Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Censorship: West Virginia MetroNews Refuses Radio Ad For A3P Gubernatorial Candidate Harry Bertram Because Of The Word "White"

After American Third Position Party candidate Harry Bertram qualified to appear on the state's gubernatorial ballot through the deployment of nominating petitions, A3P decided to back him up further by producing a campaign ad for him. The ad, along with the script, was sent to West Virginia Metro News for airing. A smart move, since West Virginia Metro News encompasses 61 affiliated stations reaching over one million residents in every county in the state. That's over 55 percent of the state's population.

According to American Renaissance, here was the script for the ad:

Vote Harry Bertram for Governor, the American Third Position Candidate. The Democratic party and the Republican Party have both failed us. Corporations export our jobs overseas; America is insolvent. Multiculturalism and massive immigration are destroying America’s heritage. Reject the Republicans; reject the Democrats. Vote Harry Bertram for Governor because we must secure a future for White America and our children.

Paid for by William Johnson. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

Imagine Bill Johnson's surprise -- and dismay -- when he received this reply from Joe Parsons, the VP & General Manager of MetroNews Radio and Television Networks:

After reviewing your ad with our management team and counsel, we have decided to NOT accept the ad as it is written. If you would like to discuss the changes needed to make this ad acceptable, please feel free to call me.

Well, Bill Johnson did just that, and during the call, Parsons explained that the ad was unacceptable because of the word “white”. If that one word were removed, the station would be happy to broadcast the ad. It was not reported whether Parsons would apply the same standard to any other race.

Whether A3P wants to make the compromise is up to them. The phrase "we must secure a future for White America and our children" was obviously intended to expose the mainstream White population to the 14 Words, "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children". But even if the A3P agrees to drop the word "white", the condemnation of multiculturalism in the ad still makes Bertram's position clear, and distinguishes him from the other four candidates.

Harry Bertram was interviewed by Jamie Kelso on Voice of Reason back on July 18th, 2011. Audio embedded below (57 minutes):

Bertram was also profiled by WOWK Channel 13 back on July 14th in a relatively fair and balanced piece. He explained that he is a nationalist as opposed to being a supremacist, which he described as someone who wants to dominate others. "A nationalist is someone who loves their race and is willing to do something to preserve it, to take care of their country first and their people," Bertram said. "I don't believe in intervention around the world." Although his primary goal is to win, his secondary goal is to increase name recognition, education and recruitment for the party. He plans to spend no more than $10,000 on his campaign.


Anonymous said...

change "white" to "European"

Anchorage Activist said...

That's actually a good idea; Joe Parsons might buy off on that.

Many who are scared of the word "white" seem less scared of the word "European".

Anonymous said...

"But even if the A3P agrees to drop the word "white", the condemnation of multiculturalism in the ad still makes Bertram's position clear, and distinguishes him from the other four candidates."

I don't think changing "White" to "European" will make much difference. Its clear that Bertram is pro-White, its out there. More importantly, why beat around the bush and water down the message?

I understand the desire to get the word out through as many channels/avenues as possible, but how much should Bertram or anyone else be willing to compromise?

Look what happened to the BNP in the UK, they compromised to the point of abandoning key WN principles. All for 2 seats in the EU Parliament.

Keep it WHITE.