Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fox6 News Reports On The National Socialist Movement's Upcoming "In Defense of White America Rally" In West Allis, Wisconsin

Update September 3rd: Rally went down as advertised; no violence. A second group of White activists showed up to work the anti crowd separately. Updated post HERE.

Attempting to get the jump on the competition, Fox6 News (WITI Channel 6 in Milwaukee) has published a brief report on the National Socialist Movement's upcoming "In Defense of White America Rally" to be held in West Allis, Wisconsin on Saturday September 3rd, 2011. Commendably, Fox6 News referred to the NSM as white separatist rather than white supremacist. The rally has been organized in response to the attacks on White fairgoers by Black thugs during the first night of the Wisconsin State Fair on August 4th; the motivation has been acknowledged by numerous sources to have been racial.

Interviewed in the story was a prospective counter-protestor who really didn't have much of substance to say. More significant was the fact that a female member of the NSM Milwaukee Unit, identified only as Harriet, was also interviewed. She said the NSM is not a hate group and compared it to the NAACP, noting that just as the NAACP looks out for Black people, the NSM looks out for White people. The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel has since published their own article, and they quote Harriet as saying that she hopes that 50 to 100 members and sympathizers of her group will be present at the rally and that all participants have been told not to bring guns or any other weapons. She also warned any anti-racist provocateurs that if push comes to shove, NSM members will have no problem returning to the good old days of duking it out. Fox6 News video embedded below:


According to the NSM's downloadable flyer (must have Word or a Word-compatible program to read), the rally will take place on Saturday, September 3rd at 2 P.M. at West Allis City Hall, located at 7525 W. Greenfield Avenue. Those who actually want to stand with the NSM in their ranks must contact NSM Wisconsin at the e-mail address or phone number listed on the bottom of the flyer, although supporters can show up and demonstrate their support by standing with the spectators. The NSM pre-screens those who wish to stand with them to preclude infiltration by provocateurs. Usually a minimum of 50 patriots show up to stand with the NSM at their rallies, but sometimes as many as 100 are present. NSM rallies are generally followed by a social event held on private property nearby, featuring music and refreshments.

Some counter-protestors are beginning to organize. Workers World, a Communist resource, reports that a progressive coalition is building in metro Milwaukee and beyond to counter-protest; Larry Hales, a national leader of the Bail Out the People Movement from New Jersey, is one of the primary organizers. However, if there is any gratuitous violence, it will most likely be spawned by any members of Anti-Racist Action who show up; antifa normally start violence at NSM rallies. Police are coordinating a prospective response from among several different local law enforcement agencies.

In the most recent update, police will seek hate crimes charges against a Black teenager who confessed that race hatred motivated his attacks on Whites. He said he personally picked out White people because he considered them to be easy targets. The teenager is also charged with robbery and attempted robbery. It's also been revealed that 911 tapes indicate a black security guard stood by and took no action while a Black flash mob attacked a White boy.

Milwaukee Alderman Willie Hines, who is Black, is outraged by the racial attacks and agrees that hate-crimes charges must be filed, saying "Attacking anyone based on their ethnicity or color means a racial hate crime should be an additional charge”.


DAOILMAN said...

While I'm far away and unable to personally attend, let it be known that you have my support.

~regards, hal~

Anonymous said...

"...police will seek hate crimes charges against a Black teenager who confessed that race hatred motivated his attacks on Whites. He said he personally picked out White people because he considered them to be easy targets."

In other words, to be charged with a hate crime, a colored has to be stupid enough to openly admit to police he has committed a hate crime.