Saturday, July 02, 2011

Celebrate Dr. David Duke's 61st Birthday With His "Revolt Against Civilization" Speech Given In Denmark

If you've visited Stormfront recently, you know that Dr. David Duke just observed his 61st birthday on July 1st, as noted in this thread. While some of the posts got a bit obsequious for my taste, this post by Tenniel optimally illustrates why Dr. Duke has earned the respect of so many within the White racialist community:

Thank you for being my awakener in 2002 with your pivotal book, "My Awakening," and thank you for being the awakener of so many millions of our people throughout the world with your books and articles and talks and interviews and videos. Thank you for standing up nearly all of your life, with quiet modest steadfast courage -- to the inhumanly relentless murderous conscienceless enemy of the White race, to the enemy of all humans and humanoids, to the enemy of beauty and truth and human civilization, to the enemy of all life on earth, even plants and animals, to the enemy of the upward path of evolution on earth, to the enemy of earth.

And thank you for finding exactly the right tone and the right words and the right thoughts for telling the White Truth.

Bingo! Right tone, right words. Words have meaning. Words have consequences. With more and more Tea Partiers beginning to speak our language on race, we have to meet them halfway, not scare them away. Scare tactics are best used only by exception.

And meeting people halfway is just what Dr. David Duke did at a two-day private seminar organized by Dr. Lindtner of the Danish Society for Free Historical Research [Danish: Dansk Selskab for Fri Historisk Forskning; Web site:] held in Aalborg, Denmark, on May 28-29, 2011. According to, Dr. Duke spoke on "The Future of The Europeans and Their Culture", discussing the future that's possible for us if we choose not to become extinct. Dr. Duke decried the harsh attacks by Jewish racists against those who work for the preservation of the European peoples, and said that defending the natural right to survive is not an unreasonable or impossible demand.

The video is embedded below:

Or, if you don't want to wait on a buffering video, Voice of Reason has archived an audio, embedded below:

An English translation of reveals that also in attendance at the conference were Kevin MacDonald, Helmuth Nyborg, Tom Sunic, Alexander Jacob, and Christian Lindtner. provides video embeds of Kevin McDonald's and Tom Sunic's speeches.

A second article by summarizes the conference. In addition to Dr. Duke, here are the other speakers:

-- Dr. Alexander Jacob, an Indian scientist who is interested in European philosophy, history and culture, spoke under the heading "Nobilitas - The Essence of European Culture".

-- Professor Kevin MacDonald spoke about "Jewish Intellectual Movements in the 20th Century".

-- Dr. Helmuth Nyborg: During his lecture which was entitled "IQ, Immigration and America's Future", he discussed his latest research and talked about Richard Lynn's winter theory. Dr. Nyborg takes issue with Denmark's demographic change and does not consider it positive, noting that Denmark's population is about to be replaced. This will result in an overall lower IQ of the new population as well as higher crime and other problems. The opportunities to build a strong society will be lost.

-- Dr. Tomislav Sunic spoke about "The monotheist mindset and it's secular Modalities; Homo americanus and gay sovjeticus".

-- Dr. Christian Lindtner spoke on the topic ""Jewish Propaganda Among the Ancient Greeks". Dr. Lindtner has become known by pursuing the thesis that Jesus is a fictitious person who is in fact based on the Buddha.

This is also a good time to let people know that a number of individuals have reported getting malware or virus alerts from Dr. Duke's website, beginning on June 20th. One particularly graphic report is provided HERE. However, another person scanned the site with numerous anti-virus products and found no problems. When I tried to access the site, I was asked if I wanted to download a binary .exe file, which is usually a RED FLAG that something is wrong. Consequently, if you intend to visit his site, use your anti-virus software, and if you're using Firefox, also use NoScript as an additional precaution.

Dr. Duke's YouTube channel is NOT affected.


jimbo! said...

while Duke has, admittedly, produced some good stuff...both written and verbal (books, pamphlets, speeches, vids &c!), he's far too old to be in any sort of leader-ship position...when a white man reaches his age, he should be thinking of his retirement plan(s) and the future of his grand-children...or, even, great-grand-children!

what the White Race needs in a leader is a young white man (25-35), fit and able-bodied, maybe even an ex-street-fighting skin-head...ex-mil' too, if possible...ex-special-forces, even better!...some-one not afraid to "get physical" with mudz, also: preferably with both a tertiary and a trade qualification (i.e: able to use both his head and his hands!) and, of course, married to a white woman with @ least three (preferably more!) young white children...also....doesn't matter if he's done "time" long as it was not for a sexual, drug or dis-honesty offence...but...ideally...for some sort of extreme violence against one or, preferably more, non-white(s)!....he should, of course, be a good speaker, a good motivator and, @ the least, a fair-to-middlin' writer....and...above all....not afraid to "take on" non-whites...either verbally or physically....and...some-one who is prepared to "dish it out" in BIG, BAD, DOSES against the kikez.....those are the qualities that will take a white leader far!

Anonymous said...

David Duke has done more for his people than all past presidents for 100 years combined. People can say what they want to say about his mistakes, the man has not just lasted but lasted and accomplished. Happy Birthday, Dr. Duke!

Anonymous said...

Someone needs another goddamn book to realize what going on around them and be 'awakened' in this septic nation? Where do they live, in a frigging cave on a deserted island? And WHY is Duke always jet-ing off to exotic foreign lands to sell his spiel, has the war been won here in the Jew-S-A? David, look if I donate a bottle of "Touch of Grey" will you DO SOMETHING about that ugly asinine BEARD please! You may have some phony "degree" from some Ukrainian diploma-mill, but honestly you don't look professorial...

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous 9:58: "My Awakening" is not just another book; it is what I call a "signature book". It's like a detailed primer for white nationalism. It is to racialist non-fiction what the Turner Diaries was to racialist fiction.

I do agree that the beard ought to either be darkened or eliminated. It doesn't look very natural on him.

Anonymous said...

A National Socialist from Pa says:

I do NOT agree with Duke's personal behavior. I suspect howver that is being used to distract from his message. If anyone but Duke was saying what Duke says, I suspect that all of Duke's detractors would be saying amen. Another point is that a vast majority of the movement, at this point, I again say at this point, place absolutely no value on education, articulate debate, being able to talk with credibility and absent four letter profanitities. Duke's PhD is not fraudulent, only tools of Jewry attack Duke's education. I will say Duke has serious credibility issues given his use of donated funds for gambling uses, his womanizing and what appears to be his use of the movement as nothing more than a business when he realized his political career was kaput. He needs to make a video addressing and apologizing for his moral foibiles, which are NOT in keeping with Aryan character. He should also consider some sort of restitution to those whom he gambled away donations. I must also say I find his close relationship with Don Black, who is married to his ex wife quite odd. Even if Duke did all this, many in the Movement would not be satisfied as we all know ht most of those who do all the cheap shots are so perfect in their lives.