Friday, August 26, 2011

A3P Arizona Coordinator Ralph Brandt Running For District Three Seat On The Mesa City Council Against Dennis Kavanaugh

The Arizona State Coordinator of the American Third Position Party has announced his intent to run for election to the Mesa City Council. Ralph Brandt will be running for the District Three seat, currently occupied by Dennis Kavanaugh. To qualify for the ballot, Brandt must submit 233 signatures to Mesa by May 30th, 2012 for the August 2012 council elections, so he's getting off to an early start. The Arizona Republic notes that "Dennis Kavanaugh...[is] about as far from a White supremacist as you can get and still be White", which may explain why Brandt's targeting him. It may be that Kavanaugh is WINO (White In Name Only).

Sixty-one year old Ralph Brandt becomes the third A3P candidate to run for elective office, preceded by Harry Bertram for Governor of West Virginia and Atlee Yarrow for Governor of Florida. Yarrow discusses his campaign efforts further on White News Now. The A3P published a short article on Brandt's party activism back in November 2010.

Already some are claiming that Brandt's potential candidacy brings concern to a community where racial tension, fueled by Hispanic activists and their white sympathizers, has increased because of the illegal immigration debate. Mesa Republican Russell Pearce, the state Senate president, is the target of a contentious recall in part for his creation of SB 1070, the law that makes it a crime to be in Arizona illegally. Phoenix New Times gonzo journalist Stephen Lemons has waged a relentless witch-hunt against Pearce. Lemons also published a hit piece on Ralph Brandt and the A3P back in May 2010.

Ralph Brandt has yet to develop a campaign website or publish a local platform. His first task has been to educate constituents about the American Third Position Party. Brandt scoffs at the SPLC's hate group label of A3P, noting the SPLC applies the term too broadly. "The party essentially promotes the ethnic interests of white people," Brandt said. "We believe that neither political party is serious about controlling our border so that's a major part of our platform."

Brandt also noted that modern-day McCarthyism is at play against people who promote European heritage, and he's gotten unfriendly responses at times when handing out brochures. "One reaction I get quite often is if I'm a member of the KKK or a Nazi or something like that - all the usual stereotypes," he said. "Blacks have the NAACP, Mexicans have La Raza but there's no political group representing the political interests of white people. There's a tremendous gap which we have the potential for filling."

The public part of Brandt's Facebook page indicates he's been "friended" by U.S. Border Guard leader J.T. Ready and NSM activist Harry Hughes III. Nevertheless, despite the Facebook link, Brandt said Ready is "an embarrassment to our case." Ready ran for City Council in 2006, but his candidacy was marred by controversy over his resume and his service history with the U.S. Marine Corps. Despite that, Ready placed second in the race with 24 percent of the vote.

After publication, Brandt posted this follow-up comment to the East Valley Tribune article:

venonacables posted at 11:27 pm on Thu, Aug 25, 2011:
I am pleased with the article that Mr. Groff wrote about me. He is a good reporter. Everything he said in the article was accurate, but he left out three details.
1. In October of this year, West Virginia will be holding a special election for governor. American Third Position ( of A3P ) will be fielding a candidate in this election. The candidate's name is Harry Bertram.
2. Bill Johnson is the head of A3P. He is a lawyer whose office is in Orange County in California. Mr. Johnson will be offering pro bono services to the mayor of Quartzite.
3. Mr. Goff made a passing reference to Heidi Beirich. To see what one of the directors of A3P has to say about Ms. Beirich, you can do a google on his essay. The title of the essay is "Heidi Does Long Beach."
Ralph Brandt

Ewww, gross. The idea of Heidi Beirich "doing" anybody is nauseating. I know the women supposedly all look good at closing time, but I don't think I could possible ever get THAT drunk.

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US Border Guard said...

Infighting is being a tool for the enemy. This nobody loser did nothing for Whites. All he did was validate he Jew media by appeasing them. No chance in hell of winning. Just there to talk trash about a real candidate who gave them a run for their money. COINTELPRO would be proud.