Friday, July 15, 2011

Christian Identity Pastor Pete Peters Of The LaPorte Church Of Christ In Colorado Passes Away At The Age Of 64

Pastor Peter "Pete" Peters, who was an acolyte of Original Seedline (OSL) Christianity, passed away from natural causes on July 7th, 2011 at the age of 64. Pastor Peters headed up the LaPorte Church of Christ in LaPorte, Colorado, just west of Fort Collins. His ministry was dedicated to proclaiming what he believed to be the true Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the earth, and to revealing to Americans and the Western Nations their true Biblical Identity. No acknowledgement of his death has yet been posted on the Scriptures for America Worldwide website; however, two sermons preached since that date, on July 10th and July 14th, are available. The new preacher doesn't identify himself, and made no reference to Pastor Peters' death during the first three minutes that I listened to. The audio for the July 10th sermon is embedded below:

The only media report was published by the Coloradan, and it reeks of Anti-Defamation League propaganda. Marilyn Mayo, Co-Director of the ADL’s Center on Extremism, was quoted as follows: "Though Peters had a small following as pastor of the LaPorte Church of Christ, and as head of Scriptures for America, he attempted to reach a larger audience through Internet and shortwave radio, Internet videos, newsletters, DVDs and yearly gatherings. Peters used the technology available to him to spread his propaganda and Christian Identity - a virulently racist and anti-Semitic religion - teachings. Although he was a well-known leader in the Christian Identity movement, Peters did not attract a large following."

Of course, "anti-Semitic" is anything which with the Jews disagree.

Not only did he pastor a church, but Pastor Peters also maintained a vigorous online and mail-order outreach. Through the Scriptures for America Worldwide website, one could listen to his sermons or obtain a wide variety of Christian Identity-related literature. He also published a monthly newsletter entitled "The Dragon Slayer". A collection of videos by Pastor Peters can also be found on the ChristianRoot YouTube channel.

Pastor Peters was an influential organizer at one time. In October 1992, he organized a Rocky Mountain Rendezvous conference of 160 activists, to include white nationalists, patriot, and militia figures in Estes Park, CO to determine a response to the murder of Vicki Weaver and Samuel Weaver by FBI agents and the ultimate arrest of Randy Weaver in Ruby Ridge. In 1996, Pastor Peters hosted a smaller follow-up conference in Estes Park attended by 40 ministers in the Israel Identity movement.

If Edgar Steele was the "attorney for the damned", you could consider Pete Peters to be the "voice of the damned". Pastor Peters conducted interviews with a variety of figures consider persona non grata by the establishment, to include Dr. David Duke and Ernst Zundel. Pastor Peters was also interviewed by James Edwards on The Political Cesspool. Pastor Peters himself has been censored; in April 2011, two public access channels in Michigan pulled his program off the air after complaints from anti-racists.

Reaction: A variety of responses are recorded.

-- Covenant People's Forum: Features a lengthy thread with robust discussion about Pastor Peters. Some of the more hardline Dual Seedliners criticized Peters for fellowshipping blacks, particularly the Azusa Street Revival. Mark Downey appears to be his most vitriolic critic. But others preferred to focus more on his ability to bring White people to a knowledge of the Identity message. The primary difference between Dual Seedline (DSCI) and Original Seedline (OSC) is in the origin of the Jews; while Original Seedliners believe Jews are descended from Jacob's brother Esau, Dual Seedliners believe the Jews stemmed from a physical union between Eve and Satan in the Garden of Eden.

-- Christian Identity Forum: One person posted this rather gracious statement; "I don't agree with everything Pastor Peters did and said -- I'm pretty sure most of you don't either -- but he was a white Christian man who preached the identity message to a point and stood up for his race and his Savior, and copped a ton of grief from ZOG for his trouble, so I for one will be praying that God has prepared a mansion for him in the Kingdom".

-- Stormfront: One person wrote, "I don't know how everyone here feels about him, maybe some have some secrets about him, but if it wasn't for me finding him and his ministry I wouldn't be the White Christian I am today. I thought it would be worth mentioning one man who fought the good fight of faith".


Anonymous said...

Thank you Jesus for Pastor Peters!

Anonymous said...

Today I was informed that my connection with Dr. Pete was taken to a new level. I am 61 years old this July, I have never been religous, nor have I ever been political, you could say I too have a Doctorate, in life on how to do everything wrong, if it can be said wrong, if it will be misunderstood, or be screwed up it has my name below it. Three years ago my wife asked me to listen to this Pastor on the web, He struck a frequency in our marriage that made us deeply religous, for what it worth, the truth He spoke I will always stay with the Father,SON, and HOLY SPRIT, because DR. Peters took time out tell us about wisdom and understanding. MKA .

Anonymous said...

Everything about Peters' death stinks like a month old corpse. There is no way that his church and the 'Radio Ranch' were not totally crawling with ADL/SPLC/Mossad/FBI types. Who dies of "kidney failure" any more? Uh, they've got this thing called DIALYSIS now which can keep you alive indefinitely until a donor is found. The "Ranchers" should be the first ones saying this— except they're all Mossad and know damn well he was poisoned because they did it, just like they gave that horse LSD.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this news. It is the first I have been made aware that the phony pastor and racist asshole is dead. I hope he is enjoy his new home in hell. LOL

Michael4yah said...

Most are led to the light through the hard work of other people. For me one of those most important people was Pastor Pete Peters. I thank Yahweh for his presence on this earth and for the instruction that helped me change my life. "Hearing the truth will set you free". Thank you Pete for all youve done.

Anonymous said...

Pastor Pete was definitely WHACKED BY MOSSAD, sleazy moles of which no doubt infiltrated his inner circle years ago. This is How Kikes Operate 101, lesson #1. The proof is how said entourage, a.k.a. the 'Radio Ranch Wranglers,' have hijacked his ministry and are using it to pump out everything BUT Peters' basic "Jews suck" message. Even when Peters was alive, they were side-lining his sermons to make room for quack morons like James McCanney. Now they've given a prime slot to Kurt Wilson the "Armchair Survivalist," a blatant SPL stooge / agent-provoc. I could hardly believe my ears the other day when I heard Wilson spewing "Moslems are the real enemy" drivel. He may as well have read out loud from the hasbarah handbook