Monday, July 04, 2011

North East White Pride Hosts Successful "Close The Border" Rally In Hudson, New Hampshire For Sixth Year In A Row; Battalion 14 Also Present

One of the hallmarks of a successful political advocacy group is consistent and sustained activism. And by hosting a successful "Close The Border" rally in Hudson, New Hampshire for the sixth year in a row on July 2nd, 2011, North East White Pride (NEWP) continues to polish their reputation for consistent and sustained activism. NEWP was also joined by representatives of an allied group, Battalion 14 (misreported as Battalion 4 by the Nashua Telegraph). This rally was also given advance publicity on Stormfront.

The Telegraph provides the only known media story so far, reporting that a total of 16 White activists showed up, holding signs with messages such as “No Way Jose”, “The U.S.A. is not for you Esse”, and carrying a “Don’t Tread on Me” flag. Some chose not to identify themselves out of concern about retaliation, particularly by employers. One Battalion 14 activist who wore a skeleton mask and sunglasses said he almost lost his job three years ago when his photo was shown on the Internet by those opposing the White activists, and noted that he has three daughters to take care of.

But the chief organizer, Patrick O'Donovan, can afford to risk a higher level of public exposure, and so he permitted himself to be photographed and interviewed. He chose Hudson because its strategic location at the junction of State Highways 102 and 111 affords ideal exposure, and because it is predominantly a White community. He chose the Fourth of July weekend to drive home the message that opposition to illegal immigration is patriotism. And he characterized NEWP as primarily the White equivalent of the NAACP and the JDL (Jewish Defense League).

O'Donovan firmly rejected allegations of "hate" and "racism", noting that his group merely supports White culture and wants to see immigration laws enforced. This follows the strategy recommended by Dr. David Duke (see post from April 25th, 2010) and picked up by other reputable White activist groups that instead of trying to re-define racism to co-opt and detoxify it, we should reject charges of racism and rebound them back upon the heads of our accusers.

The Telegraph reported that many of those driving by did not acknowledge the group, while others honked their horns or showed a thumbs up in agreement. Still others yelled out epithets and made obscene gestures to the protestors. Although the Telegraph's coverage of the event was reasonably fair, a more pro-White version was published in The Foremost Problem by Russell James, who holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature from UCLA and is active in the campaign to protect the rights and preserve the heritage of Americans of European ancestry. James notes that there was a slightly larger turn-out than in past years and there was some drama when some teenage Hispanics decided to come over and confront them with their usual racist, obscene rantings. But James characterized the rally as a great success, noting that of the thousands of motorists that passed-by, they received hundreds of beeps and thumbs-up with fewer than a couple dozen negative responses.

Additional reaction is posted as comments to the Telegraph story. A Battalion 14 representative posted to clear up a misconception:

KDB14 22 hours ago:
On behalf of BATTALION 14 - NOT "Battalion 4" as stated in this article I wanted to say that the majority of the response we received yesterday was positive and we wanted to thank all those who were in support of us. We went out there to show White Americans in our same everyday situations that yes, they can step outside, be proud of their families history and struggles to not only start, but to build this country from scratch and ultimately that they can try to change the unfavorable situation that they're in. There were of course those that did not agree with our views, which is to be expected. However, I did think that those throwing water bottles and trying to pick obscene arguments with us was a little over the top and just over all unnecessary.

Regardless, legal and law abiding citizens of European descent in this country - such as ourselves - are suffering immensely and if we do not stand up for ourselves and our own families future then who will? Anyone whose eyes are open wide enough can see that the people running our country are more than happy to give handouts to illegal aliens who not only illegally enter and live in the United States, but destroy it with gangs, violence, and drugs. I refuse to let my children to grow up in an unavoidable and dangerous environment like that. These illegal immigrants are not only disrespecting the land that our ancestors came here to create a better life on but they are also not contributing to society in any positive or productive way whatsoever. They are taking our jobs, our homes, and our resources right out from under us and the government is allowing it to happen. Most people have become so accustomed to it that they don't even realize it anymore.

I've noticed a few on here stating that yes they see this problem, but what have you personally done about it? You've got to take responsibility for what you believe in. To you we may be considered too "Extremist" but we are determined to not only "discuss" this horrible issue that we're all in but to CHANGE it in any way we can while still staying in accordance with the letter of the law. For all those who do not agree with our ideology I urge you to delve a little deeper into the reality of this situation. For all those who do agree, whether you've been directly affected by any of these repercussions or not, again we welcome and appreciate your support and hope that at our next demonstration you are right up there with us.

Rob from Boston also posted the following comment:

RobFromBoston 1 day ago:
We had a great time and enjoyed the support of the community on a very serious issue which effects every law abiding, tax paying American, regardless of race. Of course anyone with half a brain can see that European immigration is not a huge problem, while Mexican and other South American immigrants ARE. From gangs and drug violence to driving without a license to the point of vehicular manslaughter . . they have NO right to be here in the first place and every crime they commit is blood on the hands of the government.

As far as covering your face, it is a real threat personally and at work to be slandered in the newspaper where the 'facts' are written, whether they're correct or not. For example the folks covering their face are part of a group called Battalion Fourteen, not Battalion Four, and the majority of participants were not "in disguise", so what does that mysterious woman quoted have to say to those people?

For anyone reading the article who passed by, thank you for your support, honks, waves and thumbs up! Make sure you contact your politicians and DEMAND they enforce the laws of our country. Then go to our website at and find out where our next demonstration will be so you can participate and put a little pressure on our out of touch government to do what's right! You may call anyone who supports traditional "White" values, culture, history and language a "racist" and a "bigot", but failure to stand up for White communities will ensure that they become ghettos like Lawrence, Lowell and other cities.


Anonymous said...

This clearly is a far superior and more effective type of event than all of the dozens of ANP events that we hear about "around the Nation", only on ANP web sites and blogs nd this one. Interesting that One People's Project did not attack, they were more concerned with another event in Washington D.C according to their web site. Also, the One People's Project, like the ADL and SPLC has never made any refernce nor ever picketed any ANP event, why? Birds of a feather I suspect.

Anonymous said...

Great coverage as always! We've been doing this for many years as one of the longest operating White Nationalist groups in the Northeast. We've had a half dozen some years and several dozen other years, but one thing that's always been constant has been NEWP and our supporters speaking out in the area. The article mentions the thumbs up, and some obscene gestures. As Mr. James said, the overwhelming majority of responses were positive as they are every year. We look forward to next years demonstration, and all of our activities in between. If you're in the Northeast it's time to check out