Saturday, July 30, 2011

National Alliance Research Report "Who Rules America" Distributed In Ashfield, Massachusetts To Warn Of Jewish Media Domination

Unknown White racial activists have distributed copies of the 2010 update of the National Alliance's "Who Rules America" research report, which identifies and summarizes Jewish domination of the mass media and the entertainment industry in the United States, and proposes strategies to counter it. The Daily Hampshire Gazette implies the distribution took place between 2 A.M. and 8 A.M. on Wednesday morning, July 27th 2011, although copies of the pamphlet also turned up on Thursday.

Four media outlets reported on the distribution, to include, the Daily Hampshire Gazette, WGGB Channel 6, and WSHM Channel 3. All media outlets describe the pamphlet as "anti-Semitic", although it merely criticizes certain Jewish behavior rather than questions Jewish existence. Discussion taking place on Stormfront. WGGB news video embedded below:

The media outlets did not report how many copies were distributed, but focused on the fact that at least two Jewish residents received copies. This attracted the interest of police, and Ashland Police Chief Patrick Droney held forth on the issue, saying that he was surprised and that it appeared out of character for the community. Droney said he found the pamphlet very disturbing, but acknowledged that it doesn't make any direct threats and doesn't seem to incite any type of violence. This means it creates a "gray area" when it comes to potentially charging someone with an offense. Droney also explained that he was hesitant to publicize the incident, not wishing to give the group any publicity, but felt that it was best to get the information out and stifle rumors before they started. There have also been some car burglaries in the area recently.

The National Alliance has not yet acknowledged the distribution on their news website. You can download the pamphlet at the following link (takes about four minutes, but worth the wait since it's an extremely professional product):

Jewish media domination is not a conspiracy theory; it's a fact. Joel Stein, a Jewish columnist for the L.A. Times, openly acknowledged and celebrated it in December 2008. This domination is not numerical, but is rather a domination of influence facilitated by the Jewish emphasis on education and their superior tribal networking skills. The effects of Jewish media domination are felt in two primary areas: Excessive tilt towards Israel to include incessantly playing the Holocaust card, and corruption and pollution of our culture originating in Hollywood. Jewish Hollywood moguls promote values and role models which have weakened and unraveled the traditional family structure in the United States, and have openly promoted homosexuality and race-mixing as desirable practices. The promotion of race-mixing seems rather ironic in a culture that professes to value diversity, since encouraging the races to voluntarily remain distinct would seem to better promote the desired diversity. Where's the diversity when everything is turned equally kaleidoscopic?

Of course, many Jews exempt themselves from diversity, as you will find out when you read "Who Rules America".


Anonymous said...

It's great to see White people getting the word out. "Who Rules America" is an essential document for all WN, as well as a great introduction for Whites who are starting to wake up or have "had suspicions" about certain things for awhile.

Good to hear about this story. Hopefully this will happen in many other cities and towns across America.

Anonymous said...

The American People, know this already. They are too preoccupied with reality TV, keeping up with all the current (Jew) trends, and making sure they don't offend their friends at the zionist Church on Sunday, or at Rotary Club or the Chamber of Commerce.

Until we have Africa, Zimbabwe type conditions, Americans and their self centerness will not change.

The best we, those of us who are aware, can do is, to prepare, educate, and inform and refuse to partcipate and perperuate a system that is designed to destroy us.


apollonian said...

Excellent story, AA. This "Who Rules America" has always been a classic article since its inception, I guess since back in the 90s. Thanks much for ur article on latest edition which is important for keeping-up on details. A.

Anonymous said...

"Four media outlets reported on the distribution, to include, the Daily Hampshire Gazette, WGGB Channel 6, and WSHM Channel 3. All media outlets describe the pamphlet as "anti-Semitic"

BIG yawnnnn....

I've yet to read anything smeared as "anti-semitic" by the philo-semitic and Jewish-owned press to be untrue--unlike the jewsmedia's constant stream of lies, half-truths, fiction and propaganda.

The moment the jewsmedia smears anyone or anything as anti-semitic, that's a signal for me to go and find out what that person or organization has to say!

Long live "anti-semitism"!