Wednesday, June 22, 2011

American Third Position Party Candidate Harry Bertram Secures Ballot Access In West Virginia Gubernatorial Race

On June 17th, 2011, the American Third Position Party reported that West Virginia gubernatorial candidate Harry Bertram succeeded in obtaining ballot access for the party as well as his candidacy. The nominating petitions submitted by Bertram were certified by West Virginia Secretary of State Natalie E. Tennant. Bertram submitted a total of 3,760 signatures, far in excess of the required 1,765, by May 20th, one day before the deadline for ballot access petitions, and to show statewide support, obtained signatures in all 55 counties except Clay, Logan, Wayne and Wirt. Bertram's campaign website available below:

The special election scheduled for October 4th, 2011 was mandated by the fact that the previous governor, Joe Manchin, stepped down on November 15th, 2010 after winning a special election to the U.S. Senate. The state supreme court mandated that a special election take place within a year.

Now the mainstream media reports are starting to trickle in, and it's a good time to examine if the media will represent the party and the candidate accurately. picked up the story and posted a reasonably accurate summary which highlights Bertram's past political activity; this includes 19 comments so far, half of which are favorable, and one posted by Jamie Kelso, who's the membership coordinator of thje party:

The American Third Position Party believes that government policy in the United States discriminates against whites, and that whites need their own political party to fight this discrimination. Harry Bertram, in the past, has been a nominee for public office of parties that no longer exist, but which had a similar point of view. In 1984 he was a National States Rights Party nominee for a seat in the Ohio legislature (although he ran in a Republican primary because the NSRP wasn’t on the ballot). In 1989 he was a National States Rights Party nominee for a township office in Ohio. In 1994 he was a Populist Party nominee for the West Virginia legislature, but in 1994 he was not able to surmount the petition requirement. [Ed. Note: He als ran unsuccessfully for the Monongalia County School Board]

The Westport News also published a story in which they incorrectly identified the party as being North Dakota-based (it's based in California) but otherwise replicates the party's mission statement accurately. While they cite SPLC propaganda about the party, they also cite Bertram's responses as well. Bertram notes that he is white nationalist instead of "white supremacist" and does not propose to expel non-whites from state jobs or to revive such segregation-era laws as the one banning interracial marriage; indeed, the primary premise of his campaign is to expose and combat increasing discrimination against whites. He also favors lower taxes and less regulation.

Harry Bertram would seem to have an excellent chance to finish third in the field of five candidates, beating out the Mountain Party’s Bob Henry Baber and independent candidate Marla Ingels. While victory is the primary objective, a third-place finish would encourage more pro-White candidates for other offices to step forward.


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See the ANP Story that follows below, in it Rocky Suhayda-ANP Chair, supported by A.A. calls for tolerance of Homosexuality and in today's ANP Report Rocky says that "Homo couples should have the same folish rights as straight couples under NS"

Bullshit, no place for fags in WN.

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Boy this Rocky guy sure is important. All the comments are all about him!

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HOLY SHIT! A pro-White activist is actually doing something right. IMAGINE THAT, could this be, PROGRESS?

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