Monday, July 18, 2011

Prussian Blue Twins Lamb & Lynx Gaede Cease White Nationalist Activism, But Have Not Turned Anti-Racist

Update July 19th: Added a link to a VNN Forum thread at the bottom of this post. It includes responses from April Gaede verifying that the twins were merely talking about diversity within the White community, and that they exclusively date White guys.

The rumors percolating behind the scenes about the famed White nationalist pop duo Lamb & Lynx Gaede are true. The girls have indeed "left" White nationalism, meaning that they choose not to promote White nationalism politically or culturally any more, and instead, merely live like normal White girls. They have NOT jumped the shark and become anti-racist extremists, and they most certainly should NOT be considered race traitors.

The Blaze points to the source article entitled "Change of heart", published July 17th 2011 in The Daily. Supplemental coverage has been posted on The Right Perspective, the Missoula Independent, and the Daily Caller. The 420 Times offers an interesting perspective.

Summary: It appears the change of heart by Lamb & Lynx began as early as 2006, about the same time they became teenagers and began the normal teenage quest to establish their own separate identities. During their 2006 European tour, in addition to playing their customary music, they also did a rendition of Bob Dylan's Knocking on Heaven's Door, which drew a smattering of boos from the pro-White audience. Their mother, April Gaede, warned them that playing a song by a Jewish artist might not be well-received by the crowd.

But the big impetus for change may have taken place after the twins switched from home schooling to public schooling. April Gaede actually approved the switch; Lynx explained that her mother "...taught us to question things and that she’s glad we don’t just accept everything she says". All of the media reports underplay the effects of public schooling, but Lamb & Lynx do not. Lynx herself said “My sister and I were home-schooled. We were these country bumpkins. We spent most of our days up on the hill playing with our goats.” So obviously, the majority-White high school they attended in Kalispell, Montana taught them to look down upon themselves as "country bumpkins". This shows that even the whitest public schools in the United States relentlessly promote diversity and multiculturalism, and ruthlessly suppress any hint of White identity.

Note that this took place at a majority-White high school in a majority-White community. You can just imagine what it's like for a White student at a majority-Black or majority-Latino high school. In fact, I would actually suggest that sending a White kid to a Black majority school constitutes child abuse. One teacher at such a school, Dan Schruender, was so revolted by his school's attitudes towards White students that he became a national socialist and ran unsuccessfully for his school board.

Lamb & Lynx Gaede also began to experience some health problems, which in turn led them to begin promoting medical marijuana. Lynx was diagnosed with cancer during her freshman year of high school and doctors removed a large tumor from her shoulder. Then she developed a rare condition called CVS, cyclic vomiting syndrome. Lamb suffers from scoliosis and chronic back pain, as well as lack of appetite and intense emotional stress. Both found that marijuana helped them cope with nausea, and so both now hold medical marijuana cards issued by Montana.

Both Lamb & Lynx now profess enthusiasm for diversity. Lynx noted, “Personally, I love diversity. I’m stoked that we have so many different cultures. I think it’s amazing and it makes me proud of humanity every day that we have so many different places and people.” What's interesting is that Lynx used the word "cultures" rather than "races"; this leads me to believe that when the time comes for them to start their own families, the chances are good that they will restrict their choices to White men only.

The Bottom Line: The girls are still on good terms with their mother, although they think April is too "fixated" on race. Nonetheless, they have not completely abandoned their beliefs; they still think there's too much obsession with the Jewish Holocaust, and that official World War II history is still too biased against Germany. They do admit that Hitler had faults. What Lamb & Lynx are much more interested in now is to be "healers" and to exert the most love and positivity possible. For her part, April Gaede still believes the girls are merely going through an identity phase, noting “They’re 19. I think when they have children of their own, they’ll come to the same conclusions I have.”

What's deplorable is that some so-called "white nationalists" have already reacted emotionally and are considering the Gaede twins to be "race traitors". As a result, Lamb and Lynx have spent most of the past five years lying low and trying to live a normal life, turning aside numerous media requests. “I’ve had people call me a race traitor before,” Lynx said. “It’s definitely something they’re going to have to get over,” she added defiantly. Lamb also said "There are dangerous people in White Nationalism that don’t give a fuck, and they would do awful things to people who they think betrayed the movement. We’re stepping on eggshells.” The plain truth is that Lynx and Lamb have NOT sold out. They have NOT turned anti-racist. They have simply decided to cease racial activism and concentrate primarily upon living White.

General Public Reaction: Over 100 comments posted to The Blaze provide a snapshot of ordinary public reaction. A number of misguided people incorrectly equate national socialism with liberalism. But one person wrote "Let them tour any '-hood' in the good old USA, hang out for awhile alone at night and then let’s see how they feel afterwards? My thought: They will have had THEIR FULL of diversity!"

KGPE Channel 47 (Fresno) reporter Zara Arboleda has posted her blog reaction HERE. Most notably, she also posts a fair and balanced account of her previous interview with Lamb & Lynx's grandfather, Bill Gaede:

I never met Lamb or Lynx or did a story on them (despite their CD ending up on my desk years ago). However, I did once do stories on their grandfather, Bill Gaede. The family patriarch made headlines himself years ago when he cut down a tree on someone else's property near Avocado Lake. The big stink? Several people claimed to see an image of the Virgin Mary on the trunk. They would stand nearby and pray. Gaede said too many (predominantly Mexican-American Catholic) people were congregating in the area and he was sick of looking at them. So he chopped it down. No charges were ever filed.

My station sent a Hispanic photographer and me - the Asian - to go interview him. I'll never forget driving up to his home in Squaw Valley and seeing swastikas and other such symbols. I've interviewed everyone from criminals to celebrities... but prepping to talk to Bill Gaede scared me like crazy. When he met us outside to do the interview, though, he was very cordial, very well-spoken and very set on his belief system. No, I didn't agree with his philosophy, but I had no complaints about how the interview went.

White Nationalist Reaction: A Stormfront moderator is ruthlessly censoring any discussion. This is a mistake, because it prevents racially-conscious Whites from stepping up and expressing support for the girls, as well as rebutting negative media stereotypes about White nationalism in general and the Gaede family in particular. I fail to understand how merely discussing this story on Stormfront could possible expose the Gaede family to any additional danger; they are already known for their politics within their community. When you step into the public square, you can expect public discussion.

Does Stormfront really want the establishment media and anti-racists to "own" the story? If you don't think you can handle public scrutiny, stay under the radar. Since this post, it appears that Stormfront's objective was to circumvent trolls. VNN Forum now has a thread in which April Gaede herself addresses the issue in this post and this post and this post and this post.


Anonymous said...

Maybe they aren't "race-traitors" but they're both drug-addicted pot heads.... Not exactly "race-friendly."

88Nation said...

So let them have time to sort it all out. Since when does pot have anything to do with WN. Even the Nazis experimented with drugs. I'm more concerned with their health. And I feel we all should be. Remember that when you raise children with deeply held beliefs they tend never to abandon those beliefs. Everyone needs a vacation. Even from one another!

Mjodr said...

The reason that SF is censoring is because there are many WNs that take tabloids and anti-White propaganda to heart.. and ruthlessly bash the girls. Of course, most are probably not actually WNs... but the general public wouldn't know that.

Mjodr said...

The reason SF is censoring is many trolls have come out of the woodwork and are ruthlessly bashing them based on tabloid and anti-White's word.

The sheer amount of tabloid worshipers is astonishing.. and that any WN would trust them enough to then turn on the girls is appalling.

The mods there are not machines.. they shouldn't have to focus so much attention on the subject.

Anonymous said...

A.A., your asumptions are a bit too optimistist. Of course it is clear that the relationship with April remains very good, however your assessment otherwise is incorrect. The girls new positions regarding "diversity" says all.

Until they have a real experience with diversity, i.e. a drive through Detroit, Compton, or some other prime example of "diversity" they will not fully appreciate it.
The promotion of drug use is sad, kill brain cells to numb pain makes no sense but it works for the jews.

You are correct to point out the impact of the school system, so much for the theory of Whites moving to Montana, SD or ND. April made a horrible mistake in thinking that White met right in Montana. For 50 years whites have been subject to both race and cultural genocide. Demographics do not necessarilly mean safety.

Anonymous said...

AA, no offense but I think you're being overly optimistic as usual. You did the same thing with Hal Turner, you defended him until it was 100% sure he was a fed.

This sounds exactly to me like they've gone against WN, and will probably have black boyfriends soon. There is every reason to believe they no longer hold WN views - or ever will again.

Anchorage Activist said...

Mjodr - Thanks for your response. I didn't realize Stormfront had so much trouble with trolls.

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous 10:11 A.M: The example of Hal Turner has made us all a bit gun-shy. We are tempted to think the worst when we encounter any variance as a result.

However, I don't see the red flags with the Gaede twins that were present with Hal Turner. I also think it important to communicate to April Gaede that regardless of what's happening in her family life, we stand behind her and respect the sacrifices she's made for our Cause.

jimbo! said...

if you want some "motivation" for fckn obliterating non-whites, then,check this out!

Anonymous said...

These girls got involved in the Movement at such an early age they could hardly be expected to have a fully developed Weltanschauung. They have had to endure more stress and more abuse from the hands of leftists, Jews and liberals than any kid should have to. Pointing to a 19-year-old who is trying to establish her own identity and yelling "race traitor" is stupid, counter-productive and just plain mean. The WN's who do that are really driving these girls into the arms of the liberals.

It's sad to see their obviously maruijana-induced "art" and compare it to what they were once able to do -- touching the hearts of hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of White people around the world. But please, people, let's not scare them away from us even more. They're 19 and they have gone through a lot. Let's just hope it's a phase they need to go through, and keep the door open.

Lynx and Lamb, if you ever read this -- you'll still be welcome back to Sweden as soon as you've turned full circle and arrived back at the conclusion that being worried about the fate of our race is not a "fixation". Our country would not be the same without Whites, far from it. Neither would yours.

Don't burn your bridges, girls.

Anonymous said...

C'mon, they're going to college. Would you want a bulls-eye on your back? The twins will be fine.

Anonymous said...

Anybody read where they talked about all the wierdo's in the movement? Once again, the NEED to PURGE all of the bad elements comes to the fore- otherwise they drive away the decent people, and we wind up left with the dregs. Hail the ANP! 88!

Anonymous said...

If you read the articles about this, these girls mentioned being bothered by the "creepy" people whom infest this movement, by this I think I understand "whom" they mean. Watching grown men literally drooling over the well-meant, but really childish music peformed by these little girls, music that they could have heard if they attended their own childrens school music festivals - oh thats right, most movement males DON'T have any children or attend their concerts - WAS really "creepy" to me. These girls were PUSHED by their MOTHER into the "public-eye", for a Cause that at their age, they could never really comprehend beyond basics - before they ever had a CHOICE of being there. WHY? This womans EGO. She seems to LOVE the LIMELIGHT of "publicity" and USED her CHILDREN to get it. Personally, I think that that is totally inappropriate AND dangerous to the kids. When so many GROWN people out there refuse to step up to the plate and get-involved in the FRONT-LINES...pushing children to the fore is down-right STUPID and IDIOTIC! OH! Mean Old Rock - Your SUPPOSED to 'support', "support", "SUPPORT" this shit! Sorry, using KIDS in a battle that is deadly SERIOUS, as so many of you show by your lack of involvement - only confirms me in my thinking. You right girls, "ENTERTAINING" a bunch of cowardly tards who lurk way back in the shadows, while using KIDS as TARGETS for the enemy to take pot-shots at is POISON! RUN FROM THESE "CREEPY" PEOPLE AS FAST AS YOU CAN and try to rebuild your lives! Sincerely, Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman 88! PS - Anybody hear how the Judeo-Capitalists EXHUMED, BURNED and SCATTERED Rudolf Hess's BONES from his grave? Pitiful. Hail Hess the MAN who DARED PEACE!

jimbo! said...

looks like "incog" just got "oiked"....any-one here know wtf is "up" with that shite?!?

Anonymous said...

Excellent post Rocky. I certainly hate to see these girls leave WN, but they were put in quite an awkward position by their own mother. It was very unfair to have them, as children, out in the open, as easy targets for the hatred of the anti types.
I'm hoping they will eventually come to their senses and return to the fold, as activists, rather then "entertainers" God, how this movmement just loves to be entertained.

As for the great Rudolf Hess, I guess it is a testament to the fear felt by the jews that they must desecrate the remains of a man who has been dead for over 20 years. As well as their own sick, perverted mindset that makes them get a sense of satisfaction by burning bones, like some sort of Judeo-Satanic ritual.

jimbo! said...

"Anchorage"....u updating this 'blog or not?!?

(trying to find out wtf has happened to ... looks like it's been "taken out", eh?!?)

Charles Wable said...

oh my god. nobody asks what they want or how they feel or what they think. You know it IS their lives too! they are two teenage girls from my generation that were shoved into war and never got to just live. they didnt have a say in the things that have defined their lives and will define the rest of their lives.
and really? drug addicted potheads? you ignorant imbecile, maybe we shouldnt use up and endanger little girls to try get a message across like a coward? but then again you say that anonymously because you wont even stand for what you say you believe.
Ive lived many places and have travelled the majority of this country. they probly dont even remember me but Ive met them and in case you havent met any other kids from my generation, lamb and lynx are pretty fucking awesome girls. they are pretty, intelligent, and total sweethearts.
I applaud them and they have all my support.