Friday, June 24, 2011

American Nazi Party Chairman Rocky Suhayda Holds Forth On Homosexuality, Condemns The Sin But Not Necessarily The Sinner

"Out of the frying pan, and into the fire"

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Most of the leadership within America's White Nationalist community operates within relatively safe and predictable boundaries. Many have varying degrees of consistent success; we know what to expect from Don Black, Dr. David Duke, Jeff Schoep, and Bill Johnson. A few hardy souls like Paul Mullet, Billy Roper and Alex Linder will experiment with new tactics from time to time out of a natural intellectual curiosity.

But rarely does anyone have the guts to completely step outside the box altogether and propose new thinking. Bill White tried it, but got caught up in the process and made himself vulnerable to the system. Now another White civil rights leader has decided to step outside the box, and already has reaped a minor storm of criticism from those of more limited imagination. American Nazi Party Chairman Rocky Suhayda is now advocating tolerance for gay people who remain discrete and who do not seek to promote homosexuality to the greater society.

Chairman Suhayda published his thoughts in the ANP Report for June 24th, 2011. While Suhayda maintains his implacable opposition to the practice of homosexuality, he recommends distinguishing between gay activists who demand gay worship vs. ordinary gays who strictly want to keep to themselves. Knowing that our resources and appeal are still limited, he rejects the hysterical notion that we should engage in a suicidal charge against all of our racial enemies at once. Here's the question posed by Suhayda, and his answer:

6. QUESTION: What is National Socialism's policy on equal rights for homosexuals? Wouldn't granting them the same rights as heterosexuals be a form of condoning degenerate behavior?

ANSWER - OK, one more time - "homosexuals". Homosexuality, just like prostitution has always been a part of every society. No doubt they always will. The "best" that a NS society can "do" is NOT to PROMOTE it as just another "lifestyle choice", as this current degenerate system does.

Personally, I honestly don't "KNOW" any "homosexuals" either male OR female. I have NEVER been accosted by any sexually either. Oddly enough, when I worked in the hospital field for many years, I DID "know of" many females - mostly "professionals" ala nurses, etc - who were lesbians, and (heaven help me!) they seemed courteous, and even "normal" as "people". Of course, we all know of the "flaming gay parade" types - but I believe that they make up a small percentage of the "gay community" at large - kind of like the costumed bigots in the so-called "movement" who constantly seem to HAVE to SHOVE their brand of "peculiarities" upon the public at large and whom certainly don't "represent" DECENT, NORMAL and INTELLIGENT White Racialists.

Here in Metro-Detroit there is in fact a small city that is known to be virtually a "gay community" - the main street is filled with shops and bars flying the "rainbow" flag, and to be honest it is a clean, neat, little "old town" burg.

The point I'm making is that "gays" tend to WANT to SEGREGATE themselves away from the rest of society - and unlike the "movement types" who have plenty of "talk" but little "walk" - have actually DONE IT, through dedication and effort.

Many "gays" are successful, educated people who for some reason I don't understand desire to lead an un-natural sex-life. Otherwise I personally don't see them (outside the gay paraders) as wild-eyed predatory perverts, running naked through the night with a huge erection, seeking hetero-sexuals to rape and abuse. Let’s admit it, there are no doubt many "gays" (both male and female) who hold the same views on race as we all do.

Personally I like the "don't tell" attitude of bygone days. What business is it of MINE "what" consenting adults "DO" to each other in the privacy of THEIR "four walls"? I will add this - many "hetero-sexuals" - "DO THINGS" that disgust me as much as homosexual behavior. BUT - as long as ANYONE does NOT "force themselves" upon others - is it really any business of MINE or YOURS?

My PERSONAL "policy" is similar to that of "religion" - I personally DON'T desire to KNOW about EITHER of your "SPIRITUAL or SEXUAL" proclivities - UNLESS they are HARMFUL to others. With ALL of the REAL PROBLEMS facing America's White Working Class - these "issues" are petty to ME.

Now remember child-molestation and pederasty are NOT "just gay" crimes. And such terrible actions should be punished with DEATH.

Lastly, NS Germanys dislike of "gayism" (why "gay"?) was based more upon the fact of NO REPRODUCTION of the Folk, than anything else. That’s why "lesbians" were dealt less harshly than male-homo's - in the hope that they MIGHT eventually reconsider bearing children, understanding that "gayism" was NOT a "disease" that would be passed on to the offspring, but rather a un-natural "CHOICE" of the individual to pursue.

As for "equal rights" - well WHAT "rights" don't they have? The "right" to get married and then live through a messy DIVORCE and all that that entails? LOL If its "partner benefits", well all I can state is that in a NS society - since EVERY CITIZEN will be afforded equal state-benefits, without poking into personal-private affairs - they along with every other Folk Comrade - will be covered, IF they EARNED these benefits by their lifelong contributions to the Folk Community.

Actually, Chairman Suhayda goes a bit further than I would. For example, there can be no tolerance of official gay marriage; gay marriage is a solemn mockery of traditional matrimony. If you end up with two daddies, which one do you call "Daddy"? It sows confusion. I also cannot reconcile myself to civil unions because the resultant financial benefits towards gay couples would constitute the implicit public subsidization of the homosexual lifestyle. Tolerating discrete homosexuals does not require public financing of their perversion.

Interestingly enough, the manner in which the gay rights lobbies have organized and the unfortunate success they've achieved in browbeating much of the American public into approving gay marriage could be a role model for us. Would using their tactics result in greater success for our own activism?

Chairman Suhayda also notes that "gayism [is] NOT a disease that would be passed on to the offspring, but rather a unnatural CHOICE of the individual to pursue". I partially agree with this statement; there is no firm evidence that homosexuality is hereditary. However, there is a growing body of evidence suggesting the existence of biological homosexuality; namely, that people are actually born gay, and their first sexual attractions upon reaching puberty are exclusively towards their own sex. In April 2006, two researchers, Dr. Larry Cahill and Dr. Lisa Kirkpatrick, reported on evidence which suggests the brain signatures of gay males may bear a closer resemblance to straight females than to straight males. Here are of couple of excerpts from that post:

Researchers Dr. Larry Cahill and Dr. Lisa Kirkpatrick scanned the brains of 36 healthy men and 36 healthy women to determine the findings. Cahill already knew that the sees use different sides of their brains to process and store long-term memories, base upon his earlier work. The study focused on activity in the amygdala, a cluster of neurons found on both sides of the brain and involved for both sexes in hormone and other involuntary functions, as well as emotions and perceptions. He also has shown that a drug called Propranolol can block memory differently in men and women. The scans also showed that men’s and women’s amygdalas are polar opposites in terms of connections with other parts of the brain. In men, the right amygdala is more active and shows more connections with other brain regions. In women, the same is true of the left amygdala. Scientists still have to find out if one’s sex also affects the wiring of other regions of the brain. It could be that while men and women have basically the same hardware, it’s the software instructions and how they are put to use that makes the sexes seem different. The findings will be published in NeuroImage (this link no longer available).


Implications: This study further enshrines the idea that emotionally, men think with their right brain while women think with their left brain. Perhaps this explains why more men are Republicans and more women Democrats (JOKE). However, the long-term implications are even more fascinating, as it could open up research into other emotional disabilities. It could certainly accelerate research on Alzheimer's Disease.

For example, take homosexuality. Is it possible that in male homosexuals, it's the left amygdala that's more active? And, if so, was it that way at birth, or is there a post-birth triggering mechanism? It's quite possible that a male homosexual is simply a man with a female-wired brain. If this is the case, then further research may unlock a procedure to correct this "wiring" problem. Such a procedure would open up a host of ethical questions. Should taking the "cure" be voluntary or mandatory? While homosexuality is, in my opinion, an emotional disability, most homosexuals confine their activity to consenting adults. Consequently, any "cure" would have to be strictly voluntary. But for the gay-rights movement to block research into "reparative" therapy is to sentence countless people to a lifetime of homosexuality without giving them the hope or option of making a real choice at some point in the future. They act in the same spirit as Galileo's inquisitors, and they may be delaying subsequent research into other emotional disabilities, such as pedophilia.

If the research discussed above proves true, then that means that biological homosexuality may be nothing more than bass-ackward emotional wiring. It's no different than wiring a light switch backward so that it turns on when you flick it down rather than up. This would make it more of a medical issue than an emotional issue. Consequently, this would mean homosexuality is an emotional disability no different than autism or manic-depressive syndrome. This means that our efforts need to be directed more towards controlling how they act rather than how they feel.

Would you purge someone from society simply because they're disabled? Would you purge your own mother simply because she's wheelchair-bound? If your answer to these questions is No, then you ought to think twice before deciding that all homosexuals pose an equal threat.

Reparative therapy is a legitimate option and ought to be vigorously promoted. While not all gays will benefit from reparative therapy, the success rate is promising enough to warrant its promotion. Reparative therapy, like anti-alcoholism therapy, doesn't completely take away the desire; instead, it merely conditions the person to control the desire and re-direct it towards the opposite sex. One of the more successful reparative therapists is Evergreen International; while organized by Mormons, clients of any belief system are accepted.

Rocky Suhayda and the ANP should be proud to have aroused such vocal opposition. It shows that they take risks and are willing to step outside the box and challenge our traditional paradigms. Enough of people who merely want a "seat at the table"; we need a few people willing to kick over the table and start a new game. Some may be inclined to merely settle for a piece of country, but others want the WHOLE freaking country back!


Anonymous said...

"since EVERY CITIZEN will be afforded equal state-benefits, without poking into personal-private affairs - they along with every other Folk Comrade - will be covered, IF they EARNED these benefits by their lifelong contributions to the Folk Community."



Anchorage Activist said...

It may be inconsistent with original German national socialism, but what the ANP (and the NSM) are striving to do is create an American brand of national socialism uniquely responsive to the challenges of the current era.

Call it a "fraud" if you will, but you're standing in the way of history. Be careful it doesn't run you over. Come into the 21st century with the new thinkers.

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous: By the way, if your read my FULL post, you'll note that I expressed disagreement with civil unions, which is what Rocky Suhayda is supporting in the excerpt you cited.

But you use antifa tactics in calling both of us a fraud. Collective guilt, slippery-slope theology. At least the antifa are known enemies.

Anonymous said...

sory A.A., in reading all this, you cannot have it both ways, unless you are really bi. You have been sining the praises of Rocky's coming out in support of faggots, now you seem to want to say, but I don't support this part , but I do the overall concept. Sorry, this is one o those like the post above says, you have to be against it all.

There have been talk for a while about faggots in the ANP and you have loked the other way, if you are a blower, that makes you biased on the subject and not good for the Movement, time for you to move on to the One People's Project.

Anonymous said...

Can we see the ANP REPORT where he explains letting Jews into the ANP?

Anonymous said...

I'd stay clear of the ANP. A shame that it cannot be taken to court for 'defamation', because it is clearly not open to debate amoungst members that possibly dissagree with the direction the organisation.... kinda' like Stormfront. But being they use the term 'Nazi party' it is a much greater offense to good people that were murdered, labeled, and written off as offender to society.

Faggot's are offender's to society, and the association is repulsive.

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous 3:38 P.M. - Nobody's having it both ways. Rocky simply proposes making the problem more manageable.

And no, I'm not gay. Yet some of you stubbornly ignore my repeated condemnations of homosexuality. So be it -- I cannot force anyone to accept reality. One can believe the moon landings were faked, but it doesn't change the fact that man walked on the moon.

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous 4:00 P.M. - I have no plans to join the ANP -- or any other membership organization. I prefer to remain independent.

Anonymous said...


Your logic is fleating and ever evolving, like the Jew. These are very like arguments that were used to get the Fagot foot in the door.

The National Socialist World View is based on a Natural Order, where does a homosexual fit into tht World View?

What does a Homosexual contribute to our Folk? Our Race is dying, do they contribute to our Race? NO

Does the Homosexual contribute to the morals and good order of our Society and Culture and better yet the 14 Words? NO

So, NO A.A. the ANP posiion is NOT "outside the box", it is outside the closet, it is NOT cutting edge for a "new American version of National Socialism".

The question that must that must be asked, is why would the ANP embrace and you support the most deadly cultural poison to our Folk as being ok? Some poison are tastles and odorless, but are deadly.

Anonymous said...

What a shame, I really thought that the ANP was best of the NS orgs. out there. This is just plain weird. Homosexuality is a disgusting perverison.

I have (unfortunately) encountered many homosexuals, having lived in a large city for several years. All of them seemed to have a screw loose, like they were mentally ill. While some seemed like "nice" people,i.e. not the usual in your face NY/San Fran flamer, they all seemed not all there. I have found the same to be true with the jews I have dealt with.

Homosexuality was classified as a mental illness, up until the early 1970s. It wasnt any scientific breakthrough or discovery that changed the medical establishments view. No, it was just jewish political pressure.

Kind of like the whole race differences thing. There was a time (pre WW2) when books on racial differences and inequalities were easy to find, even at universities. It was a mainstream topic. But, the jews have since made it heresy to discuss the subject, to put it mildly.

Sorry to see Chairman Suhayda "come out" with views like this. Hope the American Nazi Party doesn't become the Anal Nazi Party.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone READ the LAST SENTENCE of my statement? Are you going to honestly tell me that "IF" a "gay" Aryan Doctor devised a CURE for CANCER, AUTISM,the COMMON COLD - that this individual should not be eligible for "citizens benefits" in an Aryan society? If so, YES! I do stand apart from you mindless haters... Sincerely, Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman 88!

Anonymous said...

To my "detractors": OK, please allow me to expand upon MY vision of National Socialism. To ME National Socialism is a 100% POSITIVE force towards a healthy, productive, meaningful lifestyle for ALL of Aryan mankind. It is NOT an "EXCUSE" for shallow, mean and dysfunctional people to HATE and PERSECUTE "others" - simply to make THEIR marginal low-esteem more acceptable to themselves. What has sadly happened to NS "in America", is that it has been CO-OPTED by the WORST TYPE of creatures immaginable - sulking, tattoed boneheads who know about as much of the IDEOLOGY of NS as a cannible understands a microwave. "Fantasy-Fuhrers" who's entire lives have been one long trip into anti-social behavior and abuse of others. "Personalities" who proclaim "moral lifestyles" yet who ABANDON WIVES & CHILDREN - OR - ABUSE THEM, like a "common nigger". Then we have the EGO-CENTRIC "publicity hounds" who slap on a Swastika and ACT like ASS's simply to "GET NOTICED" by the enemies media! You all know the "IMAGE" in the average White persons mind of a "nazi" don't you? A scowling BIGOT, who dress's in a outlandish costume, HATES EVERYBODY, and if they had it in their power - would KILL EVERYONE. Half of that image is ENEMY CREATED - the OTHER HALF is CREATED by these creatures I have listed above! This entire "MOVEMENT" is it's own worst enemy - it RE-ENFORCES the "IMAGE" that the enemy CREATED ABOUT US! And because we accept so much human garbage that revel in this shit, it TARS us ALL. The ANP was created to be a POSITIVE force in bringing NS to the White masses and the rest of you are welcome to continue with your self-destructive behavior, it only sets US APART from "YOU" and marginalizes you into oblivion where you really belong. "YOUR" version of the kind of hateful, bigoted society you desire is as distastful to me as this current Judeo-Capitalist sewer. Sincerely, Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman 88!

Anonymous said...

I like Rocky's vision. It isn't pro-Gay; but how to deal with an issue in society realistically. I guess Rocky stirred up a hornets nest and isn't like the the Schoep, Mullet and that retard of the ANSP who just spew out words like, "I hate this, I hate that, I hate that too"!

Anonymous said...

Chairman Suhayda is simply being realistic. There is no way of removing homosexuality from society. Even if we were to try extermination, some would be missed, and more would come along later.

Homosexuality is NOT a choice. No one really knows what causes it, but scientists feel it's is most likely caused by genetic defects, or it is a psychological condition that occurred when very young.

But no matter what the cause, even IF we exterminated all of them, more would come along in due time.
Besides, the ANP does not advocate the extermination of anyone or any group.

I agree that it was best during the "in the closet" years.

I don't care what consenting adults do in the privacy of their own homes, as long as it doesn't harm anyone. All I ask is they keep it out of my face, both literally and figuratively!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Rocky for being truthful and in reality. The ANP needs to be applauded when it says "Keep it in the bedroom and not in public". That's more reality than the other so-called pro-White groups do like they have a magic wand and can make it vanish like magic. NS Germany tried that to that extreme and look who got vanished!!!!

A donation is in the mail to you.

Anonymous said...

Are you nuts actually advocating EXTERMINATION? LMAO That will sure carry the movement forward in the eyes of the masses! NOT! You promote killing everyone and the zogites might exterminate YOU. Rocky ain't that dumb. Maybe thats what has kept him out of prison all his entire life unlike Jeff Schoep, Paul Mullet, Ron Edwards, Willy White, David Duke, Tom Metzger, Gordon Young and a long list of other 'prominent movement personalities'... Or, it could be that he has led an Aryan lifestyle?

Anonymous said...

At least the ANP has some balls to address the issue. What do the other pro-White groups do? WE HATE FAGGOTS! WE HATE NIGGERS! WE HATE GOD! WE HATE EVRYTHING!

What's next? We hate White people? Oh, sorry. the New Order says that already when Matt Koehl believes 30 million White people will have to be executed under National Socialism because they are race-mixers and inferior.

Anonymous said...

The Antis want the ANP to say, "I hate faggts they all must ddiiiiieeeee!!!!!! Aaahhhhh!!!" But instead the ANP proposes a valid political party platform that is quite realistic.

Anonymous said...

Thank you ANP for being honest and being realistic while the others must have voodoo powers to solve everything and make it disappear in an instant.

Anonymous said...

The ANP has a good policy. Keep it in the closet where it has been for 1,000's of years. As A White person I like that! Score one again for the ANP!

Anonymous said...

Way to go ANP. You are better than the NSM or ANSP anyday.

Anonymous said...

Whoever this Suhayda is... is an idiot, and however he became chairman for this organisation, makes every member appear foolish.

The cure for disease's such as cancer would be achieved by NS.

Like cancer; homosexuality is a disease. Both have similar growth rate, and common source that creates environment for disorder to manifest.

Nationalism is a defense against disorder's that would threaten the health of the 'Nation'. (physically, mentally, and spiritually)

Anonymous said...

Is it true that the NSM is also fudgepacker friendly? If so, pity.

And is it true that the NSM is trying to create an American brand of (sic) national socialism?
If so, heresy. National Socialism even during the war adapted itself to the local conditions, but there was no such thing as dutch National Socialism or norwegian National Socialism. National Socialism is a Unity or it is nothing. National Socialism is a Volksbewegung/peoples movement, as as such incorporates all the members of the Volk/people, and makes certain allowances for local preferences, as long as they fit into the overall Weltanschauung, but the fundament is the same everywhere and at all times.

Anonymous said...

Anchorage Activist said...
It may be inconsistent with original German national socialism, but what the ANP (and the NSM) are striving to do is create an American brand of national socialism uniquely responsive to the challenges of the current era.


Anonymous said...

Rocky's getting "behind" faggots makes Schoep and Mullet look good.

Anonymous said...

Oh right 7:41. Rocky said to put fags back in the closet in his article. That sounds like someone behind fags you retard. Get hooked on phonics and learn how to read asshole. Duh!

Anonymous said...

"I am spellbound. I'm so exhausted and so proud that the ANP has stood on the right side of history," said Queens teacher Eugene Lovendusky, 26, who is gay and said he hopes to marry someday.

Anonymous said...

Rocky made a bold political move. His membership was flat, he is, as ever, void of any ideas, so he decided to open his doors (publically) to faggots, now he openly has their backs.

not that we all didn't already know the ANP is infested with queers, nuts, and perverts. Dan Schruender has been sending out porn emails.

Anonymous said...

The Weimar Republic was also infamous for its cultural experimentation, such as tolerance of homosexuality, and bohemian values, which alienated many traditionalists. Hitler and the Nazis repeatedly exploited and opposed these social divisions. The populace, embarced the Nazis opposition to liberal social policies.

Anonymous said...

Oh right 7:41. Rocky said to put fags back in the closet in his article. That sounds like someone behind fags you retard. Get hooked on phonics and learn how to read asshole. Duh!

I noticed you didn't say anything about DeNugent drooliong all over boy toy Holappa yopu fucking hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

Rocky is right the more I think about it. The best way to eliminate something is to send it back on the same path it came from and in this case send GAYISM back to the closet. Rocky, thanks for being smart and solving things with the simpliest words. Good idea and hats off to you.

Anonymous said...

Hey 9:32, that is not what Rocky said, he said 2 faggots would have the same folkish rights as a aryan straight couple. Either you are a ANP Fag, can't read, or just don't know what NS is really all about.

Anonymous said...


Hey 9:52AM Fucktard. Why don't you read yourself and stop knit picking and tell the truth. DUH!

Here is what Rocky said word for word:

"As for "equal rights" - well WHAT "rights" don't they have? The "right" to get married and then live through a messy DIVORCE and all that that entails? LOL If its "partner benefits", well all I can state is that in a NS society - since EVERY CITIZEN will be afforded equal state-benefits, without poking into personal-private affairs - they along with every other Folk Comrade - will be covered, IF they EARNED these benefits by their lifelong contributions to the Folk Community."

Notice he said they would be treated equally if they contribute to the community (pay taxes and work) and keep it in the bedroom and not flaunting it.

You can't tell me there wasn't 1,000's of homos in NS Germany that didn't do the same thing you moron.

10:18 AM

Timmy said...

Rocky and the ANP are brillant for taking a step to clarify this matter. The ANP isn't pro-gay from what I read of the article. Only an asshole would assume that.

Anonymous said...

We hereby award the anti-ANP commenter and spinmaster a "Head up his ass award".

Anonymous said...

The bowel-movement morons are astounded that the ANP would take a sensible stand on an issue like this, rather than the pathetic knee-jerk 'kill'em all' response of the dead in the water fantasy crowd. Even impartial WN like AA are getting tired of the same old worn out crap that passes as 'ideology' in these outfits, most of whom are led by misfits and con-artists with a drop-out mentality. Both AA and Rocky see the desperate need for WN to break out into REAL POLITICS, instead of the pandering to societies lowest if WN is ever to achieve something positive with the average white man and/or woman. I'll say this too, among the average white person, the ANP's position would seem more acceptable and rational than the violent hate-mongering shown here by Rocky and the ANP's detractors. Thank God for the ANP and its leadership! WN might just have a chance now that we see REAL PROGRESSIVE THINKING! WPWW!

Anonymous said...

6:54AM Your faith that ONLY NS can cure illness is amazing! Ever hear about "WHO" cured POLIO? Does that mean that you would advocate never using a cure/invention that wasn't created by an NS.... A Proud Pragmatic White Man 14WORDS!

Anonymous said...

Throughout time, the jew has always been the author and promoter of filth and degeneracy.

An immoralized population is much easier to manipulate and control than a racially aware and moral folk.
Homosexuality is a defiance of Nature and is necessarily an anathema to National Socialism. No true National Socialist is going to accept degenerate behavior.
The ANP is now Public Enemy #1 of ALL White Nationalists.

National Socialist said...

Let me go the record as saying that I hate homosexuality. It's a disgusting and immoral practice. Commander George Lincoln Rockwell, in his famous interview with Canadian television, stated that homosexuals should be gassed.

Anonymous said...

I'm more offended at Jeff Schoeps new wife having a half nigger kid and Paul Mullets forever criminal record than anything else.

The entire pro-White Movement needs to denounce them both.

Anonymous said...

It is a very jewish tactic to bring up other unrealted subjects (Schoep & Mullet) to distract and deflect from what they are doing.

A Real Racist said...

1:24Pm. Where did Rocky state officially faggots would be accepted in the Movement? That's in your imagination. Again, as always, Where's the proof ???

What Schoep did marrying a race-mixer is an action. Paul Mullets stealing from White people with a career criminal record is an action. Rocky analyzing is just words. Actions are more detrimental than words because it shows Schoep and Mullet are pieces of shit and set a bad example. Rocky is straight and married and has kids.

Anonymous said...

I just went to the ANP website and read it word for word. A lot of truth on it and it wasn't pro-fag. Nothing on it about allowing fags in the Movement. Nothing about allowing them to become public symbols and granted the right to parade. In fact, what Rocky proposes is push it back into the closet. I like that better than the hollywood costume club of the NSM picketing them and accomplishing nothing. They need to clean out the Satanists in their own organization before criticizing anyone else.

Anonymous said...

..If its "partner benefits", well all I can state is that in a NS society - since EVERY CITIZEN will be afforded equal state-benefits, without poking into personal-private affairs - they along with every other Folk Comrade - will be covered, IF they EARNED these benefits by their lifelong contributions to the Folk Community. Rocky Suyahda- June 25, 2011 ANP Report


Anonymous said...

Its says - IF THEY EARNED THEIR RIGHT TO BENEFITS - if a soldier who is "gay" has fought and served this nation for 20-30 years, are you saying they they DON'T deserve to share 'state benefits' with the people who NEVER served? Fuck you asshole!

Anonymous said...

AA what if your daddy abandones you like Jeff Schoep has all his kids with no support of any kind. Is that the traditional marriage that your so proud of? Is he a prime example of the kind of white man we all should admire?

Anonymous said...

There is NO ROOM in the armed forces for faggots, seem to be a lot of faggot lovers here. Schoep's failures in his hetrosexual marriage is NOT a justification for the ANP and it's Fag Fest to justify its Pro-Gay stance. It is an attempt to deflect.

Anonymous said...

This has beena very interesting discussion. I never would have thought that 1) there may have been so many homosexuls in a self described National Sicialist group (ANP) and 2) I never would have thought I would see self described National Socialists say that moderation and tolerance of homosexuality is or should be accepted as part of the National Socialist Worldview in order to conform to today's realities. The next obvious progression by the ANP, now that they have accepted the jewish position on homosexuality, is for the ANP to embrace tolerance for race mixing, afterall the same so called logic applies. According to the ANP there are no foundational principles, as such, the ANP is open to conform to all of modern jewry's perversions, all the ANP has to say is "everyone is doing it" so we have to as wel to be "progressive". I have seen the word "progressive" used by the ANP and their minions a lot here, as well as alot of other leftist, liberal, marxist and SPLC and ADL code words, that is equally disturbing as the ANP's stepping out of what can only be consiered as their closet.

Anonymous said...

Good news for the ANP.....Queer marriage was just legalized in NY, yay!

Im guessing next time I go to the ANP site, there will be a rainbow colored swastika, an audio-file of "Kumbaya" playing, and the ANP report will also be in Spanish and Chinese.

21st Century American National Socilaism Indeed!

Anonymous said...

I just went to the ANP website and read it word for word. A lot of truth on it and it wasn't pro-fag. Nothing on it about allowing fags in the Movement. Nothing about allowing them to become public symbols and granted the right to parade. In fact, what Rocky proposes is push it back into the closet. I like that better than the hollywood costume club of the NSM picketing them and accomplishing nothing. They need to clean out the Satanists in their own organization before criticizing anyone else.

Anonymous said...

Great points 6:07, when the ANP and A.A. said taking a pro-homosexual position, under guise of tolerance, they opened the door to having to adopt all further marxist politically correct multicultural drival. HOWEVER, bare in mind the ANP has held these views for a while as they have attacked WN and NS as "haters" and have had NO policy or discussion of Race or any other issue relating to saving our Culture.

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous 6:16 - I'll admit that until recently, the ANP spent an inordinate amount of time attacking the NSM. That's unfortunate. But in their latest newsletters, they've toned it down.

But what the ANP -- and a growing number of others -- are taking issue with is misfits who use WN as nothing more than protective cover for personal hooliganism. They use WN as an excuse to get drunk and get laid, and when the women tell them NO, then they bitch about how all women suck.

How about pointless, destructive lone wolf activity. For example, James Von Brunn, a big "hero" for going to a Holocaust museum and killing an ordinary guard. What the fuck did that accomplish? Absolutely nothing! Von Brunn had no reason to go the Holocaust museum. Now had Von Brunn died resisting a SWAT team who broke into house, he would be a hero.

Too many WNs have warped, twisted values of morality.

Anonymous said...

Ok A.A. today it is National Socialist to tolerate quers, what tomorrow, tolerate race-mixing? You can't have ever moving principles or you stand for nothing. By the way, WN character issues, and there are many, do not justify a pro-fag position.

A Real NS said...

7:34Pm. The NSM is preaching and tolerating race-mixing because their Commander married a woman who has a niggertte from a previous relationship. I guess that's okay by you? Paul Mullet has a career criminal record a mile long from robbing White people. I guess that's okay by you? Rocky said put the fags back in the closet. I guess that's NOT alright by you. You want them to run wild.

Anonymous said...

Rocky said nothing about tolerating fags. Basically he said put them back in the closet. What else are you going to do? Kill them all? The ANP doesn't believe in mass murder.

Just look at the quality of the ANP's detractors. They make groundless accusations.

They say Taylor Bowles is Gay. Where's the proof?

Now someone says Dan Schruender sends out porn emails. Idiot. Anyone can send out an email and sign Dan's name. Where's the real proof?

Now they're also saying the ANP is letting fags into it's organization. Again, where's the proof?

You people disgust me.

Anonymous said...

1:13 makes some good points.

So Taylor Bowles is never seen with a woman. Has anyone ever considered the possibility that maybe he just isn't good at attracting women? I'll admit than I'm not either. I wish I was, but I'm not.

I read Dan's blog everyday. He is very knowledgeable. The stories some of these assholes tell about him get larger with each telling. First someone says he got fired from teaching for molesting teenage girls. Then someone said he has a Mexican GF. Then someone said he is a deadbeat dad with a kid he had with her. Then someone said he was a member of a B & D porn site How would they know this? Anyone could use his name. And now they say he's sending out porn emails. Like 1:13 said, anyone could do that and sign his name.
It's all bullshit made up stories.

They way I see it, if these idiots hate Rocky, Taylor, and Dan that much, then they must be doing something right. I'm sending in my official supporters app and first pledge as soon as I get my next paycheck, which is Friday.

Anonymous said...

Taylor Bowles has three children (all grown) and was married. I doubt he's gay. Rocky is married with children. I doubt he is gay either.

Remember, old logic, the more a pro-White leader puts themselve out there for attack the least chance of a decent woman standing by them. That doesn't make them gay. Just they have priorities of an IDEA over a normal life. Rocky and Taylor Bowles have put themselves out front for over 35 years. My opinion, they are the best the pro-White movement has to offer.

I would take the ANP any day over those assholes of the NSALP.

Note. You say you never see Taylor Bowles with a woman in public. You never see Taylor Bowles in public at all. You run for President and be pro-White and see how much you want to be seen in public with a target on your back placed by ZOG!

Anonymous said...

Isupport the ANP.

jimbo! said...

what we've got to remember is that young, white adolescent males are, more or less, brain-washed, by the ZOG public schmuel system, into beleiving that pooftas are OK....they are told very little of the actual dangers, both psychological and physical, involved with this filthy, un-natural "life-style choice" are not necessarily 100% culpable....the real culprits are, of course, the dirty fucking kikez...who, mostly, deserve only to be fucking EXTERMINATED!

Anonymous said...

The ANP is out of the closet! So let me get this straight.......Accepting homosexuality is not only a good way for a group desperate to try to attract members (much like the NSM with its host of devil-worshippers) but a lame attempt to paint the ANP in the media as a gay friendly organization? What a farce, what a joke the ANP is. So now they are a tolerant pro-gay loving organization accepting with open arms of the decadent gay culture who aren't necessarily flamers but just want to keep on being fags behind closed doors....ARE YOU SERIOUS? SO You condone Homosexuality? It is acceptable to you? REALLY? Consider this your red flag warning folks...get as far away from and stay clear of the ANP and the NSM as you can.....they don't represent the future......they only embrace and glorify the Jewified decadent sub-culture the other REAL Organizations are fighting brothers and sisters ask yourself what side you are you support a group like the ANP that takes a pro-gay more tolerant position on faggotry, or are you a National Socialist that stands against Jewry in all of its forms!

Anonymous said...

Listen everybody, the ANP HAS to accept pretty much anybody who comes along. This policy of molding the NS message to whatever sexual deviant or non-white to come along is long standing with them. This was the way even before Taylor Bowles found the ANP to be his last stop.

Bowles brought something unique to the table. Bowles is no only good at self-congradulations but has a knack for celibrating failure. This was what Rocky had needed for years. This newest fiasco is no different from all the others.

Just when you think Rocky can't fuck up worse, he brings the ANP out of the closet. Bowles and Rocky's damage control team (Axl) rushes out with efforts to make Rocky's newest bad move look like political genius. It has barely worked at best in the past. It is a match against a tidal wave this time.

There is no way Rocky is going to sell his support of homosexuals to the movement and have people buy it. They won't even pick it up and examine it. No way, no how. You aren't turning white nationalism queer. You can have your retarded presidential campaigns, you can bash every activist around, live or dead, you can fake interest with sock puppets and write love letters to yourself on your blog. You can have a jewish member. You can let a theif, a con man and a complete political failure be your political advisor. You can lie and slander until you are blue in the face. Maybe you can even post child porn stories on a popular white nationalist blog.

But you can't be a fag. Ask Rcoky in about a month how it worked out for him.

Anonymous said...

This nsalp outfit is a handful of net-nazis and nothing else. They have announcements on their site going back months for gatherings that never seem to take place, of course they don't when its only a couple of pathetic cyber-nutzi's playing keyboard commando. The fuhrer is a unknown who is afraid to show his face, how can they expect anyone to follow that? They go on about the need of uniting but instead of joining already in operation orgs they create another non-entity to boost their fuhrer-ego. Just because they whine doesn't mean anyone should pay them any attention.

Sue said...

7:33AM. You are a real fucktard the way you write and lie. Do you ever read before you write. Duh!

The NSM has embraced race-mixing by standing by their Commander who married a woman with a niggertte and you don't criticize that! Duh! The NSALP accepts a con man with a record of stealing from White people a mile long and you don't criticize that! Duh! The NSALP members accept an invisible leader whose weapon is a keyboard and nothing else and you don't criticize that! Duh! Billy Roper is running for President after a disastrous election attempt in Arkansas that damaged the credibility of the pro-White movement and you don't criticize that! Duh!

Seems you are one-sided pompous ass to me.

Anchorage Activist said...

The debate has clearly run its course in this thread -- now closing comments