Tuesday, July 05, 2011

How In Hell Could Casey Anthony Be Found Not Guilty But Edgar Steele Be Found Guilty?

By now, most readers know that the verdict on Casey Anthony is in. A Florida jury found Casey Anthony not guilty of first-degree murder in the 2008 death of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee. She was also found not guilty of aggravated child abuse and aggravated manslaughter. The jury did find her guilty of four misdemeanor counts of providing false information to law enforcement. CNN is providing a continuous update on this post. CNN news video embedded below:

The Associated Press has published a timeline of all significant events in this case.

Regardless of what one personally thinks about this verdict, it's obvious the jury correctly and commendably applied the highest constitutional standard in this case. They strictly hewed to the presumption of innocence, and demanded the prosecution prove guilt beyond reasonable doubt. This was not forthcoming; as Fox News points out, much of the state’s case focused on the perception that Casey didn’t grieve her daughter's demise in the socially-prescribed manner; she actually went out dancing, had sex and got a tattoo. Fox News suggests that Some emotionally vulnerable people can experience mania — the “high” phase of bipolar disorder, essentially the opposite of depression — in the setting of unthinkable trauma or loss. This is plausible; I've heard of other such cases.

Too bad this jury wasn't sitting in the Edgar Steele trial. Not only was Edgar Steele not awarded the presumption of innocence, but in my opinion, that case didn't even meet the lower civil standard of "preponderance of evidence". There are two primary reasons why I consider the guilty verdict in the Edgar Steele case bogus:

-- The case revolved around a snitch, Larry Fairfax, who openly admitted on the stand that he had previously lied. Furthermore, he also openly admitted he was scheming to profit from his predicament by writing a book. How could any logical juror consider such a character to be credible?

-- The prosecution and the judge worked hand-in-glove to exclude two critical defense witnesses, the audio experts who were to testify on Steele's behalf challenging the veracity of the audio tapes. Both these experts possessed laudatory credentials. If I'm a juror, and I find that critical defense witnesses are being systemically excluded, I will become suspicious of the prosecution's motives at that point.

The FreeEdgarSteele website continues to provide updates on Steele's situation.

Unfortunately, the Steele trial was a Federal trial, and many prospective jurors grew up with the idea that the Federal government is a savior who can never sin. They watched Efrem Zimbalist Jr. bust crooks during the weekly FBI T.V. shows during the 60s and 70s and idealized FBI agents as lantern-jawed Jack Armstrong types who are incorruptible. The actual track record of the FBI differs significantly, as we saw at Ruby Ridge and Waco.

There's also one other difference between the two trials. While Casey Anthony was a rather attractive and nubile young lady who was apolitical, Edgar Steele was a crusty, crotchety old lawyer who was permanently damned by the establishment for having the audacity to defend Aryan Nations in a civil trial. The fact that he lost is irrelevant; the system wanted to permanently marginalize Steele for even being willing to take the case in the first place. And, unlike Anthony, Steele was very political, criticizing Blacks, Hispanics, and above all, Jews. The latter is considered the worst political sin of all.

A politically-active White nationalist cannot get a fair trial in America. Just ask Shaun Walker, Bill White, Ron Edwards, and Kevin Alfred Strom. Had Casey Anthony been a White nationalist, she undoubtedly would have been found guilty of manslaughter at the very least.

Additional White nationalist reaction to the Casey Anthony verdict is posted on Stormfront and VNN Forum.


Anonymous said...


Different States, different education among the Jurey pool.

Edgar was tried in Palin Country where smarts are in short supply. Edgar was tried where if you are accused, you just gotta be guilty cuz the poolice don't make stuff up. Those dim wited Kosher Conservatives who stood in judgement of Edgar are the real problem, they are both Judeo-Christian and would have convicted Casey Anthony as well.

The keys to keeping from going to jail is 2-fold, knowing the system and having a lot, a lot of money.

Edgar, belive it or not was weak in both areas. He was NOT a strong legal mind, he lost more than he won, remember he lost the AN Case and he did not have a lot of money and his Defense Fund was lax, they should have and could have done due dilligence on the $125K soon to be disbared marvel.

Anonymous said...

I didn't watch much of the wall to wall coverage of this trial, but when I heard about the verdict, it just reminded me of what a rotten, corrupt dump this "USA" is. The system is broken beyond repair, there is no justice. A little White girl is dead, and her dirty White trash tramp mother got away with murder.

Funny how just yesterday the masses "celebrated" how "great" the JewSA is. Yeah right. Edgar Steele gets railroaded for being pro-White, and a child killer gets off free, and will probably make millions with a book deal.

I dearly hope we are quickly aproaching the last days of this Judeo-Xtian-Capitalist-Democratic American Empire.

Anonymous said...

I once has a lawyer tell me their can be stupid juries.

jimbo! said...

A politically-active White nationalist cannot get a fair trial in America

only one, possible solution to this problem....don't be taken ALIVE by ZOG!....emulate Bob Matthews!

we're in a life-and-death struggle for our very existence as a species....if you call yr-self a WN and are not prepared to "do or die"....then...fucking well don't get involved!....go back to the usual 'Kwan past-times of watching nigger-ball on the Televitz and "pigging out" on junk food!

apollonian said...

Thanks for ur analysis and expo upon these cases, AA--it helps for guys like myself without access to all the details. A.

Anonymous said...

Check out the latest ANPReport by American Nazi Party Chairman Rocky Suhayda. In it he speaks about the upcoming - OPEN TO THE PUBLIC - White Patriots Awake! rally in SC on July 23rd, 2011! www.ANP14.com 14/88!

Anonymous said...

Personally I'm AMAZED that WN are as interested as the sheeple are, per the jews-media's fixation over "celebrity crime cases" on this particular trial! With all the REAL ISSUES out there to concern ourselves with - issues that effect the lives of White Working Class people - WHO CARES about this particular bimbo? Are "WE" as zombie-ized as the drooling, boob-tube mezmerized masses, who get their "opinions" from the scripted talking-heads ala the jews? "OK, boys & girls, this is THE interest of the moment for you all to fixate upon" - and this attitude of simply BECAUSE some person is "involved" in WN to one degree or another - that they are ALWAYS railroaded by the system, is getting a little worn. Just like the population in general, which the "movement" is a micro-portion of - there ARE people within it that DO commit CRIMES. Some individuals commit MANY crimes. Lets be honest for a moment, MOST of the "racists" in prison are NOT "POW's" - they are CRIMINALS pure and simple. A very TINY minority ARE in gulag for POLITICAL reasons, like the Order Hero's - but, not many. If we are ever to gain a semblence of respecful recognition from thinking Whites, we need to stop this knee-jerk "defence" of ANY&ALL "racists" who get jacked through THEIR criminal actions. So many "WN" sound like the jew playing his "persecution violin" - Oi! We are always picked on...! I suggest that many of you grow a set, quit the whining and whimpering and GET MAD and GET INVOLVED - POLITICALLY. I've had more than enough of these fantasy-race war masturbators who are ALL "blow" and NO "go" throughout my lifetime, to last me a lifetime! Sincerely, Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman www.AMERICANNAZIPARTY.com 14/88!

Anonymous said...

Rocky is right.

jimbo! said...


is PM Matt Hale "a criminal"?

Rvrnd Straub?
(a Creator reverend who killed a nigger who was trying to attack his wife!)

Edgar Steele?

Chester Doles?

Bill White?

come on!

it's much easier for ZOG to "set up" WNs on bodgie "criminal" charges than on quasi-political ones....a few bits 'n' pieces of concocted evidence by ZOG-bot cops and/or feds....usually in the form of a corrupt, under-cover, narc....a bought and paid for "DA"...an all nigger or jew/nigger "jury".......a jew judge....and....voilá....you've convicted a WN of "a criminal offence"

also: much more convenient for ZOG because the now wrongly convicted WN doesn't attain the status of "martyr"!...and....if you really want to "bury" them..."load them up" with bodgie child molestation 'charges'!

like i said: don't be taken alive by ZOG!