Monday, August 22, 2011

American Nazi Party Recruits Four New People At July 23rd Indoor Rally In Laurens, South Carolina

A bit after the fact, but still worth reporting. The American Nazi Party hosted its indoor rally at the Redneck Shop in Laurens, South Carolina on July 23rd, 2011. Chairman Rocky Suhayda posted an after-action report in the July 25th ANP Report. Much of the report is directed specifically towards party members, but here's a summary of the significant developments.

Chairman Suhayda admits attendance was small, although he does not provide a figure. Temperatures in excess of 100F kept people away; the meeting hall was only ventilated by fans. But most importantly, from those in attendance, four new people were recruited, two men and two women. In addition, the ANP SA (Security Arm) held swearing-in ceremonies for two new SA Men, and a comrade from Maryland was formally recognized as "SA Man of the year 2011". John Taylor Bowles was lauded for putting out a good spread. And no ARA showed up to disrupt the event.

Some might scoff at the low attendance; I've rejected several comments suggesting that only five people showed up. But bear in mind that Jesus Christ only started out with 12 men, and today we have two billion Christians worldwide. Bear in mind that Joseph Smith only started out with three men, himself, Oliver Cowdery, and Martin Harris, and today we have 14 million Mormons worldwide. Also bear in mind that Adolf Hitler was only the 55th member of the original German Workers' Party; its successor, the NSDAP, took control of Germany under Hitler's leadership and literally picked Germany up off the deck and put it back on its feet.

I am not necessarily suggesting that the ANP is likely to experience similar growth. But sometimes there's a reward merely in the process of exercising effort. Theodore Roosevelt explained this back in 1910:

"It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat."

The ANP may eventually fail, but four new people decided to bet on its possible success on July 23rd.

It should also be noted that Rocky Suhayda was suffering pain in his leg during this time, so much so that he had to stop hourly during the trip from Michigan to South Carolina and back. In the August 16th ANP Report, he informs us that it was caused by diabetes, which he is now controlling. Yet despite the pain, he soldiered on.

Dan Schruender flew all the way from California to attend the rally, and he posts a more detailed account HERE. The ANP does things right; Schruender reports that he was met at the Charlotte airport by one of the other SA leaders and they drove about two hours to Laurens with a stop at another airport to pick up another comrade, finally arriving after midnight. He published this interesting observation about Chairman Suhayda's speech:

What was really interesting was when he talked about "pressure valves". He explained that when ZOG feels that the people are getting close to the boiling point, they arrange for a "White Knight" to come to the rescue. This person, who is in reality nothing but a corrupt politician, champions one or two of the issues that are angering the people. Illegal immigration is a great example.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry appears to be the latest "pressure valve" being floated by ZOG to appear as a "champion". The Republican elite are launching an all-out P.R. offensive to get this guy over.

Dan Schruender is now organizing a White Patriot Conference to be held at an undisclosed location in central California on November 12th, 2011. Additional details are published under the title of his blog.


Anonymous said...

Good to see them wrapping things up with some dignity.

Anonymous said...

A.A., this is a non story, what you have not covered is the mass defections from the ANP since Rocky's embracing of homosexuality. They once had numerous Supporter Blogs linked on their site, they now have only have 3, Dan, Taylor and Axel.

By the way, they only had 5 at Laurens, what n embarasment, the NSM, ANSP, and NSALP are recruiting at 5 and 6 tims that rate. Your fag fetish with the ANP is sickening.

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous 9:06 A.M: I have posted your comment to indicate the desperate and disingenuous tactics used by some people to discredit the ANP.

You lie when you say that only five showed up. There were four people who signed on to the ANP, along with Rocky, JT Bowles, and Dan Schruender. There was also one other SA Man present who was recognized. That adds up to at least eight. "Eight" is not "five", not even using Everyday Math.

If you intend to criticize the ANP, at least get your FACTS right. When you deliberately misstate your facts, your entire credibility goes down the toilet.

Anonymous said...

9:06AM never gets his facts straight A.A. What mass defections is he talking about? Who? Again, no facts but slander. The other groups recruitng five times the amount the ANP does. How does he know that They don't post figures. Again, his demented wishing.

Anonymous said...

This isn't a non story. This is an example of where constantly doing the wrong thing in white nationalism gets you. You can pick any one of about 6 or 7 things the ANP totally did horribly wrong. There is no substitute for hard work, honest dealings and a positive message.

I feel bad for everybody involved who gave them money, time and produced nothing but enemies.

Anonymous said...


Your reply made you look foolish. The ANP has been talking tough and spoke and posted photos of a 2010 event, even there they looked as though they had no less than 20.

The core facts the poster at 9:06 stated is correct, by your own verification A.A. 8 is a far cry from the big talk of the ANP. It does seem that their homo policy has back fired. They had one supporterd quit live on the ANSP radio show.
No matter how you cut it A.A. for a group like the ANP, that says, falsely, that they are Rockwell's successor Party and has been up and running since the 1990's, can't explain that gap from 67 to the 90's, and with Rock's stated years in the service that when subtracted from his age, means he was 10 when he started, to only have 8-EIGHT show for a National Meeting and only, by your statement A.A. 3 ANP regulars, is PATHETIC.
No wonder he was crying in his July 25th ANP Report. Of course he is not a true enough Leader to accept that the failure rests on him as the Leader, it is always everyone elses fault.
A.A. you do sem to have a pro-gay bent. You have been very excited about the ANP since their announced support of gays.

James M said...

Great post AA. The ANP has always had a good turnout and as far as I can tell, their ranks have grown significantly in the past year or so.

Rocky never "embraced" homosexuality, LOL!!

The ANP is America's only NS org, and anyone who is serious about National Socialist activism is a member, or should be one.

The ANP's activism and public outreach is a perfect example of how to do things the right way. Notice that not a single attendee was "outed" to the FBI and media like at almost all other pro-white gatherings.


Anonymous said...

It sure shows the quality of ANP leadership when members come from across the country and Rocky Suhayda himself (40+ years nonstop activism without so much as a blemish on his record of National Socialism) drives all the way from MI to SC with pain from diabetes.


I predict the continued advancement of the ANP for many years. They probably will have at least one of their people elected to an office in 2012.

Anonymous said...

the problem with the anp has always been their open slandering of other white nationalists or as they view it their competition in other ns groups. rocky and taylor both either have not learned to act appropriate or they serve the enemy with their attacks on other wn. the open embracement of homosexuality in the anp surely does not help, but most seriously is their non-stop verbal attacks on other wn. Like it says in the bible "by their fruits you shall know them". No pun intended by the fruits reference, what is meant is by their actions they are known and that says it all for the anp. We all have watched the anp un-doing themselves for years. its like a sad slowmotion train wreck. to think they may have found a place in wn by just doing their part and not smearing the names of others, wow what an epiphany, just working hard and not attacking others. such things are alien to the anp.

Anonymous said...

Here are the facts:

The ANP has indoor rallies without noisy protesters or police protection like most groups do.

The ANP recruited new members!!!

The ANP has access to a building they can't get thrown out of and the public can obtain their literature anyday.

The ANP has their activities in pro-White areas to recruit White people instead of areas to cause riots and negative images.

The ANP maintains a museum of pro-White materials for the public.

Gosh...I could go on but it makes the jealous and envious.

Sally said...

I would rather attend a civilized indoor rally like the ANP's than the chair throwing chaos of the NSM meetings like their recent one in Trenton. Of course, the ANSP and NSALP have no public events.

Anonymous said...

Hmm... I guess that one ARA fool still has a hard on against the ANP.
Oh well.
Anyways, it's been years since there has been an organization with the quality and credentials of the ANP and I wish them continued success.

Anchorage Activist said...

I just deleted two more comments falsely accusing the ANP of promoting homosexuality. The ANP has already proven it doesn't sanction homosexuality; they don't need to prove it 100 more times. Besides, the ANP's critics think just like anti-racists; once they make up their minds, nothing to the contrary will dissuade them.

If you publish lies about WN organizations, your comment will be deleted. End of story.

Anchorage Activist said...

Sally - while your praise of the ANP is gratifying, the "chair-throwing" was actually forced upon the NSM by ARA punks who invaded their venue without provocation. I think it's great that the NSM defended themselves; ARA hasn't bothered them since.

The ANSP has engaged in public activism in the past, and the NSALP is doing stuff under the radar at the movement, which they discuss in part on their website.

Anonymous said...

The fact is all of the NS groups are doing things, each differently. AA, does have a bias, however. he is wrong about the ANP, they did esentially say Civil Unions have the same rights in a NS State as astraight coupls as long as they don't tell.
The NSM has stayed true to what they have always have done, the ANP has as well, they attack other WN and NS, the ANSP engages in shock factor and the NSALP actions have been far from under the radar, they have announced their membership increases and have had flier drops in several states. The Probels is all of these NS groups fight for the same limited dues paying members, like frats.

Anonymous said...

This article struck me as being AA's nice way of showing that the ANP was all but officially finished.

Something to consider folks: the whole "Nazi" thing is to break media blackouts. If you are afraid of the media, then what are you doing here?

Nobody would care what the ANP does if they didn't go out of their way to be disruptive and openly conduct cointelpro. Nobody would pay any mind to the fact that out of the whole country and with the help of the internet, they can't draw more than around a dozen people to a meeting. Keep in mind that in Laurens, you can always count on at least a handful of locals showing up.

As far as the ANP being pro-gay, I think this is a non-issue, true or not. They could be pro-Jew for all anyone cares at this point. It is obvious they aren't on our side so what does it matter? It is like one peoples project being negative about Eskimos.

Anonymous said...

The problem is that most white men are too pussy to fight for their children and future.

And if AA is biased, then maybe it's because he is realizing the professionalism and high quality of the ANP.

Anonymous said...

How come the ANP has indoor rallies and the rest of the pro-White movement doesn't? Perhaps outdoor rallies are a thing of the past as the SYSTEM tightens the screws. To me, numbers aren't important. The fact they had it without aqny problems and signing up new recruits is succes all by itself.

Thank you A.A. for reporting this positive news about the ANP.

Anonymous said...

4:33 - I don't know whose side YOU are on but it sure isn't the pro-white side! Spewing lies and garbage makes you look bad when you make up stuff from your goofy imagination. Come back to reality and stop being jealous of the ANP's continued success and growth.

Capitalism and "democracy" are an obvious failure in the US; National Socialism presents an Aryan system for honest government. The American Nazi Party is the ONLY NS political party in America and therefore our best hope to secure the 14 Words.

Anonymous said...

"The problem is that most white men are too pussy to fight for their children and future."

Right you are!

I was just watching a documentary tonight about Estonia. It was when the Estonian Council voted to become independent from the Soviet Union, after Gorbechev was arrested and the communist hardliners took over.

Naturally, the Soviet troops rolled in, but the Estonian people decided to stand up to them. The Estonians were unarmed, and still faced down the Red soldiers.

Shortly after, the hardliners were ousted and the Red troops left, Estonia became free and the USSR collapsed.

Can you imagine today's White Americans doing something like that? I sure as hell can't. I think most of them would rationalize the situation. Make some excuse why its okay to be oppressed by ZOG, then go have a beer and watch a nigger ball game.

Soft and weak, ready for slaughter.

Anonymous said...

6:58 Makes good points, thank you.

While our movement stays preoccupied with giving attention to creeps like the guy at 4:33, our White ancestors would have been busy kicking butt. I hate to have a defeatist attitude, but when will White men re-grow some freakin' balls?!

Anonymous said...

The problem is that the ANP's entire focus is attacking other WN & NS which it views as cutting into its potential sources of "pledges". The ANP devotes a lot of copy in its writings to "making sure you get those pledges in".

This is suspicious.

Are any of the ANPers employed?

Sid said...

I see on the NS Acumen of the Old Guard blog the ANP has a big surprise announcement this December at their event. Does anyone know what it is?

Anonymous said...

I believe that the NSALP is shutting down and merging into the ANP. That would be great, all these tiny splinter groups becoming a part of a more successful, proven organization. Won't the kikes howl! Heil Hitler!