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The Death Of Multiculturalism In The United Kingdom: Riots Spreading Throughout Greater London, Becoming More Multiracial; BNP Finally Reacts

United Kingdom Prime Minister David Cameron was truly prophetic when he declared multiculturalism a failure during a speech in Munich, Germany in February 2011. Riots which began in the Tottenham section of London have now spread throughout much of London's other suburbs. And while the rioters are still predominantly black and Asian, an increasing number of white hooligans have been pictured by media sources such as the Daily Mail to be participating. By the way, PM Cameron was forced to cut short his holiday in Tuscany and return to the U.K. to deal with this situation.

British National Party leader Nick Griffin finally reacted, saying "It’s clear from the TV footage that police are under orders to use kid gloves. If English lads did it, they’d beat the hell out of them. The police need to get tough. Water cannons, plastic bullets and snatch squads needed before innocent people start dying in fires. Courts should sit in all-night emergency sessions and send people down immediately for long jail terms. Send a hundred down for affray for five or six years each, like they did to English lads in 1958 Notting Hill riots and it would all stop."

The accounts your read in this post should be a reminder as to why we Americans need to protect the Second Amendment at all costs. Britons have lost most of their gun rights, and now that the cops can't effectively protect them, the Brits don't have an effective way to crush this insurgency on their own.

NOTE: Sky News and The Guardian and The Telegraph and the BNP's Simon Darby are live-blogging the coverage; it's being updated frequently.

An even more detailed Google map of the affected areas is available HERE.

Sky News presents a list of areas in Greater London where insurgency has taken place. The worst hit areas include Hackney, Lewisham, Peckham, Croydon, and Clapham (see map above); violence has also flared in Deptford, Ealing, Camden, Bethnal Green, Colliers Wood, Brixton, and Notting Hill. A Sky News satellite truck was attacked in Croydon. A BBC journalist was assaulted and his phone stolen near Hackney. Other areas of London braced for possible violence this afternoon with workers barricading their shops in Stratford and Islington. Barriers were erected outside Westfield Shopping Centre and Kilburn High Street was closed off. Police were also on the streets in Harlesden. Police have ordered all scheduled football (soccer) matches in Greater London to be called off.

Police are being stretched so thin that there are some areas, like Clapham Junction, where none are available to deal with looting. An estimated 300 police officers from 12 other police forces have been drafted to help bring the violence under control in London. Sky News has provided a YouTube video of looting in Clapham Junction:

Scotland Yard said the unrest was "simply inexcusable" as they announced they had arrested 225 people and charged 36 people over the escalating riots.

In addition, the Daily Mail reports that violence has also flared in Britain's second largest city, Birmingham. Police there said several shops have been attacked, near to the Bullring shopping center, and property stolen as youths rampage around the city center. At least 87 people have been arrested, 11 others taken to hospital and 30 more received first aid and were released. A Sky News live blog indicates that problems spread from Birmingham city center to Handsworth, and that there've been minor copycat disturbances in Wolverhampton and Walsall. The Guardian reports that Liverpool is now going up, disturbances taking place in the Toxteth area on Grove St, Smithdown Road and Lawrence Road. BBC says disturbances are now taking place in Manchester and may also be taking place in Bristol.

The Guardian has published an excuse-ridden apologia on behalf of the hoodlums, blaming the violence on so-called "social exclusion" as well as economic privation. However, there are many people round the world in worse circumstances, but they don't just up and chimp out and start burning and looting.

There's only one way to deal with this -- shoot to kill. Anything wearing a bandanna gets capped. These young punks have lost their fear of the older generation; respect needs to be re-instilled back within them through force. Syrian President Bashir Assad knows how to deal with this crap; he's prepared to take down the city of Hama brick by brick if need be.

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Anonymous said...

Man your article is grossly inaccurate and doesn't add up. What did the riots in the UK have to do with multiculturalism? The riots took place in the poorest areas in the UK - that is a statistical fact. Reasons are still being examined as to why it happened- these are multi faceted. The death of multiculturalism refers to the term itself as it emphasises difference between people- an attributing factor to inter racial violence. The new term is interculturalism as it means to engage differing cultures to coexist with one other. The fact that you quote BNP on anything is doomed to fail anything you may possibly have to contribute to society.