Thursday, June 09, 2011

YouTube Video: Brooklyn "Homeboy" Chops Down Tree To Steal Bike, Another Rides It For Three Seconds And Drops It; Guess The Race

No, you don't have to guess the race; you can watch the video below, supplied by the New York Post. On June 8th, 2011 around 2:00 A.M., a group of "homeboys" in Brooklyn decided they wanted to steal a bike which was locked and secured to a tree.

So what did they do? Did they attempt to remove the lock? No -- instead, one of them decided to chop down the freaking tree. It is a bit confusing as to the role some of them were playing; it appeared one guy was trying to take the axe away from the tree-chopper. You'll see the tree fall at the 1:45 point of the video. Then one of them rides the bike for all of three seconds and dumps it -- at the same spot where it was found.

Reaction posted on Stormfront. The Blaze also reported it, and it is teeming with pro-White comments. Some good comments posted on the Post website in response:

Filthy stinking savage apes. The New York news is 90% "what the jungle primates in the hood did today".

that is probably the most work they have ever done.

Rosita Klinger
Did see this rite they were all black?

John Rourke
lol I'm shocked, shocked I say these poor negros must have needed the wood and the bike for productive yeah right....the Race of Failures strikes again!

Brian Angelo
15 years for a tree to grow that big, 30 min for an asshole to cut it down

But here's a particularly informative and intriguing comment:

Shibo Ku
What's this "they" and "them" and plural stuff?

It was ONE guy chopping down the tree. The other "porch monkeys" (as some have called them) tried several times to stop him, to physically hold him back and even take the axe away from him, but eventually gave up when the guy kept persisting (and he had an axe; maybe not the best thing to do to keep physically blocking him... would the police have come if they'd called on the guy?).

After the tree gets chopped down, the chopper leaves. The other people later leave. Then after several others come and take a look, another guy (not the chopper) frees the bike and rides it around in a circle and leaves it (i.e., doesn’t steal it). We don't see what happens after that.
The description is wrong and a bunch of people are running with it. Did you even see the video? I guess people want to believe the worst about a certain group people.

The latter scenario is possible, but I don't think five or six White guys would be intimidated by one guy with an axe.

Update: From Gothamist, we learn more about the tree. One person wrote "My dad co-paid with the landlord for the foresters to plan[t] this specific tree. I don't know if it's actually his legally, but it's definitely his in dad really wanted that type of tree as allegedly it's very long lived. A legacy if you will. I'll pass your knowledge on." In addition, the bike was taken again 30 minutes later by one of the men shown in the video.


Anonymous said...

I'm amazed anyone thinks that this is a story? Unless you live in a wealthy Gated-Community, this is a MINOR incident compared to the daily crap that ordinary White folks are subjected to. And "WHO'S" fault is it really? Its the fault of WHITE PEOPLE for letting the "Negro Problem" get out of hand for so long! You open the cages in the zoo, just "how" do you expect the animals will behave? Hail the ANP!

Anonymous said...

Yes, emulate their unity and black pride. Makes sense to me.

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