Saturday, June 25, 2011

Eight Black Thugs Arrested For Black-On-White Mob Assault Of Carter Strange In Columbia, South Carolina

A horrible black-on-white mob assault took place in the crime-infested Five Points section of Columbia, SC on Monday June 20th, 2011, in which four of eight black thugs directly assaulted and robbed a lone white man jogging through their neighborhood. It is only now that the full impact has hit the media, which is beginning to report on it. The Council of Conservative Citizens wonders why the police and the media hid it for three days; the National Socialist American Labor Party expresses their outrage as well.

The saga began late on Sunday June 19th, 2011 when Carter Strange was at a friend's house helping him with a project. His parents had set a midnight curfew. At 12:05 A.M. early Monday morning, Strange's mother called him because he hadn't arrived home; Strange answered and said he was jogging home and would arrive within three minutes. He was running along Blossom Street near the Walgreens and Wachovia.

But lying in wait in a parking lot since around 11:50 P.M. was a gang of eight black thugs led by 19-year-old Thyeem Henrey. They had attempted to rob four people that evening unsuccessfully. They spotted Strange around 12:10 A.M., and because Strange had stopped to respond to a text message from a friend, four of them immediately mobbed him, savagely assaulted him and stole his cell phone. Despite the savage beating, which resulted in a fractured skull, a broken nose and a broken eye socket and possible brain injury, Strange had enough strength left to run several blocks to Edisto Avenue, where he collapsed in a parking lot and where a couple found him around 2:30 A.M. and called 911. He was taken to the hospital, where he had emergency surgery to remove a clot from his brain, and will be undergoing several bouts of reconstructive surgery on his face. Investigators say Strange would have died had he not been found when he was. Strange is expected to recover.

Carter Strange, after and before

Meanwhile, Strange's parents suspected something was amiss, because when they tried to call him at 12:15 A.M., dead silence. Suddenly, unfamiliar numbers started popping up on his son’s cell phone account. Vicki Strange called the police, who issued an alert for the young man

Fortunately, the Five Points Merchants Association has installed dozens of security cameras outside businesses in the area, which makes a powerful statement about the quality (or lack of same) in the neighborhood. And one of those cameras caught the action -- and the perpetrators. The eight thugs were shown walking along a sidewalk, then when Strange was spotted, four of them darted across the street to attack him. Once police publicly released the camera footage, the thugs turned themselves in; they made their first court appearances on June 24th. Here's the list of suspects and charges, the four who actively participated in the attack face the most serious charges:

-- Thyeem Henrey (19): Strong arm robbery, second-degree assault and battery by a mob, and criminal conspiracy. Bond set at $750,000.
-- Unnamed 16-year-old: Strong arm robbery, second-degree assault and battery by a mob, and criminal conspiracy.
-- Unnamed 15-year-old: Strong arm robbery, second-degree assault and battery by a mob, and criminal conspiracy.
-- Unnamed 14-year-old: Strong arm robbery, second-degree assault and battery by a mob, and criminal conspiracy.
-- Unnamed 16-year-old: Criminal conspiracy
-- Unnamed 16-year-old: Criminal conspiracy
-- Unnamed 16-year-old: Criminal conspiracy
-- Unnamed 13-year-old: Criminal conspiracy

Vicki and John Strange also showed up at the hearing. John said there was no way he could forgive Thyeem Henrey at this time, and Vicki Strange, after relaying the shock and horror at finding a physically-unrecognizable son in hospital, told the judge that Henrey did not deserve to have the right to get a bond. For his part, Henrey turned on the crocodile tears and spun a tale of woe about how he'd dropped out of high school and how he couldn't get a job because of prior criminal charges and boo-hoo-hoo-hoo.

Columbia Police Chief Randy Scott is on the hot seat. He spent Friday June 24th fielding calls from city residents grilling him about public safety, gangs and hate crimes. Scott said it was too early to declare the incident either gang-related or a hate crime, but would declare it the moment he got the evidence. The news of the vicious beating has quickly riled the community, coming on the heels of several high-profile crimes that triggered a nearly year-long debate over Five Points security. It not only renewed fear of gangs roving through Five Points, but the trans-racial aspect of the crime has inflamed racial tensions.

Occidental Dissent has researched and presented information explaining the racial aspect. They focus on South Carolina crime statistics from 2005:

-- Robbery: 78 percent of perps Black, 22 percent White
-- Aggravated Assault: 56.8 percent of perps Black, 42.7 percent White.

If diversity and multiculturalism are so great, why does the collective behavior of Blacks, particularly their youth, deteriorate with each passing year? Why can't we keep Black fathers at home where they could impose accountability and discipline. Diversity and multiculturalism are the biggest scams ever unleashed upon us.


jimbo! said...

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bogus allegations of child abuse are a favourite ZOG tactic to intimidate and silence white's particularly rampant in 0zz!

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Anonymous said...

This nsalp outfit is a handful of net-nazis and nothing else. They have announcements on their site going back months for gatherings that never seem to take place, of course they don't when its only a couple of pathetic cyber-nutzi's playing keyboard commando. The fuhrer is a unknown who is afraid to show his face, how can they expect anyone to follow that? They go on about the need of uniting but instead of joining already in operation orgs they create another non-entity to boost their fuhrer-ego. Just because they whine doesn't mean anyone should pay them any attention.

Anonymous said...

Please close you comment section. You're popping your own balloon by leaving it open.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if his parents, relatives and friends will be "RACIST ENOUGH" to TAKE A STAND NOW - and ATTEND the upcoming ANP White Patriot Awake rally in July? We all act astounded when crap like this happens DAILY across the U.S. BUT still these White victims act like drone-punching bags and SIT THERE inactive! Its terrible - yes! But, how much sympathy can one have for a race of people who are so pathetic in their own self defence? Its like - "We TOLD you so! We WARNED you!" - then it happens and "WHAT"? Ziltch. I'm gonna give some tough-love here folks - until Old Whitey grows a pair, gets-involved and TAKES a STAND - NOTHING will ever improve. And that goes for ALL you key-board kommando's who "are too busy", "can't afford it", "its too far" to even come to a TOTALLY SAFE venue like the July 23rd Rally in SC. The ANP is distributing thousands of flyers per the SC Rally - will the White Man CARE ENOUGH to COME? Perhaps UNFORTUNATELY this NEEDS to happen to MORE of these pale-faces to turn them into WHITE MEN? Sincerely, Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman 14/88!

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Anonymous said...

A.A., there is new info on this, NSALP, have it up on their site--- they are following it, their Columbia Chapter are doing regular updates. S.C has filed lynching charges. The nigger panthers are starting their shit, if they show, there will be a counter protest. By the way, the NSALP Chair goes to any meeting he is asked to, I met him in Greenville, S.C. and does interviews, unlike others. He used to talk to Jim Giles a lot until Giles flew the coup. Its time for the movement to stop feeding on its own.

Anonymous said...

10:57AM don't be a tard, Rock was alluding to whites in general being wimps and whiners who won't respond.

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous 10:56 A.M. - The charges of second-degree assault and battery by a mob reflect their anti-lynching law; they just gave it an updated name.

Anonymous said...

A.A. that is creating a lot of buzz, the question is being asked why no Hate Crime?

By the way, lots of trolls play games with urls here, trying to cause shit storms.

Anonymous said...

I quit the ANSP and so did the #2 and others. Mullet is a joke, he says one thing one day and does another the next, he is the Reichsfuher of the ANSP at breakfast, then at noon is the Commander, then he says the ANSP is just a security arm for Aryan Nations. His personal darma i too much, when he cant make his rent because his woman's parents cut them off, it was all our problem.

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous 4:19 -- The local police claim they don't have the "evidence" yet to prefer hate crime charges. I guess they're waiting on the "smoking gun". Or they're afraid of the NAACP.

Your point about the trolls is correct, but I will keep the comments to this post open for as long as possible because of pertinent comments like your own.

Anonymous said...

A.A. this is a important story but another one has been missed.

The U.S. Team played in LA for the Gold Cup, and was booed, the LA (Home) crowd cheered the team from Mexico, and booed our Team out of the Rose Bowl.

Then they conducted the awarding in spanish only. The Goldie for the USA spoke out..
NSALP-LA will be posting pics
some members were actually, they have the story up on their site

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous 5:14 P.M. - Thanks for the info, that sounds like outright colonialism against us.

Anonymous said...

It's beyond colonialism, to bad turds would rather trash eachother and those who try to do something.

Most of those who attack are trolls or themselves never do anything.

We have too many Forrest Gumps, "stupid is as stupid does" in the Movement and too many insecure morons who worry about reductions in dues and pledges.

Talent should be pooled, the folk should work together

Anonymous said...

Hey Old Timer NS - how long since you READ your Mein Kampf? Remember the profound part about "EIGHT CRIPPLES ARM IN ARM DO NOT MAKE ONE GLADIATOR...?" How would collecting all the stumblebums together make them anything more than a bunch of stumblebums? The ANP is successful because it utilizes strict QUALITY CONTROL. Anybody can join its efforts as long as they are willing to become what every other Comrade is - a COG ON THE WHEEL that helps make it go round - and they agree with its agenda. What would the ANP gain by associating with less successful orgs? Number one, they would be defeating their working policy of exclusion of bad elements, by associating jointly with orgs that have no quality-control, hence putting ANP adherents in jepardy. Whats the good of weeding out trolls, when you "work with them" by proxy? Number two, the "cripples" would love nothing better than attempting to "leach off" of the more successful organization. No, that wise old statement that "THE STRONG MAN IS MIGHTIEST ALONE" still stands true today as ever! The second part of Hitler's statement about the eight-cripples is - "and if there is one strong man among the eight, he will have to waste and expend his efforts continually propping the others up..." is oh so true! Here is a suggestion - let all the GOOD ELEMENTS come together in the most successful effort. THATS real UNITY. Hail the ANP! 88!

Anonymous said...

5:14, I guess that is to be expected, Im guessing that 90 percent of the crowd were beaners. Also, "Team USA" Appears to be half Africans, a lot like most "European" national soccer teams.