Thursday, June 23, 2011

Eric Allen Glosson Charged With Eight Counts Of Sexual Abuse Of Minors At Silverado Academy In Panguitch, Utah

Update November 9th: Eric Glosson has been sentenced to two five-year terms on two counts of forcible sodomy, to be served concurrently after completion of his 15-year federal term for child pornography. Updated post HERE.

Glosson, Garfield Co. Sheriff's Office
A sordid tale of lack of security and supervision is emerging from the Silverado Academy in Panguitch, Utah. Eric Allen Glosson, a youth counselor at the school, was arrested and charged in Garfield County's 6th District Court with eight counts of forcible sexual abuse and one count of custodial sexual relations with youth receiving state services, both second-degree felonies; and dealing in materials harmful to a minor, a third-degree felony. The charging documents indicate the abuse occurred between April 20th and June 18th, 2011. According to a separate civil lawsuit filed June 23rd, 2011 by attorneys with the law firm Dewsnup, King and Olsen on behalf of three of the teenage victims, there have been at least 10 victims identified and the number is expected to climb. Glosson is currently being held in Garfield County Jail on $130,000 bail.

Information gleaned from the above sources plus the Salt Lake Tribune indicate that the abuse may have actually begun as far back as December 2010. The civil suit alleges that due to the absence of appropriate oversight, supervision and security policies, procedures and practices, Glosson was allowed to have repeated access to individual students privately, in multiple locations and settings, including students over whom he was not a coach and had no supervisory duties. The alleged molestations occurred in places such as the school, in classrooms and in both Glosson's and the students' living quarters, and may have been videotaped. Glosson kept students quiet by threatening to hold them back from advancing in the program, through bribery, physical force, intimidation and deceit. It wasn't until a student recently spoke up about his alleged abuse to another supervisor that Glosson was arrested, at that point, other students began to come forward. The plaintiffs are seeking at least $75,000 each in damages for breach of fiduciary duty, negligent employment, and infliction of emotional distress.

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The process by which Glosson was hired has also come under scrutiny, and there's some suspicion that he was an affirmative action hire. Silverado initially hired Glosson despite the fact that he had no formal training and no post-high school education. His first term of employment at the school ended in 2009 when he was fired for having inappropriate relations with students. Yet inexplicably, Glosson was rehired as a coach and athletic coordinator in late 2010 and allowed to supervise 13- to 18-year-olds; the abuse allegedly began almost immediately thereafter. Some commenters to the KSL story speculate Glosson may have played the race card to get re-hired. A search of the Silverado Academy blog, which has not been updated since September 2009, revealed no information about Glosson.

The academy has proclaimed their intent to cooperate fully in the investigation. Former U.S. Senate candidate Tim Bridgewater is the academy's executive director. He first learned of the situation on June 19th, and issued the following statement: "If proven true, it's very saddening for all of us...We’re a licensed facility governed by the state. We’re in complete compliance. This person had a background check, which he passed."

Some background check.

Silverado Academy was actually founded by Tim Bridgewater. The program costs between $4,000 and $7,000 each month and families must agree to send their teenagers to the school for a minimum of six months. The length of a teenager’s stay depends on progress; students live in a cabin and are assigned a set of coaches along with a therapist.


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I was a student at silverado for 11 months and this is super suprising to me. I couldn't believe when I heard it. Don't be so quick to judge. When I was there we used manipulation tactics on staff. The cabin i was in verbally abused staff till they quit and it would not surprise me one bit that a bad dispute happens and the rest of the campus backed their brother up. I can believe maybe 1 or 2 counts, but I don't believe the rest. Regardless, this is very upsetting for the brothers who actually knew Big E (Eric glosson) before he became like this.

Anonymous said...

Ay god.bless big E! That man didn't do shit! It was all the troubled fucks trying to get out of that shit whole, and took an innocent man's life down with them... If you knew big E personally, like many other childeren that went to slivrrado academy, like myself, I could never acknowledge Eric glosson doing such a thing

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I can guarantee that Eric did exactly what they say he did, I have known him for about 10 years and before that he was in a sexual offenders treatment center for molesting children. Just because he was one of my best friends and even signed my marriage certificate doens't mean I don't think he did it. He has done other things in the past as well, sorry Eric its true!

Anonymous said...

He did this same shit in Tucson Az where TPD did NOTHING when it was reported