Friday, July 15, 2011

Former National Socialist Leader Bill White Talks To The American Free Press, Claims He Was Tortured By The Feds During Judicial Captivity

On June 25th, 2011, Harold Covington published an account written by former ANSWP Commander Bill White in which White claimed that he was subject to torture by his federal captors while in custody. White stated that he was initially held in a small room under a bright light 24 hours a day and subjected to sleep deprivation. He was also denied showers, a shave, even a toothbrush, and it was in this condition that he was repeatedly taken to court and paraded before the media. He was held in a cell with no heat during the height of a -20F winter cold snap in Chicago; another cell in which he was placed was flooded with human feces. After one seven-month stretch, the ligaments in White's knees atrophied so badly that he couldn’t effectively walk for two weeks.

Bill White also unequivocally accuses Hal Turner of ratting him out. This I can believe; Turner reported suddenly taking a trip to Brazil a mere 18 hours after White was first arrested on October 17th, 2008. Turner had made no prior announcement of this trip.

However, Covington posted no reference as to how or where he found out this information, so I was reluctant to re-publish it. But thanks to the SPLC, I found out where it was originally published. It appeared in issue #22 of the American Free Press on May 30th, 2011. The American Free Press does not copyright their materiel; it can be re-published so long as the full article is posted and a link posted back to AFP.

Covington is sympathetic towards White's plight, writing "...NO ONE deserves what was done to Bill White, and regardless of anyone’s personal opinion of this man, he is a genuine racial martyr who has suffered torture and persecution at the hand of the tyrant".

The article in full begins after the jump:

How I Was Tortured, Told to Lie by the Obama Regime

by Bill White

In 2008, I was arrested because a federal informant—Harold Turner—claimed, falsely, that I was planning to assassinate President Barack Obama by detonating a truck bomb at the Poff Federal Building in Roanoke, Va. I was never charged with this crime, however. Instead, I was charged with a series of free speech violations for publishing a website and magazine critical of the government. It took me 83 days to prove to the satisfaction of the feds that there was no assassination plot; it took them two and a half years to release me, acquitted. If they had a choice, I would still be in prison today.

When I was arrested for speech offenses, I assumed I would receive bond. No one had ever been hurt, and the organization I was involved in, the American National Socialist Worker’s Party, had never been involved in violence. But, two days after my arrest, when I attended a detention hearing, I was ruled dangerous, based solely on my dangerous political views.

After my detention, I was tortured by the Obama government. Initially, I was held in a small room under a bright light 24 long hours a day and subjected to sleep deprivation. I was denied showers, a shave, even a toothbrush, and it was in this condition — dirty and half dead from lack of sleep — that I was repeatedly taken to the courts and paraded before the news cameras.

I was held in a cell with no heat in the 20-below Chicago winter. At one point I was placed in a cell that was then flooded with human feces. The U.S. marshals wanted to know, “Where was the bomb?” I had no idea what they were talking about, and didn’t until almost a year later, when Turner was put on trial for, in part, lying about the “truck bomb plot.”

I later learned the government had been following me since 1996. When I was a teenager, someone—the police still don’t know who—firebombed the home of a police officer. There were no suspects, but a detective told the FBI that he couldn’t imagine anyone who would have a problem with the police except a little anarchist group I was involved in. Based upon this, and despite no evidence linking me to any crime, I was indexed by the FBI as a “domestic terrorist.”

In 2007, the American National Socialist Workers Party began publishing a magazine with a small distribution. Even so, big newspapers such as The New York Times began covering our efforts, and in February 2007, the FBI sought and obtained approval to open a “terrorism enterprise investigation” into our activities. A special prosecution team was set up within the Department of Justice for the sole purpose of prosecuting us, and, eventually, me, “at all costs.”

As an “act of violence,” necessary for opening a “terrorism enterprise investigation,” the 1996 statement that I was part of a group suspected in an arson was used.

Though the government determined there was no bomb, I was in and out of “supermax” for the next two-and-a-half years. The conditions were brutal. After one seven-month stretch, the ligaments in my knees atrophied until I couldn’t walk for two weeks.

The government knew I was innocent but didn’t want to admit they’d made a mistake. They pressured witnesses to lie to grand juries. Two were eventually convicted of that — Turner and another man, Timothy Bland, who used his FBI witness stipend to come to where I lived and try to find and murder my wife and daughter.

By April 2010, the Obama administration knew I was innocent, but they had other uses for me. They wanted me to testify to a “neo-nazi domestic terrorist conspiracy” and perjure myself before a grand jury and Congress, implicating their political enemies. I refused and was returned to supermax.

In January 2011, I was again approached and told that, if I would “cooperate,” I would be immediately released — all charges would be dropped and my record cleared. In April 2011, thankfully, I was acquitted of my fifth federal criminal case, and released regardless.

This is what communism looks like in the United States. I was innocent and eventually acquitted. I was not involved in any plot to bomb any federal building or assassinate Obama.

But, I was arrested, detained, tortured and held in solitary confinement because I refused to lie for the benefit of the federal government and falsely accuse myself and others of crimes.

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Anonymous said...

What happened to Bill White was probably true; but, this is the typical rundown conditions of most USA prisons nowadays included with the newly learned Israeli torture methods adopted by the USA government since 911.

americafarm said...

Just checked and I see that Hal Turner is still in Terre Haute FCI. Don't know if he is still in the special "terrorist" unit.

Meanwhile, Bill White has been writing regularly for AFP this summer, and I believe he may have a book deal with The Barnes Review, as well.

jimbo! said...

uh....ha ha!?....they plonk the likes of Bill White & Hal Turner in "super-max" terrorist units when all they've been convicted of is "hate speech"...and....yet the psycho niggaz who raped, tortured, sexually mutalated and dis-embowlled Channon Christian and Chris Newsome are just plain, ol', ordinary "convicts"!!!?

now youse know wtf fedZOGjewSA has GOT to go down!

Anonymous said...

Jabba Covington and Willy Weiss - two fraudulent creeps made from the same mold. No wonder they commiserate with one another. After what Willy testified under oath about his "role in the movement" being like a "tabloid fantasy liar", I'll take anything coming out of this "ex" anarchist's mouth as just more of the same. As for the Great Tubbo, nothing more needs be said... Good riddance to both! WPWW!

Anonymous said...

Good for Bill White, he needs to do something to rebuild his life. Any word on his wife and daughter? The Gov't is quite proficient at the destruction of families. The fact remains that 2 or 3 Judges declared White INNOCENT and the actions for which he was charged Constitutionally Protected, as such he should be able to seek comepensation from the Feds for his nearly 3 years of incarseration.

americafarm said...

Pay attention. Bill White does not commiserate with Hal Turner. He thinks Hal got what he deserved for making a false report about Bill. Hal's court transcripts reveal that Hal Turner reported a bomb plot at the Poff Federal Building in Roanoke shortly before Bill White was arrested.

A lot of Bill's court records are sealed because the government and the judges don't want Bill White to know exactly who said what about him.

As to the White's marriage, I believe it was "on the rocks" as long ago as last summer. I heard they were getting a divorce, but nothing lately.