Friday, June 10, 2011

Does Glenn Beck Actually Know The Score On Race? Comments Section On The Blaze Story About Brooklyn Tree Looks Like A Stormfront Thread

Obviously, it would be ludicrous to suggest that Glenn Beck has any white nationalist sympathies. Considering that he's getting ready to do a radio show from Auschwitz, he certainly doesn't share the prevailing white nationalist perspective on the Jewish Question.

But does Glenn Beck actually know the score about race? Does he realize deep down inside that the Black crime problem is out of control in America, and that it may not be attributable only to "nurture"? There are signs that, according to comments posted to stories appearing on his news site, The Blaze, that he may implicitly recognize this; I have seen a number of public comments posted to past stories that would not look out of place on Stormfront.

But it's the reaction to The Blaze story about the tree in Brooklyn being chopped down to steal a locked bike that's of interest. Here's the video again:

Note that the comments section is absolutely teeming with pro-White comments. It looks like a Stormfront thread; in fact, a couple of the comments would have actually been censored by Stormfront. Also note that none of the race realists introduced the Jewish Question into the discussion. This could either be attributable to limited political evolution, or perhaps they could have decided there was no pretext to "naming the Jew". Naming the Jew without a pretext can be awkward, disrupt the flow of the conversation, and make it look like we're spamming the thread.

It is quite possible that some of the comments will be scrubbed 24 hours from now; The Blaze has censored comments before. Some of the more enlightening comments are published after the jump:

Edct, Posted on June 9, 2011 at 8:32pm:
Gee….black gang animals again….these disgusting creatures belong in a jungle.

Brasil2520, Posted on June 9, 2011 at 9:09pm:
This video reminded me of my childhood in Jackson Heights, Queens.
In this case I would be the kid that lost the bike.
After graduation from H.S. I left that toilet of diversity !

That was 35 years ago, to this day I still wish Europe would have won the 1945 war.

The Big Pickle, Posted on June 9, 2011 at 10:57pm
Common people…do you really believe we are all equal? These creatures are clearly on the bottom of the human totem pole….and including them as human is being very generous. I’m sorry, but it’s getting close to the point where we have to return these animals back to their natural jungle habitat.

The Big Pickle, Posted on June 9, 2011 at 11:02pm:
How sad things have become in America. I know it’s not safe for humans to be in a black neighborhood, but I had NO idea it was even dangerous for a tree too.

This is clearly God’s revenge for slavery. First they destroy our neighborhoods, then they destroy our public schools, then they destroy our social welfare programs, then they destroy our criminal justice system, they destroy our culture and our heritage, they commit hundreds of thousands of violent crimes per year against us……I mean seriously….How much more are we suppose to tolerate before we say………..


The Big Pickle, Posted on June 9, 2011 at 11:09pm:
Yesterday people were complaining that I was a TROLL, A liberal plant and a racist.

How funny….every post for 5 pages is nothing but comments about apes, gorillas, savages, sent them back to the jungles etc..etc..etc…

Let’s face it…..White America is finally waking up to the menace that is destroying America. Just imagine for one second how much better EVERYTHING in America would be if all the blacks just disappeared tomorrow. Nearly ALL the problems in America would disappear immediately!

Let’s just give them Mississippi and be done with it. We lose one State, but save the other 49.

Brasil2520, Posted on June 9, 2011 at 11:44pm:
To Big Pickle: Hey man your the best, a Cuban ( MIAMI ) a few days ago removed my comment about all the high rate of black and Hispanic crime.

Like I wrote, to end 80% of all American crime put all the black‘s and Hispanic’s on a boat and send them to Africa, half way their sink the boats, yes people its just that easy :)

imreddog, Posted on June 10, 2011 at 12:44am:
Stealing the bike was a beneficial by-product of cutting the tree down. They cut it down so that there wouldn’t be anything to hang them from… the bike just happened to be there… in the way… so they took it so nobody would trip over it… when they were running away from the robbery… where they shot some innocent bystander…. that didn’t give them their money quick enough…. and was going to make them late picking up their welfare check….. that had been provided by some whitey. So, you see, they just had to do it. These Ni6ers should be locked up in the zoo with plenty of stuff to climb on and swing from. It would look so natural.

concealled9mms, Posted on June 9, 2011 at 6:53pm:
the good people should probably look for a good tree and get a rope know what i mean

hayesstephen, Posted on June 9, 2011 at 7:10pm:
The real culprit here are White Liberal Trash. Liberals are the one who make sure that school kids run the schools . Many schools in urban neighbor do not pass out text books. The have no class room ciriculum, home work or tests. There are no jobs for kids,or real role models. Pimps, Rap trash, whores,crack, welfare are their templates. Every White Trash Liberal should be very pround of their handiwork, they condemned another generation to the hell of welfare or prison. Nice job you filfthy liberal trash.

NevaDan, Posted on June 9, 2011 at 7:40pm:
Hey black folks! Do you see how this makes you look? Do you understand how some people could become racist after seeing this crap over and over and over again?

RightPolitically, Posted on June 9, 2011 at 10:43pm:
No, not become racist, become REALIST!

RightPolitically, Posted on June 9, 2011 at 10:11pm:
When the day arrives where society is more concerned with “bad behavior” instead of political correctness about what people are called, things might change for the better. My belief is that racial epithets are thrown about out of frustration and anger over repeated inexcusable behavior. Irish drunks, Italian mobsters, the infamous “N” word (the fact that it can’t be written here proves the point) and now the word, “Termite” to describe DESTRUCTIVE BEHAVIOR can’t be used. Because that behavior is endemic within a certain racial group, a minority, oh no, heavens forbid, can’t be honest. And so, the continued unending destruction continues unabated. As long as we refuse to confront TRUTH, the madness will continue!

hcartexas, Posted on June 10, 2011 at 12:24am:
Former farm equipment, on the loose…..the negroid does what his birthright commands… steal, rape, murder, lie, destroy…… Africa is the richest continent on Earth in resources.. why is it that it is so poor? why do its people starve….. Blacks are a damned race.

g.prunty, Posted on June 10, 2011 at 5:29am:
apparently they live in the area so ..lets go make our neighborhood look like L.A. gang neighborhoods because its the white mans fault that our homes/neighborhoods look dilapidated.Kids today especially black do not care and hold no value on human life much less self respect.


Anonymous said...

Glenn Beck like all good con-men understand the need to throw the crowd a few crumbs occasionally. Rockwell called them "pressure valves", because so many people think "Oh, as long as he's spouting a few winks and nods in our direction, things aren't really so dismal". A good example is the obvious fact of how this story appears on a WN forum board. Lets get it clear - Glenn Beck WORKS for the ENEMY, Glenn Beck would NOT have a JOB as a media-mouthpiece if HE was one of US in any fashion. Simple isn't it? Hail the ANP

Anonymous said...


Jeronimus said...

Great find! I think it's very good that these comments are on The Blaze. Release these missiles of truth into the minds of the public, and before you know it, we'll have a critical mass of Jew-wise race realists.

Anonymous said...

There Rocky goes again. If he isn't spamming for his fake ANP group, he is once again showing us that he can't seem to get child sex off his mind.

Rocky have ever considered talking to a professional about this? Normal people don't think about children having sex...EVER. They don't write stories about people doing it either. You have a serious problem and one wouldn't thin you'd so freely showcase it in public. You've got a Westland Michigan visit at the exact same time every child porn post has been made on here. Apparently you haven't figured out that people can see when you post on here. You post a child sex or child rape story then right behind it posts some ANP nonsense. That doesn't really do much for you claims of being Mr. Morality.

Anonymous said...

The ANP sez: "White People should emulate blacks."

WOW! That's a new version of National Socialism I hadn't heard of. What would Hitler think?

Anonymous said...

I think emulating blacks in as much that they always think racial unity is a great idea! Got to agree with ANP on this one.

Anonymous said...

Rocky, this is a request. Could you confine all of your child-porn stories and comments to the ANP forum? It doesn't matter if you are pretending to be Jeff Hall's son or describing some sick fantasy about David Pringle being a pedo. It is still child porn.

Anonymous said...

I'm flying in from Cali, sure looks like a great event! 88!

Anonymous said...

Rocky also like to skin little fuzzy kittens alive. He worships satan and howls at the moon on rainy nights. When he was three he had an operation to remove the horns growing out of his head. He also hates brussel sprouts, what an evil guy...

Anonymous said...

Gosh, 10:19AM is such a retard. I know niggers that write and think better than he does.

Anonymous said...

I think 10:19 was a feeble attempt at bierth control-his mother used a sock, but this sorry bastard strained through...

Anonymous said...

Glenn Beck is a jew stooge, its that simple. No WN would get a tv show. Suprised only the ANP seems to understand this...

Anonymous said...

It's not Nazis. Just the NSM which has nothing to do with, and no knowledge of, National Socialism.

Anonymous said...

I'd pick ANP over NSM or NSALP or ANSP anyday.

Anonymous said...

It is funny to see Rocky always posting "I think the ANP is the most professional. I'm joining the ANP!" or "I'm planning to go to their rally in July!" If just half of those were real people, Rocky and Taylor would have 50 people at their rally.

I think Rocky is learning a valueable lesson about the internet and white nationalism. You can only fool people for so long. Everybody knows the scoop on the ANP. They've been exposed as the biggest collection of scum bags anyone has ever seen. All the fake posts and blogs don't amount to shit. Most people see through it and turn away in disgust.

Anonymous said...

There is a trend the posters on this blog have failed to notice. The system is always going to have their guy out there. Richard Barret was the last one. He sounded, acted and apparently got the same free pass that Rocky and Queen Taylor has. And like them both, was also a well known sexual devient.

To the poster above, I wouldn't worry about Rocky's child porn stories or Taylo Bowle's obsession with young men. It isn't going to give white nationalism a black eye. It will be a news blurb, a paragraph at the most when it finally comes to a head. The SPLC might make a quick mention of it and that will be it. It will be just like the Barret thing.

What doesn't need to happen is something violent. I know how the movement feels about pedophiles and homosexuals. Hurting them won't stop anything or make anything better. You'll just have another easily controlled queer or pedo as the systems new attack dogs while you rot in a prison cell.

Anonymous said...

Well said. Just ignore them. Anybody with a lick of sense would figure out they are fakes within ten minutes.

Anonymous said...

According to ex-ANSP members, Mullet is reducing the ANSP to "security" for his "Re-Born" Aryan Nations. He is also saying that Mo Gullet is a federal informant. Mullet has spent the better part of a year building a NS Group and attacking Gullet, now he says the NS group is not his main focus, what is up with this guy?

Anonymous said...

As 7:30 says - THE SYSTEM IS ALWAYS GOING TO HAVE THEIR GUY OUT THERE... - and clearly this turd IS the trouble maker system stooge! LOL Funny thing is, he isn't very good at what he does, he over does it, thinking people won't notice. First it was "Rocky doesn't have anybody, just him", and when that lie went sour he turned to "Rocky only does WN for the money" - hem, to make money Rocky and the ANP MUST have FOLLOWERS, eh? LMAO! Then it was "Rocky and the ANP doesn't do anything", but with the ANP having FOUR Party Conferences already this year in different parts of the country, he had to change gears and start the really nasty jew-minded lies - "Rocky and ALL his followers are perverts (look at all the filth I write in supposedly their name here) criminals, and freaks. Problem is, while Mullet, Schoep and the rest have ALL been confirmed by press accounts of these vile actions, not ONE negative thing has been reported that can be CHECKED and PROVEN against the entire ANP organization. This bozo complains that ANP is not mentioned in the jews-media - Hell no!, the enemy is not going to BOOST the ANP with "free publicity" as they do the honey-pots or fantasy-clubs, they only do that in hopes of MIS-directing new people looking for an answer towards DEAD-END outfits. Makes sense now, eh? Pretend ANP "doesn't exist" so folks join fakes, get burned out, and leave the struggle forever. All this "Rocky is a JEW, ANP is filled with JEWS..." being probably WRITTEN BY A JEW is comical! Whats next? Attacking Rocky's autistic children, oh yeah - you've already done that, so your running out of options. I suggest the "FED" smear mext, or how about the standard "queer" attack. No matter - the ANP is here to STAY, recruiting QUALITY people instead of riff-raff and there's little you and your system pals can do about it. I guess your not used to dealing with an organization made up of intelligent, experienced Aryans like ANP. WWW.ANP14.COM 14/88!

Anonymous said...

The ANP had nearly 50 people at their last rally. Probably double that this year the way they are going!

Anonymous said...

By loking at the pictures posted by the ANP, they had no more than 12 to 16.

According to Rocky, he has aid so several time sin his Report, the ANP still does NOT yet have 50 Supporters/Members.

Also,every mid part of the month the ANP lays it on heavy for people to "get those pledges in", a sure sign of someone (Rocky) hurting for money.

Anonymous said...

Idiot, Rocky has stated numerous times that the ANP "WILL NOT ATTEMPT PUBLIC MARCHES/DEMO'S UNTIL THEY CAN FIELD AT LEAST 50 FIT AND DICIPLINED SA (SECURITY ARM) PERSONELL". Unlike other so-called 'nazi' clubs, the ANP does NOT insist on EVERYONE dressing-up in a homemade costume, whether they are 300lbs overweight or females in 'uniform' and shambling in an undiciplined fashion on a streetwalk. Hell, the nsm is so desperate that they have a WOMAN in 'uniform' playing 'Sgt' in Wisconsin, and guys in WHEELCHAIRS dressed-up as 'stormtroopers' as well!?! As for the money bit, what are you a JEW? Always harping on "MONEY" - you sound like a kike. YOU got a real problem with SUPPORTING your beliefs with something MORE than typical hot air? Oh, I know, playing keyboard activist is FREE ain't it? Operating a REAL political organization takes FUNDS. Maybe, THATS why the jews have such power in this country, they always pony-up and finance THEIR organizations to the hilt. WN is supposed to operate on good-wishes and hot air per people like YOU! Even the queers put the average WN to shame the way they fund THEIR groups. Your either an IDIOT or your an ANTI trying to stir shit, either way f*ck off! 14/88!

Anonymous said...

QUALITY vs QUANTITY is the smart way to operate. Ten thousand idiots still can't fix that lightbulb!

Anonymous said...

Hah! Very well said 4:09!!

Anonymous said...

I agree. As a leader, Rocky has made almost every mistake in the book. You have to wonder if he isn't actually trying to fail. Anybody else catch the bullshit about 50 people showing up to the ANP meeting which was actually 5 people? They stop being so camera shy when they get close to a dozen members.

Anonymous said...

4:09PM makes sense. The keyboard anti ANP activist that posts here is an asshole.

Anonymous said...

10:05PM If this ANP organization led by Rocky Suhayda is so small and ineffectual, why are you so constantly concerned about them? Something don't set right with your attitude thats for sure. Your either an anti, or your jealous of them. What did they do to you personally? Did they throw you out, or are you a jealous competitor? You sound like a jilted female - waa, waa,