The second account gains more credibility from the fact that a Scotland Yard firearms officer ended up with a bullet lodged in his radio; the officer himself was found to be unhurt. Duggan, known by the street name Starrish Mark, was a so-called gangsta member of North London’s Tottenham Man Dem gang, which has links to Jamaica’s ruthless Yardies.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said the trouble really began when missiles were thrown at parked patrol cars around 8.30 P.M. He said one was pushed, blazing, into the middle of Tottenham High Street. Neither of the two officers who had been driving the cars were injured. As the violence spread, a double decker bus was set upon. Witnesses said the vehicle exploded in flames after attackers threw home made bombs through its windows. Nearby shops were also set ablaze. Hundreds of residents gathered to watch the unrest and there several were reports of attacks on bystanders. At one point rioters were seen beating up a man attempting to take film footage of the scene.

Tottenham MP David Lammy said the area had had its heart ripped out by Saturday's rioting. He explained, "The post office, shops, news agents, mobile phone shops, council building that deal with customer complaints, smashed to pieces by mindless, mindless people last night - many of whom are not from Tottenham and had come from afar into this community intent on causing violence. What happened here raised huge questions and we need answers, but the response to that is not to loot, to rob".

Discussion taking place on Stormfront, The Blaze, and VNN Forum. One London resident posted this comment on another Stormfront thread:

I live in the disgusting city called London. A couple days ago a black man attempted to kill a white police officer but the multiple bullets hit the radio. Therefore, the police officer - in self-defense - shot the black man dead. Blacks have gone crazy. They demand "justice" and "reason" for this "unfair" attack. They have started rioting, protesting, looting shops, blowing up buses, setting police vehicles on fire, etc. The police won't lift a finger but sit on their lovely horses whilst cars and shops are being destroyed.

Another Briton posted this comment:

I saw mostly Blacks and Asians causing the damage, yes a few White youths but it was mostly non-Whites. Ethnics rioting and looting due to an Ethnic problem = Gang Culture. I can see our friends the Jews were stood watching on the side lines. Watch the police, politicians and media cover this Ethnic problem up further.

And this comment from VNN's United Kingdom subforum:

Watching the footage on Sky. The police are just standing there like Lemons while the Niggers throw bricks at passing police vans. Total cowardice from the Met. If this was the EDL the pigs would be cracking sculls and using water cannon. Biased reporting also from the media. Had to laugh when the Sky reporter said people of all 'colours and creeds' were involved, but all I could see were Niggers and half-breeds rampaging in front of the camera.

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Same here in the USA. Most White "men" wouldn't think much of what happened in Milwaukee (unless they or someone they cared about was a victim). No, instead they are looking forward to the football season next month, where they will spend their Sundays with their fat asses in an easy chair, stuffing their faces with bad food and cheering on their favorite ape as it socres a touchdown. Pathetic.