Friday, August 05, 2011

Courageous Milwaukee Aldermen Bob Donovan and Joe Dudzik Issue Statement Demanding Blacks Take Back Control Over Their Youth

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In the wake of the black rampage at the Wisconsin State Fair in Milwaukee, a considerable amount of it directed against whites, two Milwaukee aldermen have courageously recognized the racial aspect and have issued a public statement condemning violence by black teens. The latest toll is 24 arrested and 11 injured, seven of them State Fair police officers. The savagery of the violence is reflected in this raw cell phone video provided by WITI Channel 6 (Fox6):


On August 5th, 2011, Aldermen Bob Donovan and Joe Dudzik issued the following statement entitled "We’re Reaping the Harvest We’ve Sown", in which they call upon the black community to start taking more responsibility for its actions:

As elected officials, we are shocked and concerned about the senseless violence displayed by the large mob outside State Fair Park last night. On behalf of our city, we apologize to the victims and good patrons who endured or witnessed such horrific behavior.

Sadly, what transpired near State Fair Park last night is only the most recent mob riot spawned by a culture of violence that has been brewing in Milwaukee for some time.

And let’s face it, it also has much to do with a deteriorating African American culture in our city.

Are large groups of Hispanics or Hmong going out in large mobs and viciously attacking whites?


We are reaping the harvest that we’ve sown.

How so?

There are repercussions for the staggering illegitimacy rate in our African American community.

There are repercussions for having little to no positive male involvement in the lives of African American children.

There are repercussions for single-parent homes where children aren’t properly supervised, and where they aren’t held responsible for their actions.

There are repercussions for a staggering, decades-long near 50% unemployment rate for African American males in our city.

There are repercussions for having a failing public school system, and an outdated juvenile justice system.

There are repercussions for having one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in the U.S., and for having kids raising kids.

The community was shocked when the violent mob of African American youths attacked white people in Kilbourn Reservoir Park on July 3. Then, a few eyebrows were raised at the F-bombs and shocking disregard and disrespect for Milwaukee police officers shown by a large and unruly group of African Americans at N. Richards St. and W. North Ave. last Saturday night.

And now this horrific mob violence near State Fair Park.

But for those who live in some city neighborhoods, this violence has been like a steady rain for far too many years now. And the reality is this summer it seems we have five or six shootings each and every weekend!

Unfortunately, this behavior is now all too common in some parts of the Milwaukee community.

Our hearts go out to the older generation of African Americans in this city who remember when their community had one of the HIGHEST marriage rates in the city. Sadly, many of these same residents are now scared of their own children and grandchildren.

Although we hope our law enforcement agencies are able to bring some of the thugs who were involved in these attacks to justice, no amount of millions of dollars in government spending or resources is going to truly address this problem.

We can no longer wish this violence would just go away, and we cannot ignore it; we must see it for what it truly is.

We cannot begin to address the underlying causes of the violence without change. We believe that change must come from within the African American community, where new seeds must be sown.

If you want to send an e-mail to these two aldermen expressing support for their courageous stand, instructions are available HERE. Contrast this with the response by State Fair Police Chief Tom Streubing, who is now claiming the fights weren't racial.

State Fair Park CEO Rick Frenette is taking sterner measures to prevent a recurrence of violence. Frenette says there will be an increased police presence following disturbances at the fair and surrounding neighborhood. And, he says all those under 18 attending the fair will have to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian after 5 P.M.

Mayor Tom Barrett announced an increase in police presence at community events planned for the week. He said there would be no tolerance for violence at festivals and that perpetrators will be prosecuted -- regardless of race. "Two years ago I was a victim of a random attack at State Fair… last night's events took place at State Fair that I don't believe are random," he said at a City Hall news conference. Gov. Scott Walker has also ordered the Wisconsin State Patrol to provide additional law enforcement help.

Not a word from the NAACP, though.


Anonymous said...

Hey Guilty White Liberals, your grand parents and great grand parents aren't looking so wrong now are they? Apartheid South Africa is looking like a reasonable policy now. Sundown towns are certainly a reasonable preventative measure to such savagery that it looks like the Soviet American policy of equality has only one goal, and that is the terrorizing of whites at the hands of their unpaid muscle, the savage negro beast.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they need jobs. Black unemployment is three times that of whites. If they had jobs to go to they probably wouldn't be at the fair.

We're reaping what we sew because we sewn it. 400 years of immoral and unconscionable acts, without one statement from the government about an apology, has finally come home to rest.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the 50's and 60's when black folks were savagely beaten by mobs of white folks. Then hung from trees.

How many of your parents and grandparents are murderers? Entire neighborhoods would show up for the lynching. There is not statute of limitations on murder yet none of these neighborhoods have been brought to justice.

So again, I ask, how many of your parents and grandparents are murderers who never served a day in jail for killing innocent people?

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous 8:14 P.M: Your point about jobs is valid, but playing the history card is unjustified. None of the so-called "oppressors" remain alive today. Furthermore, any apology would be pointless; apologies don't provide jobs or rebuild distressed neighborhoods.

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous 8:19 P.M: You grossly overstate the lynching case. I personally have never met anyone who was ever involved in a lynching, and I've traveled the USA considerably, inclduing some Southern states.

However, I bet it would be much easier to find black people who were involved in burning down our cities during the '60s and '70s.

Turnabout may seem like "fair play", but more often than not, merely brings even more "turnabout".

otterhauser said...

Interesting that the Aldermen's statement was removed from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on August 6th and is no longer available in that publication online.

Anchorage Activist said...

Otterhauser - too late for the JS to censor it. CBS58 is one of numerous sources where it's still available. But I wonder if the two aldermen are being pressured to modify or retract the statement. We'll have to watch for that possibility.

Anonymous said...

Let me begin by saying that an event was held at the Martin Luther King Community Park where majority of the attendees were African American young young brought together in celebration and preparation of back-to-school majority of the attendees were from the surrounding community and might I ADD not one act of violence occurred. I'm tired of white America clumping and/or categorizing all African Americans together. What occurred WAS a disgrace to my community and the many African Americans who DO NOT behave in such a manner. What I do see among the comments here is the underlying issue RACISM and absolute ignorance! The comments left by many caucasians on this website let's me know that nothing has changed but the year date and time. I think most of all u were appalled because of the innocent bystanders who were harmed were white this time versus the African American who has been harmed at the hand of the white man for centuries!!!!! Hopefully we can come together as one and come to a positive resolution !!!

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous 3:20 P.M. - Thank you for your forthright condemnation of black behavior at the Wisconsin State Fair.

You say you're tired of white America clumping and/or categorizing all African Americans together? Fair enough -- but white America is equally tired of the black Americans who insist upon engaging in this behavior in every major American city with a sizable black population. White America also grows tired of you folks constantly dredging up ancient history. How can we ever have healing if some many prominent black spokespersons such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton keep picking the scabs. I realize those two weren't given a mandate to speak for the entire black community, but they're the loudest and the go-to guys for the media.

Anonymous said...

8:14 and 8:19 you are full of it.

The federal government (state and local too) has been throwing money and opportunities at blacks (often at the expense of Whites) for DECADES now. Yet the vast majority of blacks cant/wont get their act together. We've been hearing excuse after excuse for years now, and there's always the cry of "racism" from the blacks in reponse to any criticism.

This is not a matter of "economics" or lack of jobs. It is a racial, biological matter. Negroes have time and time again shown themselves unfit to live in a civilized society.

That "lynching" in the 50s stuff is nonsense, how about the millions of White victims of black crime since integration? Which the media and gov't are silent about.

You colored "people" (and I use that term loosely) have an entire continent of your own that you can move back to.

I'm sick of hearing these pitiful excuses from dirty niggers and their dirty white trash supporters.

Come soon, I hope the day of reckoning does.

Anonymous said...

The City of Milwaukee should impose a special Negro Tax on each black living in the city to pay for the extra police protection that will now be required for whites attending public festivals in the Milwaukee area.

Anonymous said...

What was swept under the rug was how the fights were started by a group of whites. A group of whites make racial slurs and remarks at the blacks while security watched. Some other blacks stepped up to stop the situation, when more whites stepped up and began pushing, spitting and hitting.All while Co.fairground security watched and did nothing. Then more blacks jumped in causing security to step in. So, security threw out only the blacks. Which is why the blacks attacked only whites outside of the fairgrounds. Amerikkka only tells its story and never the truth. I was there and witnessed the whole thing. Extremely Sad and true. Disgusting how these alderman talk about things they know nothing about. SHAME ON THIS SITE....WRONG DONE TO SILVERSPOON FEED WHO HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO SURVIVE A DAY ALONE. I PRAY FOR YOU ALL.