Monday, June 27, 2011

National Socialist Movement's June 25th "Reclaim The Southwest" Rally In Las Vegas Overshadowed By The Electric Daisy Carnival

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The National Socialist Movement held a rally against illegal immigration in Las Vegas, Nevada on June 25th, 2011, but one would not know it from consulting local media. Only one outlet, KVVU Channel 5, bothered to publish a report, and it was bare-bones. Most likely the local media was preoccupied with something called the Electric Daisy Carnival, which was basically a three-day rave attracting 250,000 people.

Fortunately, Harry Hughes, a NSM member from Maricopa, AZ, drove to Las Vegas to participate in the NSM rally, and he provides a much more detailed report with photos on Just Another Day. In summary, up to 30 White activists gathered in front of the Star Nursery at 12:00 noon on June 25th for what was billed the "Reclaim the Southwest" rally. NSM chapters in Nevada, California, Arizona, and Utah were represented; senior leadership cadre in attendance included Butch Urban, who has apparently succeeded the late Jeff Hall as the Southwestern Regional Director, and SSgt Joshua Davenport who is the Nevada State Leader. As they began a walking picket along the sidewalk, suspected illegal aliens loitering in the area became uneasy and many left. Some antifa were present but remained well back; at least 12 police cars were reported present to keep the two sides separate. The rally continued until 1:30 P.M., Harry Hughes reports "lots of support from passing motorists".

Official NSM after-action report with photos now HERE.

Harry Hughes has paid a price for his activist reputation in his home town of Maricopa. In April, a neighbor began targeting him with a harassment campaign, making allegations of cussing, animal abuse, unwarranted shootings, being an evil Nazi, etc. The dispute ended up in court, where the judge was clearly biased against Hughes, allowing Hughes' NSM association to be entered into testimony and intimidating a witness on his behalf out of testifying. This sounds much like the treatment meted out to Edgar Steele during his trial, where Steele's internationally-renowned audio experts were prevented from testifying. More information was published in his LTE to; Hughes was found guilty and fined $540, and was also required to write a letter of apology to the court, or be found in contempt.

The dispute with the neighbor recently flared again on June 22nd when Hughes discovered the neighbor's son, along with a Hispanic male, trespassing on his property. The Hispanic was brandishing an aluminum bat, and both were reluctant to leave the property, but finally did. When police responded, they essentially told Hughes that that it wasn't really a crime for a total stranger to enter someone's property while brandishing a baseball bat and refusing to obey commands by the homeowner to leave immediately. There have been other instances of minor petty vandalism against Hughes' property, and some break-ins on the street, which are believed attributable to the neighbor's son and his associates.

There is a price to pay for public activism.


Anonymous said...

Yes, there is a price to pay for public activism, and the Movement must take a step back at this stage and ask, "is the price worth the benifit, to date there has been no benifit for these street demonstartions, it merely allows our people's pictures to be taken, so that they may be harrassed later, jobs lost, eveicted from homes, wives and children leave, etc. On the political side, they are not effective either, America does not respeond well either, remember when 500,000 anti war demonstartors took to the street, all to no effect. This is compounded by the fact that our Movement needs a major house cleaning, has no real message, and does not addres a broad aray of issues and for the most part our people do not place much value on being informed.

For instance if you were to ask a NSM or ANP , or ANSP Member who they will govern, all you will get is very vague generalities at best, if that. How do you expect to build a broad movement by charging the political machine gun nest ill prepared, and beside, the media is hostile. What these "marches" are designed to do is to keep the faithfull motivated into thinking, "we are doing something, it is dishonest. There must be a broader strategy.

jimbo! said...

wtf didn't he just SHOOT the fucking mud maggots on his property?


Arizona has "Castle Doctrine", right?!?

youse know wtf youse Septics ain't gettin' any-where?!?

'cos youse'r wastin' yr fckn time with "politics" and "movements" and "rallies" and stoopid fckn shite like that when youse should be "shooting" niggers and jews "stone fckn DEAD" in the fckn streets...that's wtf jews and their nigger apes are doin' to youse! the fckn favour!

White People in the US have got to go to fucking "WAR".....NOW!!....or....there'll be none of youse left to form a "party" or a "movement"....and...certainly....NO white home-land!....youse'll end up like the whites in sth Afreaka....fckd, burnt and DEAD!

stop fckn talkin'....and...start fckn ACTING!

Harry L. Hughes III said...

Shoot them? Ha! I couldn't get a fair trial on a "my word against hers" disorderly conduct charge.

What do you think would happen if I shot and killed somebody, regardless of where they were or what they were doing?

Our judicual system is "anti-white". For whites, the laws of the land do not apply.

Anonymous said...

Hail to the NSM! At least someone is still in the streets and not hiding in the closets or coming out of the closets like some of the critics ha ha ha.
Nice work Brothers! We are holding it down in dirty dirty Detroit. White Power 88

Anonymous said...

What must be done is that ALL of this effort should be directed 100% into REAL POLITICAL CAMPAIGNING for low-level public offices. What has all this "demonstrating and protesting" over the past four decades gotten the White Cause? NOTHING. Protesting only works if you either have a hope of some sympathy from those in power (which we don't), OR you have "something" behind you backing you up as an "either or threat" ie give us what we demand or else - which again we don't. Look, you like "publicity" ok, get it the RIGHT way, in a manner that most people RESPECT - through taking part in the political process and OFFERING White people a real ALTERNATIVE to what they are presented with today. Campaign for office and you'll GET all the publicity you can handle. If WN doesn't start thinking OUTSIDE the BOX ala the past - its extinct! And this person above me smacks of a PROVOCATURE - ANY "calls for overt violence" and/or public waving of
"GUNS/WEAPONS" etc, stinks of HONEY-POT ENTRAPMENT. I would suggest the hasty deletion of such "AA", first it gives the wrong impression to impressionable idiots, and secondly having such on YOUR website could leave YOU liable. Why take a chance in this growing Police State... Sincerely,, Rocky J. Suhayda Chairman 88!

Anonymous said...

12:04 is right. All Hughes did was get bad publicity from his nasty mouth.

Anonymous said...

No, believe it or not Az does NOT have a Castle Doctrine in the sense that people think. Actually Ca, believe it or not, LOOK IT UP, has a true Castle doctrine. In Az you CANNOT shoot the person in the front yard, you can however in Ca if you feel threatened. Az the intruder has beeter be in the home and armed to the tee.

Anchorage Activist said...

Harry Hughes -- You make a valid point. Jerome Ersland shot a robber inside his own pharmacy in OKC, and a jury convicted him of murder. People need to be aware of that risk.

Anonymous 12:28 -- Hughes still got shafted by the system because of his politics, regardless of what one thinks about his discourse. That's what I wanted to publicize.

Also, the comment about Jeff Hall will not be published because I consider it disrespectful to his memory. I don't care to rely on mainstream media stories to provide accurate information about national socialists. The media undoubtedly exaggerated adverse information about Hall's home life.

Harry L. Hughes III said...

For the record, I never uttered one word to my accusor. The incident that landed me in court never happened. In fact, the prosecutor moved to dismiss the case. The judge refused.

As a result of this action, I'm going to make an attempt to get on the ballot for Justice of the Peace in J.P.#8 as a National Socialist candidate during the next election cycle.

I believe an openly racist person would be more fair than the current judge. I spent quite a bit of time observing this court and have yet to see one person to be found "not guilty". This has got to be statistically impossible.

Previously, I have unsuccessfully ran for constable and school board. Oddly, my political affiliations were not mentioned either time.

Anonymous said...

250,000 for a rave? But only 30 for the race? Terrible Tommy's Worse is Better proposition seems to be more true when I see numbers like those reported. The 250 Thousand at the rave, I'll guess that 195,000 were white kids.

Anonymous said...

Harry L Hughes III, I applaud your discretion. Obviously the system will not provide a fair and balanced hearing, and even simple activism will be sufficient to rob a productive working member of this "society" of their means to earn a paycheck. I'm a sucker for playing by the rules, yet the system dies without folks like me. How can they continue the murder of the productive, if they want to continue the looting? I guess I have much to learn.

Anonymous said...

A.A., not sure the media made up anything, they posted the actual Report & Observations of the living conditions inside Hall's home. White Nationalists must live the talk the talk. Never give our enemies any ammo to shoot at us. Bear in mind Hall's supporters cannot claim bias, he won a custody battle as a known NSM Members, his ex wife tried to use that agaisnt him, yet he previously prevailed despite his NSM affialiation. Likewise in Sacramento, Ca an NSALP Member won custody in a very nasty court battle where his NSALP politics was used as well, yet he prevailed, and his case was probably even nastier because the ex wife made issue of the fact the NSALP paid for the Members attorney.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Hughes:

The best person the NSM had to run elections was Bowles. I was in the NSM when he was their election director and he did a good job running Shawn Stuarts campaign of receiving 17% of the vote. Only reason he isn't in the NSM now is because he stood up to Schoep for stealing Nukeisrael from Jim Ramm and caught NSM leaders in a secret forum room gossiping and talking trash about other NSM members. He seems to have a happy place now in the ANP which makes me think he wasn't the problem.

Anonymous said...

Harry, is the Judge jewish? If so move for recusal, especially since the County Attorney moved to dismiss.

A.A., there is NO such thing as "mainstream" media, interesting however you have talked about OUR having to "mainstream", I say NO, if there was ever a time to hold fast and true to our convictions it is NOW, when this house of shit falls it will be those with principles that will be left standing.

Anonymous said...

30 for the race, if that. It has to do with how it was prsented.

jimbo! said...

Shoot them? Ha! I couldn't get a fair trial on a "my word against hers" disorderly conduct

there's "ways & means", for instance, an untraceable "throw-down"...if they had a fire-arm, then you would'v been fully justified in "un-loading" @ them!....and...if the cops charged you, then, you could sue them blind, deaf & stoopid for wrongful arrest/imprisonment!

You make a valid point. Jerome Ersland shot a robber inside his own pharmacy in OKC, and a jury convicted him of murder. People need to be aware of that risk

Mr Ersland "sunk" him-self by talking too much to the ZOG-bot kwaps....guess he never heard of "the five words", eh?!?

FB "group"

jimbo! said...

And this person above me smacks of a PROVOCATURE - ANY "calls for overt violence" and/or public waving of "GUNS/WEAPONS" etc, stinks of HONEY-POT ENTRAPMENT

it's covered by the First...."incitement to violence" is only such if directed @ a specific person or person(s)....that's what "done in" Bill White & Hal Turner!

but...really! think that political organising and "spruiking" would save the whites in Sth Afreaka?

there comes a time when youse ain't got an option!....i say that's where the 'Kwa is close as damn it!

....if you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory because it is better to perish than live as slaves

Winston Churchill said that but it's definitely applicable!

Anonymous said...

Jimbo, go on and read the Turner Diaries for the 67th time - its a FANTASY novel pal. I'm always amused by these folks who call for "ARMED CONFLICT" - WHEN ARE THEY GOING TO START AS AN EXAMPLE? LOL They aren't. They are all blow and no go - OR - they are PROVOCS trying to incite some unstable Bufford Furrow type, OR re-enforce that "IMAGE" in the minds of the masses that all WN are ticking time-bombs just waiting to go off. Look, a person who is too AFRAID to hand out a leaflet, or use their own name in public to back up their beliefs, is NEVER going to "do armed revolution"! Yes, Zog is growing into a bigger Police-State every day - BUT, its NOT as "bad" as the chicken-littles claim, when "I" can be "Chairman of the American NAZI Party" and still operate as freely as I do. You ACT like a LOON and of course their going to gulage your ass, you simply have to be careful in what you SAY and DO as an intelligent, normal person should. The ANP is going to hold on July 23rd in SC an OPEN to the PUBLIC NS RALLY - see our website - I feel assured that we'll all get home to our tea&crumpets after its all over... Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman 88! PS - "AA" I like your "moderated comments" effort. Perhaps tho it does take some effort, newbi's wouldn't be appalled by the former filth if they happened upon your website now.

jimbo! said...

Rocky J Wotz-is-face...listen...champ!...i ain't a septic (as in "septic tank" as in "Yank") none of yr comments apply to me, capiche?!?

i'm an Aussie...and....quite frankly, i'm some-what "non-plussed" by the absolute gutlessness of the average, white 'Kwan.....WNs only hafta look @ the way the parents of Channon Christopher & Chris Newsome carried on in court...after their kids had been raped, tortured, mutilated and "knocked" (that's 'Strine for "murdered"!) by a bunch of psycho nogz...too gutless to even use the "n" word....mate....if that sorta garbage had occurred in 0zz...there would'v been riots in the fckn streets and, @ the very least, the homes of the nogz would'v been torched....

and....nah!...i ain't that "anonymous", either, champ!....i done quite a few "FTLs" on VNN &, even, one or two appearances on SF-radio with Don Black's kid....wotzisname....Dick or sumthin'!

(here's a free sample for ya!)

let's face it, squire!...the reason youse 'Kwans won't be starting a race war any time soon, firing off the odd angry shot &/or "goin' on with it" with the nogz is because, basically, youse are too bloody gutless....right?!?...(not all of youse, of course...just most of youse....enough to "queer the pitch" for the rest of youse, eh?!?)


jimbo! said...

oh yeh...go to abt the "75-mnt" mark on that 'mp3'...that's wtf i "chime" in, eh?!?

Anonymous said...

NSALP-Nevada writes,
A.A., let's not play the game of the Jew and the so called "minstream" media. In looking at the photos of the NSM march in Las Vegas they had no more than 12 to 15, NOT 30.

This is bad, given their continued propaganda of being "America's largest NS Organization". This is doubtful, given their turnout in their last several events. These type of events may galvanize the faithful and keep dues coming in, BUT they do far more to harm our Movement than to grow it. What was not reported was the large mumber of photos taken of the marchers. I wonder how many will be unemployed within 30 days, if they are no so already, which does our cause no good whatsoever.
WN & NS need to function, be employed, have families and show we have been right about the issues and show moderation equals surrender. Conservatives and the tea party are trojan horses, they are terrified to talk about the real issue that is destroying our Nation, which is culture and race, not taxes and economics.

Anonymous said...

Jimbo (thats a nigger nick-name over here) what are you trying to emulate? Some kind of "ebonics"? We didn't know that the struggle was won in Austrailia and that its currently a White homeland, instead of being over-run by non-Whites of varying hues! I notice that your a 'creator' meaning that you dispise other Whites who are Christians,eh. So you HATE other White people, you talk like some kind of a nigger on crack, just about every other word out of your mouth is a profanity AND you prefer giving 'advice' to WN in America, rather than taking your nonsense and putting it into action back in "oz". You ought to crown yourself the "Wonderful Wizzard"! Honestly, a few "posts & sound-bites" on WN websites using your nick-name isn't much of an impressive history of activism. I tell you what "mate", YOU go on and START the WAR overthere and we'll see how it goes - ok? Otherwise, we really don't need foreigners "chiming in" from ten thousand SAFE miles from the 'war zone'. Cheers! Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman 88!

Anonymous said...

Jimbo, didn't you Aussies hand over all your guns to the Australian ZOG many years ago? Without putting up a fight or firing a shot?

From what I have read lately, Australia is being flooded with non-White garbage, (like every other White country) I don't see any great action being taken by the White Aussies to stop this.

I hate to see White people quarrel like this, along silly, superficial "nationalistic" lines.

Anonymous said...

Rocky, with all due respect, given your recent Decree in favor of acceptance of Gay Civil Unions on par with Aryan Marriage, you should not be mocking people's nick names, i.e Jimbo, which is NOT a nigger name. In fact if you had any real members from the South, you would know that Jimbo is a common nick name for WHITE men in the South. Rocky, your problem is that your attack anything that you see as "competition" has skewed your judgement. I must also say with all due respect I question your depth of knowledge on broad issues beyond vague generalities.

Anonymous said...

Ughh...Rocky, your name is known for impressive activism either.

jimbo! said...

YOU go on and START the WAR over there and we'll see how it goes - ok? with, champ? eh?!?

we ain't got no Second Amendment rights here like youse, eh?!?

as for my "activism" dunno jack shite abt me, drongo! ever knocked a nigger or a jew? eh?!?....let's start right there!

youse Septics have got access to both fire-arms and Aussies AIN' yr fckn money where yr fckn mouths are, eh?!?

I tell you what, "mate", YOU go on and START the WAR over there and we'll see how it goes - ok?

don't let "fear" stop youse, eh?!?

jimbo! said...

Jimbo, didn't you Aussies hand over all your guns to the Australian ZOG many years ago? Without putting up a fight or firing a shot?

yes and no!

that was in 1996/1997, hard on the heels of the "false flag" Port Arthur massacre.....see: here and here....that was, pretty much, pre-internet days....and the result of an unprecedented massive, media blitz similar to a war-time/9-11-type scenario.....and...also....the result of a weak, dis-organised and comprimised shooters' lobby....the SSAA (Sporting Shooters Association of Australia)....which was infiltrated by ZOG-bot cops and feds of various ilks! and never really put up a fight to stop the fire-arm confiscation(s)!

as it was, some-thing less than ¾ mlln of "proscribed" fire-arms (i.e: semi-auto rifles of all calibres and semi-auto and pump-action shotties) were handed actual estimate of such fire-arms that were extant @ the time exceeds several million....maybe as high as ten million...or....even....more!

the government of the day knew that only the tiniest fraction of "proscribed" fire-arms was handed in and threatened house-to-house searches with specially chosen squads of black-uniformed ZOG-bot very quickly dropped that idea when some of the more radical shooters' groups and gun-owners' orgs began threatening retaliation and, if necessary, civil war!

to date, there are, probably, still, several million "un-accounted-for" proscribed fire-arms in the Australian community...mostly long-arms....hand-gun owner-ship was never "a big deal" in 0zz!

**....FB groups.....**

Prt Arthur massacre/innocent "patsy"!

supporting 0zz shooters!