Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Former Edgar Steele Lawyer Robert McAllister Disbarred In Colorado, Not Related To The Edgar Steele Case; Steele Disappointed In McAllister's Defense

Robert McAllister, one of the attorneys who defended Edgar Steele during his Soviet-style federal show trial, has been disbarred for activities not related to his defense of Steele. Furthermore, because McAllister has been disbarred in Colorado, this would minimize the possibility that the feds pushed it in order to retaliate against McAllister for mounting a vigorous defense of Steele, although the timing of this action, taking place after the Steele trial, is suspicious. In addition, Edgar Steele has now told one media outlet that he was disappointed in the quality of McAllister's defense.

Law Week Colorado provides more details. According to a stipulation filed in the Colorado Supreme Court, McAllister acknowledged receiving $105,255.43 of client funds without permission or while the money was restricted by court order: $100,000 was held in the name of McAllister client Terry Vickery and had been frozen by a court order; $5,255.43 was a check payable to MNT Enterprises that the recipient had decided against cashing; McAllister asked the check writer, an insurer, to reissue the check in his name. A series of bad real estate deals provided the financial motive for McAllister’s transgression. McAllister has long since repaid the clients.

-- Read the full 18-page court document HERE (Scribd.com) or HERE (PDF).

McAllister’s disbarment will become effective on July 8th, 2011 and will last a minimum of eight years, after which he is entitled to apply for reinstatement. Many of his peers and former co-workers spoke highly of McAllister's capabilities; Denver criminal defense attorney Larry Pozner of Reilly Pozner said, “Bob McAllister was one of the most talented charismatic and innovative criminal defense lawyers I ever met. He was beautiful to watch in court, he was funny, he was kind, he had a good word to say for everyone...This is both a shock and a loss. Sitting around a table with Bob in a team meeting or being in a courtroom with him, you sent him up as the first person at the podium. He was a powerhouse. I was tremendously saddened by this unexpected news.”

Former Colorado U.S. Attorney Bob Miller, McAllister’s former boss, said of the news, “He was one of the most talented courtroom lawyers I’ve seen. It’s a tragedy. We’re hopeful he can bounce back and be as good as he once was. That’s my view of the world and of him.” Miller currently heads the Denver office of Perkins Coie. Miller was McAllister's boss when McAllister worked for the U.S. Department of Justice from 1976 through 1983 for the Districts of Colorado and the Northern District of Illinois. The insider perspective provided by his federal experience made McAllister valuable to the defense team, although not even McAllister could overcome the fact that the fix was in from the very beginning.

Reaction: This could impact a potential appeal by Edgar Steele. McAllister and co-counsel Gary Amendola have said they intend to ask for a new trial, but it's unclear how that will proceed now that McAllister is disbarred. It has since been reported that Wesley Hoyt, who had been working with Steele's wife, Cyndi Steele, has officially replaced McAllister on the defense team. The Coeur d'Alene Press also reports that Edgar Steele was personally disappointed in his representation by McAllister, although he declined to discuss specifics.

In a separate CDA Press story, Edgar Steele said he intends to write two books; one about his case, and the other about philosophy and religion. He also plans to pen numerous Internet essays. He now expresses regret about accepting the advice of his defense team and his wife about not taking the witness stand, but at the time he was very angry and didn't know how he would respond under cross examination by a female prosecutor, Assistant U.S. Attorney Traci Whelan. Steele will be sentenced on August 22nd in Coeur d’Alene; he faces at least 30 years in prison on the most serious charge alone, use of interstate commerce facilities in the commission of murder for hire. Steele is now being housed at the Latah County Jail; his mailing address is provided below:

Edgar J. Steele
Latah County Jail
P.O. Box 8068
Moscow, Idaho 83843


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