Sunday, July 31, 2011

White Racial Activist Christopher Drake Publishes "Cruel New World", Patrols For Illegal Aliens In The Arizona Desert With The U.S. Border Guard

One of the former state leaders of the now-defunct American National Socialist Workers Party (ANSWP) has been engaged in productive activity since the breakup of the ANSWP. Christopher Drake, a longtime boots-on-the-ground White racial activist, has not only published a book, but has patrolled for illegal aliens in the Arizona desert with the U.S. Border Guard.

Drake's book is entitled "Cruel New World", and is intended to be the first book in a series of action novels about rural folks surviving in the American back country during World War III. In the book, Communist Red China has invaded the United States of America, and a group of "rednecks" try their best to stay alive in a world that is imploding before them. The scenario is realistic; both George Washington ("Son of the Republic, Look and Learn") and Joseph Smith ("Did You Know That The Prophet Joseph Smith Predicted A Third Major Political Party And World War III On American Soil?") envisioned scenarios in which an international consortium led by Russia and China would attack and invade the United States. Such an invasion would most likely occur after the U.S. has been weakened by a combination of natural disasters or internal strife disabling the national infrastructure and command authority; the initial attack might be preceded by an EMP-generating nuclear detonation in the upper atmosphere over the U.S. to "blind" us.

On VNN Forum, Drake reveals two reasons why he wrote the book. First, he wanted to entertain a friend who was in prison. He finds that writing a book for one type of person comes out great, and is normally well-received in the end. Second, he was disappointed by certain aspects of other similar novels such as Deathlands, Outlanders and The Survivalist. While books like those are entertaining, they are frequently loaded with Marxist or Zionist propaganda. Drake believes nobody likes to pay money for a book only to receive a Communist pitch somewhere in every chapter. He also wanted to write a book in which the heroes are normal or even slightly dysfunctional people instead of celluloid supermen like Jack Bauer or Bruce Willis who can leap over tall buildings in a single bound and save the world from utter destruction in 60 minutes or less (minus the commercials).

One reviewer, Wyatt Kaldenberg, noted that "Mr. Drake is a proletarian author in the same working class camp as the two-fisted hard drinking writers Jack London and Frank Norris. He writes from the sweaty brow of the common man". The book could potentially rival the racialist fiction published by Harold Covington. One advantage that Drake has over Covington is that Drake doesn't have a so-called "white nationalist" stalker hounding him for a bullshit $200,000 judgment, so Drake is free to promote his book publicly without restriction.

Purchasing information available HERE.

But Chris Drake hasn't just been writing books. Despite being 2,000 miles away from Arizona, he was so moved by their struggle on the front lines of illegal immigration that he chose to visit there and do a patrol with the U.S. Border Guard. One truckload of drugs his team intercepted was valued at $1 million. As you can see from this account, patrolling with the U.S. Border Guard is not for hobbyists; don't show up to patrol unless you're equipped with a full kit. Those who lack the necessary equipment and/or outdoor skills can contribute logistically to the U.S. Border Guard as Tier IV, providing either equipment or funds.

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